National P.E. Teacher of the Year Stops by TOL

Chad Triolet, the National Physical Education Teacher of the Year, talks fitness with Thinking Out Loud host Mark Cox.

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Middle Years Physical Education - Teaching with a Purpose

Video excerpts from a pd session for middle years physical education teachers.this session touches on the importance of relationships, planning with a purpose,

Support Physical Education in School | The Benefits of PE in Education

-dr. thom mckenzie explains why it's so important for children to have quality physical education in school and how caring adults can support it. designed espe

2012 DANCE Oct Call Me Maybe tutorial

At the end of the school year, i was inspired by the harvard baseball and the smu women's rowing team.this is the product of that inspiration (i also got some g

Can a mean P.E. teacher have lasting negative effects on a person's ability to exercise?

A new study has identified a new reason why some adults don't exercise. it's a familiar scenario in the movies - the p.e. teacher who relentlessly punishes and

National Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year

Patty kestell is the national elementary physical education teacher of the year. she teaches at thorson elementary in cedarburg.

Elementary School Physical Education - Fun Game for Kids

and artie kamiya present this program for elementary physical education teachers. to purchase this dvd or download the complete 56 minute video visit:

Interview P.E. Teacher.MPG

Interview with p.e. teacher from lakeland high school. talks about past present and future of education. why teachers teach and why they leave the profession

What Steps Should a PE Teacher take to start a LRPE (Learning Readiness Physical Education) Program

Paul zientarski answers a question about what things a pe teacher needs to do to start a lrpe program. paul zientarski is a retired pe teacher and instructiona

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School

Kids' fitness we all want healthy kids, but many kids and adolescents in the united states have grown accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. currently, less than

CATCH Triangle Tag

This is a great tag game that kids just love and keep them moving. there is no equipment involved and the skill components include cardiovascular efficiency, ag

Adapted Physical Education

Alex, lee and janet share their experiences as physical education specialist's in new brunswick. hear about their recommendations on teaching students with a ph

Health and Physical Education: An introduction for teachers

Introduction to the australian curriculum: health and physical education for teachers. listen to members of the health and physical education advisory group and

I Teach Physical Education

In the face of increasing childhood obesity and other preventative illness we must think about putting more of an emphasis on physically educating our youth.qua

National P.E. Teacher of the Year Stops by TOL