Past Simple and Past Perfect - Tenses in English

Learn how to use the past perfect and past simple tenses together in English. I'll teach how you can show what order events happened in when talking about your day by using these tenses correctly. And go toto take the quiz!

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Can someone help me practice english please
Very clear! thank you
After I had ate my lunch, I had chatted on my phone ☺️
So uma coisa você é amiricana ou brasileira!
After I had had breakfast, I brushed my teeth.
After I had wached your video, I liked it.
Greetings from Kosova, you are an amazing teacher, the way you teach is perfect 😚
You are the best teacher, I love you
Perfect teacher
After I had played football,I went to home.
Hello teacher; i'm from morocco thank you for your lessons; i improve my English day after day because of you.....welcom to Morocco
I'm brazilian, I'm learning english and i've always had difficulty with 'past paerfect', but now, thanks to you, I learned! You're an amazing teacher <3
Hello... Thank you so much for the video... I have a question which not many native speakers seem to be able to answer.If he had enough sleep last night, she would notbe sleepy now. Is this grammatical, "had" not having to be changed to "hadhad" because "last night" is used so that we can see it's about apast event?
You remind me of Janis Joplin. Maybe she ended up being a teacher after reincarnation. Lolz jk. Thank you for the amazing lesson!
You're freaking hilarious! 😂
I wish I could be your student better than the stupid dumbass Indian teachers which they make me hate English everyday with disaster pronunciation !!!!
Whats on you mine guys?
Thank you
In the break fast I eat a sandwich
You are the best teacher for ever because every Channel that I watched never helped me to learn past perfect
شكرا جزيلا
Thanks Ronnie !!!
I didn't understand it, but now I do...Thank you.
Could you join me for english practice at facebook
First ten seconds is my favorite.
After I had had? Sounds so wrong!
I speak Spanish, but I had understood past perfect! I am ready for my English exam :)
Learning is never cumulative it is a moment of knowing. It has no beginning and no end! Keep teach us!
Why should we put a had 2 time on the second sentences?
You spelled "watched" wrong.
BEST TEacher in the world i like you're lessons
Thankyou r ua very good teacher I really liketo watch your videos
Sınava çalışan türk kardeşlerim, kolay gelsin
Hey can we chat privately nice tutorial
Great loved it
When l listen yuor lessen I am not feel with time , thank you so much, God bless you
I love how you try to entertain us while we're studying,I appreciate it,oh and of coarse thank you,I almost forgot to say thank you....👍✌️
Nice ❤️who wants to chat with meVoice and chat
After I had watched your video , I knew how to use it . Thanks you are amazing
I'm enjoying her lesson. I'm not just learning but have fun as well.
I am not good in English especially in grammar. I would love to learn the preposition, past, present and future tense. It is my first time to watch your video and I really enjoy it. You are amazing teacher with a sense of humor. Thank you very much😊
After I had arrived from school, I ate snacks!
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So cute, and helpful... thanks dear!
I am that teacher you like me
This is really helpful for me..thank you so much!
After I had waken up, I brushed my hair.
This is gold, i mean your dry humor lololol
Hey, you are an amazing teacher. I have learn a lot from you!
You are good teacher but I can't catch evrything I'm sad
Ronnie ... you are so funny , cute and best teacher also
We can also use ( before ) but we have to change the sequences , for ex : before I watched T.V , I had had a bath
Mam.....if the receiver of the formal letteris not known(male or female)...........can we use dear Sir/madam
Ronnie, you are great! I love the way you teach!!!
Aaaa ok, i had wrote before you correct,, xx
You are beatiful teacher please iwant from you simple daliy plan
Hi! My English teacher. So i would like to thank you for your teaching
After I had watched your video,I subscribed immediately.did I pass?
Very easy to understand... i usually confused on this since my childhood... now you have cleared my doubt so easily
I love your teching
I am really glad you. Because your teach is easy to understand. Thank you.
After I had watched your video, I wrote my essay
You are a good teacher
After I came back from School, I do my homework 📚
You are the perfect teacher i love you so much honey
Thank you so much !!!!
It's really helpful Rani thanks a lot mam....
You are really good. you teach in a very effective and simple way
I am enjoying these lessons!
After I had had a bath, I went to sleep.
After I had ate lunch, I watched YouTube
Just wonderful and example was so relevant...Fantastic.
Can I use taken instead of had After I had taken a bath?
Why do I need to use had had instead that I could say, after I had a bath, I watched t.v?!!😳
Thank you!!😝
OMG. Kkkkkk
You made me laugh aloud when you said "you can't eat breakfast while you're sleeping, can you? maybe in your dream". I love your method in teaching because it's unique and spontaneous
Why can't I just string two simple past statements together like: "After I woke up, I ate breakfast?"It still sounds right, doesn't it?Same thing with "After I had a bath, I watched TV."The past perfect seems unnecessary because you can order your statements with words such as "after" or "then" or "before" or "first."For example, "I woke up first, then I ate breakfast."Or "I had a bath before I watched TV."Is using the past perfect tense simply a matter of preference?
The most annoying teacher I ever watched. She adds too much nonsenseto her explanations.
Ronnie's the Best! Ronnie forever! :)
I eat toast
Hello, am a new subscriber to your channel, am learning English (please forgive my English), but while watching your video, I noticed you mostly say "really really".. is that correct, if so why is it, cause I mostly use only really.Thanks, I please reply my comment and correct my English where necessary.
And if i dont have class i sit in my chair get my loptop and watched her vids.
I am enjoying these lessons!
Fucking shit you are awesome. I fucking love you fuckfuck
Okay let me try. I eat cereal for breakfest, but when I run out, i eat anything that's around, I even sometimes eat meals that are suppose to be for dinner. how well did i do?
Is it not "after i had (waken) up, i had my breakfast"??? are we not supposed to use "waken up"??present- wake>past- woke>past participle- waken.... Can someone explain this???
After I had watched this video, I learned how to use past perfect and simple past.
You 're the best teacher I ever see
It is possible you could say, I had had a bath and then I watched TV?
Have a bath  or take a bath
Thanks mam u r the bst .....teacher..... Mam can u be available privately ?? I want to ask u doubts please..... GOD bless u LONG LIFE .... AMEN
I love you 😍

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