Method to Remember Prepositions in English

Let's email! Join my free email list and get my best lessons in your inbox - click here: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Prepositions are one of the most difficult points in the English language for learners. They may be different from your native language. This English tip is not only to explain prepositions, but to show you strategies that will help you to remember this information. At Go Natural English, I want to share with you the secrets I've learned for language learning. You can get a lot of free information online, but the Go Natural English method is unique. In this video, you'll find out how to use prepositions for time and place. Watch and learn more! In this video I focus on the prepositions on / in / at in relationship to space and time. Some of the examples I use to show how to remember prepositions in this video include: I'm at the Atlanta bus station. I'm on the platform to take the train to Ontario. I'm in the bus station in India. I'll meet you at the bus station. On the 10th of March I'm going to be on the train platform because I'm going to Ontario. In 5 minutes, I'll call you. In a month, I'm going to travel to India. In March I'm traveling to India.

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You don't have the skill to convey your thought perfectly
Should"ve summed they up instead of giving random instances based on personal experiences,make it more confusing
Fantastic job!!
You are so good teacher? If you fv i want to.join also.your fc account?
Vamos al punto maestra
I will like that you talking some words in spanish.thank you
Yea I'm Exellent ,thanks for english class congratulation ......
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At = Di (indonesian language) In = (Di dalam) On = Pada atau atas.
Very helpful thankbyou
I am new here I have seen your comment box I think you give a lot of time I just want to know that do you get any money from here I don't know English language perfectly
Pude notar que sabes hablar español jeje
It might be on the same time alright
If I was inside the bus, I'll say, "I'm on the bus", not "in the bus"
Hi I'm Joefrom Philippines ..I want to knowmore englis
I'm at Athena
LOV from #INdia :P Great job
This video is good, useful, we know how to use prepositions at, in. Prepositions at and in are almost similar in place. At something, in something. Whatever, thank you for the video teacher.
I'm English and notice Americans use "AT" far more than we do, for instance Americans say where is he at? we say where is he?
You re great gabby
Nice to meet u.
Your sound is very impressive and effective i love your teaching thanks so much for your help you are the best teacher over all of the world.
Bad image quality
When we use to go and going?
Thanks for your explanation ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks alot 🌺 your videos are very helpful and your pronounciation is very eazy to understand 👍👍
144p or 240p? So hard to choose)))
But why do we say " i'm at the office" while we are inside the office , why don't we say " i'm in the office". You said that when you are on the surface, so when we are at the office , we are certainly on some surface, surface of the ground.... isn't it confusing?
How about into? I don't know when to use it :(
Hi.. madam I am indrajeet Singh from india. you are teaching good and I will try for learn it thanks for it
"I'm at the bus station" "I'm in the bus station" What's the difference?
Very useful and clear, I am from Colombia and hope to learn more and more with your videos.
Thank you so much
I heard on Radio Australia they said at the corner not on the corner
*what is a difference between trickyanddifficult
How is lovely brain method thank you!! ı like it!
Your are awsome i understand each your word!
Yead I don't know have to say what, I love learn language teach by western women. Thanks you so much Gonatural English, I like you!
Short question, are you learning another language yourself ?
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You take 4 minutes to start the class. I had to cut the video many times. I love your classes, but it would be so much better if you started immediately. Thanks!! :*
I really love your channel ;)
Thanks a lot teacher Gabby Wallace
Are you not ON the surfacewhen you are AT the bus station? Please, HELP!!! What is the logical difference?
Or when I am IN a city.
Goog teacher
Thank you.
Method doesn't work
Preposition at,can we use time?teacher gabby..
It's very nice to listen to you ma'am we r waiting more and more from you thank you for this video
I am a little lost Now with the pronunciation of the word: the. you said the (dee) most. I thought it was used when a vowel sounds at the beginning of the next word.
Very nice
Thanks for the video , but I missed the explanation about when I have to use those prepositions. I mean , it is not clear what is the difference between them. If you could add the explanation, it would be great.
Thank you so much to post the videos. Your voice is so clear and I can understandeverything. However, I would like you to post videos where you speak faster, like most US speakers.
If someone wants to practice i'm available.... please add whatsapp +57 319 203 6162
It's very nice to listen to you ma'am we r waiting more and more from you thank you for this video
Thank you so much to post the videos. Your voice is so clear and I can understandeverything. However, I would like you to post videos where you speak faster, like most US speakers.
"He is good at English" or" he is good in English"?
Really not good way
Thank you so much for the lesson, I really love how the way you teached,
I still have doubts when I have to chose IN or AT when I speak about college. For example: is he still at/in college? I am in/at college right now. See you in/at college. Can you tell which preposition is right and if both can be used then in which cases are they used? Thank you.
I love the way you speak!!!!! 😃. is amazing 🌹🌹🌹
She is very pretty ... hhh sorry to say tht
OK I will do
Hey Gabi, I really love your chanel and your english, tank's for help us! Is it correct if I say something like that? I'm in a drugstore at the airport..
Amazing tips.. Thanks a lot!!
GNE : Prepositions Cheat Sheet English Lesson - Learn and Remember Grammar AT : 1/ shows a point in space e.g. at the bus ( train ) station , at work ( school ) ,at the top ( bottom ) , at the door , at my house , at the airport 2/ shows a point in time e.g. at noon ( midnight ) , at the moment , at 10 o'clock ( am / pm ) at Christmas ( Easter ) ON : 1/ touching, supported by ,hanging from, or connected with e.g. on the table ( wall , my finger , a string , the car ..., ) 2/ towards ; in the direction of e.g. on the right ( left ) , on my way 3/ along e.g. on both sides of the river ( street ) 4/ used with days , dates , and times e.g. on Tuesday ,on July 1st , on the hour , on time, on a hot day IN : 1/ shows a position surrounded by something else contained by ; not beyond e.g. in a box ( car ,city , house ) , in ( a country ) 2/ during ( when speaking of time ) e.g. in January , in the spring ,in 1984 , in an hour
Damn girl u r so pretty wish i were ur friend
Thank you i singned up
I am In India and I love to see you're videos.
My english teacher told me when you use verbs such as recommend, suggest and propose, you have to use ing after the verb, for exemple: i highly recommend working at apple, but you said (i recommend to). She also told me that i can use i recommend that you, but she never told me the structure you just use.
How are you doing?
Thanks so much
Gabby thank you . My name is kadar mohamed i from somalia, i would like to download your vedeo but there is problem so help me
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Hi teacher Gabby I would like to know How can I think in english? Thnak you for your videos.
Thanks a lot 
So useful
Thank you Gabby for your advices! :))
Is she from Vancouver?
Great... you help me a lot with this tips... Sorry, my english is no good enough! but i'm working it!
Perfect!CongratulationsTeacher by your class!
Ola Gabby, suas dicas de Inglês estão sendo muito úteis para mim, obrigado. à proposito, gosto de ouvir você falando inglês.
Thank you so much. It is really helpful.

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