Media Censorship in Russia and the World

Media censorship has dramatically increased over the last decade and it has become a current global issue. Especially with the rise of social media, countries such as Russia and China have cracked down on the information received by the public. As Americans we take for granted our use of media and technology because it is constantly available to us with no limitations. So how can we address the censorship happening around the world, leading to the deaths of journalists seeking the truth? We can use our freedoms to continue their message. We can tweet, blog, post, chat and record information so that others know what is going on. Just maybe it can lead to a positive future filled with change for the better.

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Perhaps you should be more concerned with the censorship in your own country first? People who constantly talk of Russia, China or North Korea seem to be in denial about the western world. America has become a fascist police state and Europe is catching up fast.


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Internet Censorship Around the World

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Media Censorship in Russia and the World