Most Severe Cases of Conjoined Twins

From the attached sisters who fell in love with the same man to the twins that shared the same brain, here are the Most Severe Cases of Conjoined Twins. Subscribe to Knowledge Feed for Myth Mania Mondays, Fact Tree Tuesdays, Wildlife Wednesdays, Origin Thursdays, Fun Fact Fridays & Wildcard Weekends.7. Twins for life! Conjoined twins from India, Sahu and Shivanath Sahu are 12 years old share the same pair of legs but had healthy lungs and hearts which allowed them to turn out equally as healthy. The villagers there believed that they were divine incarnations and were worshipping them as a result. Who would want to be separated if that’s the case?! Doctors think they could disattached them but they are happy with each other and declined the offer. They want to live together until they are old and live as they were made.6. Laurie and Dori Schappell This is proof that conjoined twins can go on to live different lives even though they’re sharing 30% of the same brain matter. Dori went on to be a country singer, identified herself as male and changed her name to George. Since George has spina bifida, he is 7 inches shorter than Lori. Lori is a trophy winning bowler but both are commonly on talk shows and documentaries and happy with their current lives.5. The Original Siamese TwinsEng and Chang were both born near Bangkok, Thailand in 1811 (known at that time as the Kingdom of Siam). The king of siam originally ordered them to be killed but their mother refused to hand them over.The brothers were attached by a thin piece of cartilage connecting each other's chests. Other than their livers being attached, they had completely separate systems. The twins began making a lucrative living playing in sideshows around the country and even fathered dozens of children. Chang eventually suffered from a stroke and was becoming a victim of alcoholism. He died before his brother Eng. It’s said that Eng died 3 hours after discovering his brother dead due to shock that his brother passed away. Can one conjoined twin live without the other?4. Craniopagus Parasiticus This real photograph of 10-month-old baby from Egypt named Manar is an unusual case of conjoined twins. The other twin is able to smile, laugh, and respond to stimuli but is not capable of living without the help of its twin since it has no organs. What was supposed to be a conjoined twin clearly didn’t fully develop as it was supposed to in the womb. There have only been 7 reported cases this around the world. The conjoined twins underwent a miraculous surgery but only one head come out alive. What’s your opinion on this? Do you believe one person was killed so the other could look more normal?3. Eyes in the back of your head? This is the true photo of Edward Mordake, who had a duplicate face on the back of his head. This might be considered a mutation but due to the fact that theface would seem to smile when Edward was happy and frown when it was sad, seems to raise some questions about what it is exactly, maybe a twin. It didn’t have ability to speak or eat but still deeply troubled Edward. He demanded that doctors remove it immediately but they refused. He often hallucinated and said that the face was talking to him with the voice of a demon. Edward could no longer handle the psychological torment and killed himself in his mid 20’s.2. Indian Sister Love If two girls are connected to the same body is it cheating if they love the same man? With 4 arms 3 legs and but 2 hearts, these girls find a similar interest; a man. It was love at first sight, when they laid all 4 of their eyes on him while he was working part-time at the circus.Also known as the spider twins at their show, these conjoined twins, Ganga and Jamuna have the same mutation as the boys in our #7 story. After facing rejection their entire life, this trio seems to be a great match and the twins are more cheerful than ever.1. Fetus in Fetu This man seems to appear to be pregnant but this is actually our number 1 most bizarre case of conjoined twins. Sanjay also from India, does have another body inside of him but that’s actually his brother living off his organs. Doctors originally opened him up, thinking it was a tumor but they were shocked at what the saw. The docters became to notice, limbs, fingers nails. His twin had been festering under his skin for the past 36 years. The deformed parasitic twin would have killed Sanjay in a matter of time and was basically feasting off. Normally this deformity is quickly detected with ultrasound but this was a rare case that happened been detected his entire life. Could this creature have had consciousness?

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"Two girls, one brain." hm, seems interesting
I was watching some of Oprah's "where are they now "episodes and now, I'm with all of you ..Hi
😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭 wow terrible
4:31 true photo your ass. 19th century does not have color photo like that, that is a wax statue of Edward Mordrake.
If you share a brain can't only one think or can you read the others thoughts?
4:30 Harry Potter in real life
I'm just going to get out of the weird side of youtube now.....😂😂😂
Poor babies.......
2:50 and how do they take a shit?
I hate clickbait thumbnails
90% fake and Photoshop
4:23 well one looks like a potato not sure
“Two girls one brain”... you didn’t have to make that reference, narrator dude...
5:38 Кащей бессм.. всмысле беременый, всё я навидался всегов жизни.
Urgh...two girls, one brain...please dont remind me of that
I know it sounds terrible but i think when they are born, they should be killed immediately. Because can you imagine them suffering their whole life.
2:28 the way the picture separates is so wrong lol
At least his twin could tell what's happening behind him . But not useful for sleeping
The #3 really creeps me out.
This is so sad I literally almost cried
Reminds me of cat dog
At least your not alone
Do you think that the first 2 girls can hear each others thoughts because they share the same brain?
5:45 he literally ate his brother in the womb...
Number three: he who must not be named.
Omg!! The Egyptian Baby girl with parasite HEAD That haves expressions 😨 That is So disturbing poor baby and image you have to see as a parent 🙈
*How do the two Indian boys shit*
If one gets sick does the other get sick too?
Am I weird for wanting to have sex with the two headed girl/girls?
Most in Asia.....inbreeding?
*not clickbait and not fake*
The thumbnail kinda reminds me in harry potter
Being Conjoined and seeing your twin commit suicide in front of you? Yep. That's hard.
3:00 the dog looked terrified.
I'll make LOVE to the both of them
Edward mordick
Wouldn't the conjoined twins with the same brain essentially be one person with two bodies? Splitting them shouldn't be impossible because you can live with half a brain, and procedures have been done to remove half a brain with no loss of cognitive ability, but when it's one brain and two bodies wouldn't that mean splitting one person into two? Case 10 can be solved with a transplant, but finding a viable heart for a baby is rather difficult. I expect that this is one type of case that will depend on 3D printing of organs to solve.
The geezer on the thumbnail could live in Hamble, Netley abbey or Bursledon in Southampton, the entire population is two faced
I Opened My Exercise Book Then I Turned To: Page.25 I Saw A Double Ganger 2 Heads 1 Body?!
Face at the back of your head....Can smile and frown...WTF I wouldn't wanna sit behind him in school
If I had a conjoined twin I wonder how weird it would be to beat off
You lie! That wasn't a real photo of the dude with a face on the back of his head. It was a photo of a wax sculpture of said mutant.
How do these ppl pee? infact how do the 2 boys in 2:27 go pee?
What if one of them kills someone
Wait how did the babys that were conjoined at the vagina poop
Hahahaha this is lit
Lmao imagine how it felt to give birth To these children
4:27, voldemort,is that you? the hell did I get here!
By the fucking way, all this started with a Adele's chasing pavements lyric happened here?
I feel bad about them
So very very sad😇😇
2 girls. 1 brain. If you think about it, it's really creepy. They always know what each other are thinking... they do the exact same things...
Wonder to know who controls the rest of the body.
The two face guy is fake
I can barley look at my sister without fighting with her. Dang I'm happy I'm normal.
I have an identical twin, we fight like cats and dogs, everyone thinks it's so amazing to have a twin, not really when every boyfriend you get leaves you for your twin sister! Lol!
How do they put T-shirts on with their heads joined together!?!?!?!?
1:42 WHEN they grow up who will help them walk
LMAO good job "Knowledge Feed"... Edward mordrake, "almost" too surreal to be true, can literally be found by 1 minute of googling that it is an urban legend. Please stop with these TOP 10 SHIT FACE FALSE FACTS I TELL FOR VIEWSSSSSS.
*Im going to need India to stop getting married to your 1st cousin.*
Cane here for number 3 and got more than I wanted.Bye
The thumbnail image is obviously fake and was used merely to get people to click on the video. I thumb-down clickbait.
Im not easily offended but the bad jokes are unnecessary.
Never seen such a bullshit. Have you douchebag nothing better to do in your free time? The man with eyes on the back would die. How should the room for his brain be enough to survive? And the clothes of much together smagging people fit exactli. How can that be? No way.
Indian people like animals....less fuck more brain...
I would rather die, I couldn't stand not ever having privacy or being alone.
"It was love at first sight when they laid all four eyes on him," wtf
Being a twin myself , I feel very fortunate and blessed that this had not happened to me .
Excellent video , thanks Friend , like
Edward Mordrake is an URBAN LEGEND promoted most recently by American Horror Story.  
Why does India and Indonesia and Africa have all these weird babiez?
Whatever happened to the ying yang twins?
Manar and Islaam were separated because both would have died if they remained attached; Manar's heart was failing due to the stress of supporting herself and her sister. They didn't separate the two "so one could look more normal". Get your facts right and think about what you're saying before you say them in these videos.
All the people in the comment section had so many likes!
No 3 is who the one should not be named
How does #9 pee??
That thumbnail though.. brings a whole new meaning of stop talking behind my back
The Edward Mordrake story is fiction. The Photograph shows a man made up to look like the 19th century literary character.
Love will tear them apart
Nature! The real freak show!
Lmao! That thumbnail is dumb as hell. Wtf lol
Oh God what happening in this earth ?it is too bad...Thank you for your video.......
2:51 how do they wee
Good God I'm at that weird side of youtube again...
God bless them😰😰😰😱😱😱🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Imagine if one of them got arrested.
I how did i get here creepy. ..
My mother is form Thailand and she has been there for a long amount of time and that's not true that the king ordered him to be killed
How did I get here?
Anyone else fap more than once?

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Most Severe Cases of Conjoined Twins