Phrasal verbs for Dating & Relationship - English Grammar lesson

Phrasal verbs for Dating & Relationship - English Grammar lesson Take the quiz : Dating can be tricky, particularly when you're dating (in a relationship with) an English speaker and there are so many phrasal verbs! In this lesson you will learn some of the most common phrasal verbs related to dating. --Hitting on (someone)-is to say/do things that demonstrate romantic/sexual interest in a particular person It could be a combination of comments or gestures OR the way you look at the other person Flirt with –is another phrasal verb you could use which has pretty much the same meaning as the above --Ask someone out-Invite someone to go on a date-a romantic encounter --Lead (him) on-To provide false hope/expectation to the other person It means that you are pretending to be romantically interested even though you really aren’t --Hit (it) off-having a special connection/chemistry right from the beginning --Fall for-Fall in love with --Split up/ break up-separate-end the romantic relationship --Drifted apart-slowly started to go in different directions over time for various reasons --Hooked up-slang for “having sex” for just the one time with someone who isn’t your partner.You could however; also “hook up” with your partner i.e have sex with her/him --Make up-reconciling and restoring peace in a relationship after a fight Put up with-tolerate a difficult/annoying person --Cheated on-kissing or having sex with someone other than your partner --Jerk (her) around-manipulate her. /use someone to their advantage --Go out-go on a date/be in a relationship for an extended period of time Settle down-be in a long term stable relationship

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Phrasal verbs for Dating & Relationship - English Grammar lesson