Paper Pistol: H&K USP

The best Paper pistol I have made so far. This model gun is made to the exact specifications of the original weapon. Check my channel for Tutorial style videos that show the fabrication of various parts of the model. As always, Rate, Comment and Subscribe!!!

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Cool !
This is the video that introduced me to A.S.M.R.
Idiot are you fucking noob?
Pls make a video how to make that gun
Zeig mal wie man die Waffe baut.
It's a blow gun
How can we do it
Give me it
I want to burn it!!!fire fire!!!!!!!
Pero como se ase pendejo
What the hell to my's not a control .....:-\:-\:-\o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\:-\it's awesome but no controls..........I wanted that
How many sheets of paper did you use
Tape,tape,tape a-a-a lot of tape.
Pretty dope
Pra mim que ele ia ensina
Great job. Now all you have to do is paint it black.
That's class
Tutorial h&k usp
Ele assopra pra atira ,mais a arma é. da ora só falta a mostra como foi feita
Hey man please add the tutorial
Ala próxima tarado en desleal aser
اشتركوا في قناتي
Fobird has make a tutorial and I already maken it if you want to do pistol like this go and see the channel
How do you get the paper to stay ridged?
Pero como se ase la pistola nomas la enseñas pero no sabemos como aserla
Can u make a paper gun that shoots by a trigger, not by blowing in the mouth.thank u
Mohl by ukázat jak se to vyrábí
He blew into it we not stupid
O cara alisa a arma mas que uma molher
How to make
Wtf is this stupid
Not bad
Te quedo bien pero no hace nadaasio no es el negosio
Ensinar a fazer que é bom ninguém ensina
You suck
No body wants to see your gun show us how to make it
In a paper world this is illegal xD
People in Chicago be like
אני סתם כחה ביזבזתי דפים
Lol it's a blowgun.
Silahın yapımınıda göstersen daha iyi olurdu güzel olmuş ellerine sağlık ama onu nasıl yaptıysan videosunu çek
Como se ase la pistola
Oi e irada
How do u make it?!?
Sirs honestly i love this gun ! Would you make a tutorial how to make that gun please ? Thanks Quiano
Show us how to make it genius
Yes boi
,,LOl Its a blowgun" Ok now pls tell me how a pistol from paper without blow part could shoot ?
Eu nem terminei de ler pq não aguentei ver uma criança fazer isso esse vídeo na merece like e sim um deslike
Listening to the blowing noise just hurts, I need a gun that shoots with trigger and NO BLOWING!
Y también conoscan mis vídeos Ricardo ponce armas caseceras y suscribance
Why is there an HK45 at the beginning? 
اشلون ارسمه ارجو الرظ
You did a terrible job Trying to hide that it's a blowgun
Good luck killing me xD ill use a flare gun on it.
Comment tu fais !!!
So se amostrando🔫
Is blowgun or not ?
It's really cool but you 'd be shown how to
Can you show us how to make it next time
Show us how to make it.
Idiot 😐😬 it's a blow gun friking idiot it's all he is. Is an idiot a frikin idiot
Sao cai nay khong chi lam
Vamos ensinar a fazer ne
Make a shell ejection desser eagle plz
I one time made a 12 foot sniper rifle that shoots check it at my channel I also made a machine gun
,g g
Hiiissssshhhhh...... he just blow it
Is he going to show us how to make it or hand model it
But howdid u makeit :p
Show how you did it!!!!!
Make a totorial stopid
La migra
اخ مسدس حقيقي ولفه بورق
Wow.......just wow u just wasted 3 minutes of my life just to show me how to make a fake paper gun that's clearly just paper wrapped around a real gun>:( unsubscribing!!!!!!! (And btw get a life u loser)
Cool. Now take it to school.
How to make it , dude??
Ultra-Realistic, You are one of my teachers, I use your techniques and invent other techniques by your ones! Very well done
I hope you will make a tutorial
Fais um totorial de como fazela ???????? porfavor ela fikou louka dimais???????
Fuck this is stupid
Comose haceel arma

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Paper Pistol: H&K USP