Names without 'The' (definite article) - English Grammar lesson

Names without 'The' (definite article) - English Grammar lesson Blog : Website : Facebook : youtube : The word "the" is one of the most common words in English. Using the article 'The" can be quite tricky at times especially for names. When to use it or when not to use it is a common question asked by the English learners. In this lesson we will look at the names without the article 'The' 1. We do not use 'the' with names of people Example - Niharika , Helen 2. When we use Mr/Mrs/Captain/doctor etc followed by a name,we do not use 'the'. Example - Mr Johnson , Doctor Smith 3. We do not use 'the' with names of places. Some of the examples are given below: Continents - Africa (not The Africa), Europe, South America Countries - Japan , India , Australia States - Texas , Delhi Islands - Sicily , Bermuda Cities - New York , Mumbai, Bangkok Mountains - We use Mount (Mt) for mountains and lake (lake) without using 'the' Mt Etna , Mt Everest , lake Superior , Lake Constance

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How about the Philippines? It is usual and correct to use 'the' with this country. What does it mean? CAN ANYONE GIVE AN ANSWER PLS.? Thanks..
Why the article is not used before bed,church,prison
Nice video Niharika!what about rivers? Do you use "the" in case of rivers?
V should use 'the' before names of islands, mountains, banks, etc..but u have said that 'the' should not be used before the mountains, islands, oceans.etc.
Is it an MBA or a mba
Can u make a video of determiners and the difference between a few and few,much and many ...and where they are used.
I find it very useful because I learn names without the such as continent ,cities ,name of people ,island , countries ,..
Can we say like" You are the doctors"please reply
Hi. I love your videos. I'm learning so much with yours. Thanks for doing these videos. :) :) :)
Thank sooooo much
Niharika, so, when I mention Amazon river or Poti river (both in my country, Brazil), I must say Amazon river or THE Amazon river, THE Poti river
'THE Andaman Island " is it correct mam using of article THE
The best
I heard some people say "The Punjab" Is that correct? if so why?
Mam what'somission articles?plz help me
Plz tell me where I use 'the' before singular and plural child , mango , clothes , book, books ... anybody help me..
నైస్ అక్క
One of my favorite "continents" not "continent." Be careful when you teach English.... 3:44:)
However, we do sa, "THE DONALD" is a real idiot.
Niharika you are a good teacher ourswe appriciate youi don,t know about anyone but i gotmore information about everythings from your lectures . All the best
We. ..
The Philippines' official name is the Republic of the Philippines. Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas. That political designation should explain the the.
Babu modugowe can use thebefore himalayasbecause it ischainof mountain
Sub to me
Thank u very much Niharika mam.... plz give me only ur video site.... nyc understanding about english grammer part...
I love your energy
Thank u madam
Awesome, lecture
I NEED THIS T-SHIRT!!!! WHERE CAN I BUY IT? (Am a teacher myself;) )
A unit , a union , a university , a european . . explain please :/
Hi Niharika, Can we use "the" before Himalayas ?.
It was all divided into seasons ...where is that now :( ..:/ / ... ???? as i was watching this in a sequence ???
When we're talking about neighborhoods like Bronx do we use THE?
You got me bewitched, beautiful!!!!
Aadel with you Niharika !!! Juste a joke hhh Anyway beautifaul and actif teacher
Hello! Nice and informative video. I guess this is inspired by English Vinglish movie :) Thanks
Can you please confirm if we can use the prefix the for pluralized proper nouns. Eg: The Sharmas, The Mehtas, The Roys The Sharmas have reached the venueKindly confirm if the above is correct or not
Thank you for this teacher niharika..
Thank u for this video!!! i'm starting to watch your class
One day I will have english classes with Niharika face to face. Am I a dreamer?
You're an awsome teacher! very helpful!
So helpful! Thanks so much!
I love your teachings
The lady from youtube teaching us how to use the the.. :)
Thank you so much! You're aewsome teacher! I understand you!
ThanQ so much Niharikha for this lesson. u r best teacher ever :)
Can you explain the difference between TIL and UNTIL
You are so cute , tks i´m learning  a lot.
Iam fond of learning english from U. Good Bye
Thank you very much teacher
I love your videos because you speak very clear and not very fast. Thank you :)
Dear  u r good looking  best teacher
Us full of the program
I like your videos, I'm from Mexico and these videos are very nice. Thanks for your job.
Thanks a lot.  Very good:)
Nice I loved your accent
So it does mean that you live in India and your cousin lives in Texas.... lolllll..
Have I heard 11 Parts of Speech including article a, an and the. So the use of article is very important in English grammar. Thanks a lot.
Very good class.
Thank you so much ,,,,,,
Thank you very much
The is used in 2 cases: 1. Political title countries. 2. Countries having plural name example -The Philippines
I love you Niharika .
I like your videos
I am very sorry, but i think you made the mistake when you called Europe and Asia like continent....actually its parts of the word  ))
Best teacher ever!
Great lesson your lessons I like very much and all your lesson I watch and early waiting for your new lessons
Hello from KZ. =)
Good english
Hello. I'm not native speaker actually. And I love almost every lesson of teacher Niharika. But in this lesson, I'm not sure but does anyone notice the way she pronunciates the word "island". it seems that she doesn't pronunciate it right way. She pronunciates it like "iland" not "island". It's just my opinion. Thanks for reading.
Dear Niharika You are doing a good job. I love way you teach cant you teach us how to construct simple to complex sentences with the grammar rules thanks
Hello i am from algeria and my name salim i need a teacher to learn english if there send to me at my accont [email protected] and my skyp is salim90251 thanks to you NIHARIKA and all woh help you to doing all this my god help you
Hi Niharika, so, If I say "I'm going to visit the state of California" that would be correct? Or the right way would be "I'm going to visit state of California. Is so confusing to me, because of the "political names". I hope your answer. Ps. You are so beautiful. Best wishes.
Thanks a lot!
I love your enthusiasm! You must be really passionate about teaching. Thank you for the lesson :)
Thanks for this lesson i have been waiting for it but i am still confused with one thing, if we know the doctor we are taking about or it is specific one we say "' i am going to meet the doctor'' but if it was any doctor not  (specific one) do we still say the same or we say i am going to meet a doctor. thanks in advance
It's usefull
Thenk you
Please make a lesson on how to use the word literally in a sentence
Nic job.
Muy útil
Hello from Russia )))
When yo use "that" please?????
Weary helpful class  thanks
You are great niharika 👌
I downloaded this application but i dont know how to deal with it ?anyone can tellme how? thank you

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Names without 'The' (definite article) - English Grammar lesson