Middle Years Physical Education - Teaching with a Purpose

Video excerpts from a PD session for middle years physical education teachers.This session touches on the importance of relationships, planning with a purpose, and formative assessment.You will also find exemplars of some small-sided invasion games that can be used to teach tactics and strategies such as supporting.

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This seems confusing to me...
I think you have to have personality to be a PE teacher, because that's what they do all the time: giving orders... I had an experience as a Taekwondo teacher replacing the regular teacher and I was so nervous that sometimes I didn't know what to do or say! I think It's not for everyone...

Morgan Rein Physical Education Lesson

School: griswold middle school class: 7th grade physical education date: may 23, 2016 game: swatball

Physical Activity Idea - Can't Touch This

In this small-sided invasion game, participants have opportunities to practice offense and defense that can be applied to numerous sports. this activity was tak

Instant Activity

The following video clip provides a number of challenges, engaging youth in movement with little equipment or set-up time required.connections can certainly be

Bound Ball

Bound ball is a game that is easy to set up and engages all skill levels.a terrific game for middle school and high school students to help develop volleying sk

Southeast Polk Junior/Senior High School Physical Education

Southeast polk physical educators and administrators are committed to the optimal physical education of all students.

Cool Games & Fun Warm-ups

A clip from cool games & fun warm-ups are you interested in raising morale? raising income? creating excitement in your programs? boosting attendance and reten

CATCH Triangle Tag

This is a great tag game that kids just love and keep them moving. there is no equipment involved and the skill components include cardiovascular efficiency, ag

Physical Education Warm-Up Exercises

With mr. petrelis' 5th grade class

CATCH Middle School-Meet Me in the Middle

This is card number 32 in your catch 6-8 box and this activity can be used as a warm-up for the kids or a great go fitness activity. shana green of del valle mi

How to Plan a Whole Year of Physical Education in 15 minutes

More info at: vvvmore links belowvvvcheck out the physed amazon store for my recommended equipment, books and technology tools: connect with me on twitter:

Primary PE

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Team Rock Paper Scissors Activity

This is a great warm-up game that involves chasing and fleeing. this activity is on card #14 in the middle school catch pe activity box.

I am a Physical Education Teacher

365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Capture the Cone

This invasion game is fast paced and can be easily modified for all grade levels.teams are challenged to capture all the other teams cones!

Middle Years Physical Education - Teaching with a Purpose