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View full lesson: Check out Wisecrack's YouTube channel here: Few individuals have influenced the world and many of today’s thinkers like Plato. He created the first Western university and was teacher to Ancient Greece’s greatest minds, including Aristotle. But even he wasn’t perfect. Along with his great ideas, Plato had a few that haven’t exactly stood the test of time. Wisecrack gives a brief rundown of a few of Plato’s best and worst ideas. Lesson by Wisecrack, animation by Aaron, Tom and Mathias Studios.

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The little girl looks like jj and sounds like bb lawl
Liking women and children he probably just meant in terms of like they're weaker so shouldn't be batterd, dinnae bash a lass kinda vibe. He clearly can't of been a massive sexist if he believed women could rule in his republic. The womb one yeah bad idea but its more just down to lack of medical understanding at his disposal not a bad idea in principle just wrong.
I love the sound effects
Plato was white assholes
Diogenes is actually the best philosopher, prove me wrong
How did he even think of this.
Plato never agreed with women equality neither did he agreed that all men are equal. According to Plato kings should be treated as Gods and future kings should only be their kins and no one else ...this is just a false propaganda to make him look wise and correct as the world is coming to know of the truth behind everything.. ...were in reality most of his so called philosophy were pure rubbish. they dont want anyone to point out that whole of ancient Europe'sand its law were a foot note to Plato's dumbest ideas. believe in what you want you have the freedom but believing in misleading truths is the most dangerous weapon that this world has ever created.
This video is more for those taking philosophy and English class. I need the explanation for psychology.
Xgpod viseo
Diogenes was an absolute madman
They already know that the world is a simulation
1:05 "And the ideal YouTube Channel" wow... XD
So Plato lumped us in as dinosaurs? We may be even more alike, Plato...
But this is the perfect youtube channel(and a few others)
And yet no credit is given to Socrates?
"We should take bikini bottom and push it somewhere else"
This was a pretty good video but it really struggles with the issue of what we can attribute to Plato. For instance the episode of the 'featherless biped' is the definition of the academy. Clearly Plato thought there was a lot more to human beings than that. To speak on another instance, his inconsistency on women, in most of his dialogues it can be pretty difficult to pin down what Plato actually thinks. Which is sort of the point. You aren't supposed to figure out what Plato really thought, but use reason to figure out what the truth of the matter really is.
There are several false info and misconception on this video; First off: The ideal state is founded by Socrates, not plato. Second off: He didn't say philosophers should be kings, he said that kings should always be in search of knowledge, there for should be philosophers. Third one is not a technically a false information but rather a missed out one; the people in the 3 class system are actually able to switch classes according to their skills. So them and their entire family are not bound to be slaves or warriors or rulers.
Make a vid about diogenies
Diogenes! the first documented troll in the history xD
So you're saying that youtube already exist in plato's lifetime?
This combination of Wisecrack and TED-Ed is great.
Plato viewed psychological phenomena as responses of the whole organism , reflecting its internal state and natural appetites. He shared the belief that mental disorders were part of divine caused. (Abnormal Psychology textbook)
Animated Plato is cute
You have to realize. Plato tells you that everything is a lie. Everything you have taught to you was a lie told by your city state. But Plato has no intention of revealing the truth to the people in his ideal state. He admits that lies are needed to uphold the ideal state so that the state will function properly. He intends to tear down the lies that are currently being told and to replace them with his own set of lies. A lie that refers to as Noble.
Plato doesnt like capitalism, and he doesnt like democracy. He thinks democracy is mob rule and he thinks capitalism is greed. His ideal state was totalitarianism. Everyone would be lied to. They would be fed a fake religion and fake history and a fake class system based on gold silver and bronze. The most gifted soldiers would serve as the elite and the bottom of the pyramid would be workers and capitalists. The soldiers would be told they have gold running through their veins, hence their superiority over the market class who had bronze in their veins. The soldiers would defend the city state in times of war and serve as its leaders. The downside is the soldiers are not allowed to raise children and own private property. Soldiers would have their children stripped from them to be raised by the state. This way there is no familial ties. Parents would not be biased towards their kids and kids wont be biased to their parents. Because they have no knowledge of who they are related to. Their family is the state and no one else. The bottom social class are allowed to own private property and raise children. They can enjoy wealth and have personal belongings. But they must never be allowed to lead. Since their interests in their families and their pursuit of wealth would contradict the love for their state.
I seem to recall Plato also thought all children should be seperated from their parents so that they would be more “malleable” for instruction, and that the parent just got in the way.
*woman = children* i see nothing wrong here
I wouldn't designate the noble lie a bad idea.
The dude was right about women = Children. He didn't just complete the sentence. Correction : women= Big Children who can give birth to babies.
Tumblr was right There's no difference between birds and children
3:26 "Weird, today your child's pulse equals your own."
3:29 whoa plato predicted feudalism.
Wait, Plato disliked the idea of democracy and democratic rule. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.
Plato was a little bit better than Aristotle in regards to women. Aristotle had no respect for women. Due to his ability to perceive. Plato thought the senses were misleading. And trusting your senses could lead to the wrong conclusions. So he actually thought women had more potential than what Aristotle perceived.
He would be a fan of our current caste system; working class, middle class and ruling class
So... Diogenes the Cynic was the equivalent of a modern creationist? I mean, throwing a modern chicken on the ground is the kind of argument they would use.
The city kind of sound like communism
2:22 That was funny though
Actually, forms is Plato's worst idea of all. EXISTENTIALISM REPRESENT!!!
Plato's best ideas: Philosophy Plato's worst ideas: Having sex with underage boys
That 1st idea is true, it's called heaven.
Women do act like children in the form, they use emotions and feelings similar to how children do. Not ALL or even MOST women do, but only the perfect form of a woman behave in this manner.
Dear TED Ed, Stop turning into a cult please, Thanks, Thug
Plato put the base of the fascist ideas of Mussolini and Gentile
No intro music?... Interesting...
-🐖💨😵-Dammit didn't work
The forms idea isn't really stupid
None of those are bad ideas at all. they've just been misappropriated
Women are closer to children than men are so I wouldn't consider that a check against him.
The idea that Plato is bested and categorically proven wrong by contemporary advocates of feminism is laughably hubristic.
2:11 Hehe, I love Diogenes!
You said 20th Century........
Saying that humans evolved from birds seems silly today,but I think it is really interesting that in Ancient Greece Plato thought that we came from a different species.Like this is the first theory of evolution.
We wuz plato
I would probably have come to platos featherless bipeds considering that he only new of some of the existing animals
About the part where women are like children...
Oh Diogenes, you so funny.
Isn't Plato just reflecting on the ideas of his own teacher, Socrates? But he gets all the credit
When the theme tune didn't play at the start, did anyone else check their speakers?
Forget Plato!God's Word is far beneficial than Plato's garbage.
2:13 Diogenes is my spirit animal
The ideal youtube channel...
Plato sucks
How to create video like this?
ALL of Plato's ideas that you shared are bad ideas.
Modern Greeks are not related to Ancient Greeks!
Ted ed marathon ❤
I like these keep them coming. Plato and Socrates tried to make a better world the in ancient Greece and now in western government. this is intelligent and reasons like the show.
Hm Plato's idea of a society based on division is inherently vulnerable in its morality. Guilty of imagining a society in its ideal form, which it can never reach due to free will. The correct answer is creating a society that is planned by considering a community's biggest pitfalls, and creating a system with countermeasures to balance out negative human behaviors. When negative behavior is discouraged is when people can shine with the good inside them. Platos society did not consider the fact that a good number of people would choose injustice despite knowing its wrong, motivated by the prospect of immediate reward. Also, even the best of people are not invulnerable to corruption over long periods of time. People in power can be slowly weakened in their resistance against ignoble deeds - so creating a society where a few rule over xtended periods of time will be a detriment in itself.
Oh Diogenes! You little trickster!
Well he was right about women. Some of them are litteraly children and will throw a tamper tantrum if they don't get what they want. That doesn' make all women unable to lead tho. Recognizing there can be great women leaders while also stating women can act like children is not a contradiction, it's just reality.
The first one was good
Diogenes is the man
We shouldn't look down on Plato for having bad ideas because they were just that, ideas.What we would now call theories.All people have ideas and we would have no learning if people didn't continue to question things and seek out answers to the unknown.In this way, all ideas should be considered, even if they turn out to be bad in the end. But we can look down on him and all those who followed who declared their ideas were truth without using reason and experimentation to test their validity first.
I wouldn't say that the Noble Lie was a bad idea. It was more in place to demonstrate how education was highly important in order to hold society together. The Noble Lie was only there so that even if people couldn't follow the idea of "perfect justice" they could still participate in it. It was hardly propaganda. It would be more like a state religion.
3:35 Er,that's European Feudalism in a nutshell (peasants, nobility and the Church), with the nobel lie that God wanted it to be that way
I think they took the golden blood metaphor a little too literally. plato even admits in republic that certain people will naturally figure out this lie. but that the people who figure it out are the ones fit to rule so....
Thanks for the help with my philosophy test!
I found this video horrible. The creators placed "the soul is immortal" and "metaphysical dualism" as GOOD IDEAS!!! hehehehe It is been more than twenty four centuries since Plato and scientists are still trying to spread "the news" that Plato was WRONG!!! Please, correct that image! 1) We humans stop thinking or feeling when we die and then we decompose. The soul, whatever you want it to be, does not continue existing after death and after we decompose. 2) There is no "perfect tree" of which a "real tree" is a copy. We do have models for things we want to produce. We have mathematical models and computer models for our tools such as a computer and the real instance that we can produce with our current technology. However, this is not the case for things we do not produce such as a tree. This idea is an evidence that Plato did not know how to describe the non-designed parts of the world. This horrible idea was then used by the Catholic Church to claim that everything was "designed" by God. Horrible!!! Together with the immortal soul, this idea is not only wrong, but also COGNITIVELY IMPAIRING!
So what if women = children? its not like children are bad
He planted the seed for socialism and communism. The individual was irrelevant to Plato. He argued that all citizens have to submit to the state for the greater good irrelevant of the personal consequences for any given person. The hell with Plato.
Who knows which programme I can use to create similar videos?
TED-Ed, you should collab more with other youtubers
1:23 and that is a great motivation for maths!
The ideal YouTube channel? oh that already exist, it's called "Ted-ed"
Women = Children is so true though.
"Philosopher king" is definitely NOT among his brightest ideas...
Many women are like children, intentionally in many cases. They act weak and stupid to get men to protect and provide for them. Plato's only mention of this topic is when he refers to the fact that women and children are protectorates and beneficiaries of men and the state - which is the truth today. Children and women get special privileges of protection from the state and from men in society. Nothing inaccurate there.
He was also a boy fucker 😐
So far from truth!
First Political Scientist and Economist was "Chanakya" Get Your Facts Correct
Next time have an actual political scientists like my self check ur facts. clearly the whole point of the Republic is lost on you. also a side note these ideas of metals and the city construct are presented by the character Socrates. not direct assertions made by Plato as is suggested in this video

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Plato’s best (and worst) ideas - Wisecrack