My Element Collection

I cant believe that I never made a video about my element collection! I guess it was something I did before I was really into YouTube which is true for a lot of things actually... Anyway If you enjoy this let me know and I will put some more time aside to make another video showing all the elements and how I got them. I would also be happy to sell a few small sets so if you are interested hit me up. (I wont sell reactive samples like metallic cesium)

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"hey girl, you wanna chill in my place and take a look at my element collection? "
What about franciem
You should do a video about some elements with the crazy prof. from periodic videos channel.
"Where'd I put my Uranium?"
You misspelt diamond
2:40 "bolth" forms? An elementary mistake dear Watson...
Yo Cody lets see your Element collection now a days, I'm wondering if its changed very much in the past few years.
Can you do a updated video of this?
You can cadd gases also like liquid hydrogen liquid nitrogen in glass sealed tube
You got Francium?
Should have made a new square on the wall labeled PURE EVIL and nailed that spider to it..
"periodic table" *snorts and giggles at own joke*😂
Mix those elements together and add water :D
Hey Cody I can send you some Technetium if you like? We use it at my work all the time. Specifically 99mTc. It only had a half life of 6 hours so I can let it decay to ~backround before sending it. Message me if you are interested.
Hey Cody did you extract all the elements or are some eBay/commercial purchases
Was this filmed in Golden Colorado???
So you have Einsteinium?
You were in Cross Country as well? That's awesome:)
Dude how did you find time to do this while in college? I'm getting destroyed by quantum mechanics right now and barely have enough time and energy to maintain in my other 3 classes.
But why is the Unobtanium gone?
Had it sitting on my desk.... As a table.... Periodic table (snickers).LMAO.
You were 16 when this came out?
Oh great, Cody lost the uranium
Cody i dont know how old are you but i admire your life usually i dont admire others people life but i kind a feel close to you i hope we meet by chance, and i am expecting you to do mercury fulminate and nitroglycerin videos we do not have chance to do in turkey chemicals are strictly state controlled
Dam i wish i stayed at school lol
Sick as tits
I need 10 tons of uranium for my centrifuges. Where are you at?
But you don't have the cheapest: Californium
Didnt your francium decay over time?
I have the exact same selenium sample disc that you have, and it came in the same zip lock bag with the same handwriting on the outside! For a minute there I was thinking, "this guy stole my selenium disc"! I was about to go look to see if mine was still here! Lol. You must have gotten some of your elements from Dave Hamric at Metallium huh?
Now throw that collection into a fire and RUN
"I just went ahead and irradiated my sample with electrons".... wowza!
Uh I wish I could have a mineral collection like yours
You need to get more gases lol
You actually put the lanthanoids and actinoids in the table. :D It does make for a very wide table though. I'm debating how to go about making my own wall mounted periodic table, and am really torn between accuracy (lantanoids + actiniods in the table) vs space (put 'em below the table like everyone else does). And then there's standard table vs spiral table... Many options.
How much are you charging for a set?
I think an in depth video would be fun! (:
Two years later you're engaged to Canyon :)
Hey Cody, would you sell a sample of elemental bromine within an ampoule? I find it to be quite interesting but all of the ampoules I find online are relatively expensive.
Has anybody ever mixed them all at once? Go for worm hole!
Is there any way to stop an element drom radiating?
WOAH!!!! careful with that finger
My favourite​ is neodymium
The amount of people commenting"o noes uranium" is amusing. Uranium isn't to dangerous on it's own. You need a lot of other things to get a chain reaction going. I'd be more worried about the Acetatan and Radium. Though, Cody's lack of being dead is a good sign. This is the man who keeps a box of radioactive material and ore in his garage for Gods sake. I can imagine him going "o no where's my tritium"
How did you get all of these elements? I would love to start a collection just like yours
Do you collect organic chemical elements...??
My gosh !!! how do you have every element in tubes ?!! this is insaneeeeee !!!
Wait, you said you had every element except technetium, so do you have astatine then? Isn't astatine pretty impossible to acquire? Unless, maybe the table is only of the ones that you had.
Do you have Bromine?
I'm watching this from 2017
Nice collection!
I like the table the extended way too.
Cody do you have any californium even a couple atoms?
4:46 woooooohooooo
(Cody) WHERES DID I PUT MY PLUTONIUM! (Cody's Mom) Oh honey it's in that nuke over there. (Cody) ok (Nuke) BOOM 💥
Do you have Francium ;)
No offence, but why on earth do you carry some of those elements? I get it's a cool thing to have a collection of but keeping some of the elements pure? That seems deadly and foolish, like keeping a pet tiger or a pet bear. Just seems like a very risky thing to have with little to no real pay off.
You forgot anti-matter.
What would be the best pure element to make a knife out of? Other than like iron or titanium which are both pretty cheap.
Do an updated version of this.. That would be very interesting.
+cody's lab how much do you sell sets for?
How about thorium ? and what are your thoughts on MSR thorium reactors, over the traditional nuclear reactors (with plutonium ? )
Cody seems like the sort of guy you wouldn't mind being your friend
How much does one cost
How did you manage to get a stable isotope of francium?
Cody can you make a new video on your element collection
Awh and now you're on the road to being rich from YouTube. It's good. You're a good man and you deserve it because the information you put out there is priceless.
Awesome collection! I liked the storage rack you made, now just glue colored tiles on the lids and label.Please do more!
Do you have some astatine?
"And here's my bag of yellow cake uranium"
Can you make gold
You have francium? because it very unlikely as100g of it has a half life of about 22 minutes and extremely reactive and a liquid at room temp. even though you have the ore which decays to francium at any given time you don't know when so when you were holding it there might not of been any francium in there. btw nice element collection, must of took you a while to of obtained most the elements.
4:03 CODY?! :O
Do u live in Montana cause that's what it looks like
Cody is it possible to make Thermite with that uranium oxide ? How would it react ?
Thousanth like
I would like more videos like this definitely curious about this stuff and your passion for it really inspires me to learn more about it, you really are one hell of a guy never have I seen someone with such a passion and love for what they do it is truly amazing
Was this collection inspired by Max Whitby or was he inspired by you? Some of the things you said about the various elements you've collectedwere word for word what he said in a Periodic Videos, video. You have quite a few elements that he does not, however. I hope you respond, I absolutely love your channel. Chemistry fascinates me like nothing else. I wish I could study it.
Dimond Haaaaaa
Dude needs to learn how to parallel park.
More in depth video please!
I would love to have a periodic table set you made. That would be cool to show off. Could we work something out
Now where did I leave my uranium? lol.
Cody vs Akademiks who going to make to to 1000000 first
Wait u don't have francium, well no one can.
Astatine and Californium..? o.o
No Californium? Casual
You don't have francium or polonium
Do you still have your virginitium?
We wanna see your oxygen XD
You have every element? Even Californium?

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