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Creative writing blog: Buy a solomation T-shirt!All profits go toward making "Terrible Immunity."Creative writing/ storytelling tutorial. My tutorials are minimally produced and focus on how much useful information I can provide writers. The writing strategies offered in these tutorials can also be applied tofilm work, storyboarding, cartooning, etc. But they are still very much about writing. Writing is an important skill for most kinds of multimedia artists. These tutorials are offered for free to help promote my own story telling so please take a moment to see one of my animations at . The name of my illustrated story is Terrible Immunity.Thanks and I hope your writing goes well! Also check out: All my fiction writing/ creative writing videos: See all my figure drawing tutorials here: See all my hand drawn letters tutorials here: See my storyboard tutorials here: See my animation and film tutorials here: See my creativity training videos here: If you are an educator please let me know how I can work with you.Enjoy! Cy Porter Show notes: Write like a cinematographer, films a film. Film uses what is called "film language" and writers can use a similar strategy to master POV or point of view.

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Thanks for the video! I've been wondering, what is the most efficient way to show a character's thoughts in third person?
Thanks for this Cy. I'm working on a novel and have got a bit stuck with POV. Your explanation and examples have given me more clarity and fresh inspiration. Yay!
CY, I love the idea of 1st person with the antagonist's inner thoughts.Great video, thank you for your knowledge. I watch a lot of your videos, they help a lot.Quick question?Can that work with the protagonist as well?
One of the ways a written establishing shot can be easier than a visual establishing shot can be in the time tense, where a writer can foreshadow something about to happen. This can be harder to do in the visual medium. For instance, an opening sentence can say something from the omniscient narrator perspective such as, "Mary had never seen an alien before," ... and then go into third person "show mode" ... "She was sitting in the coffee shop watching the steam rise from . . .". At this point, Mary is not thinking about aliens at all, but the opening sentence adds excitement for the reader because they know something is about to happen (rather than just starting out with her sitting in the coffee shop). This would be more difficult to do in the visual movie medium, I think.
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Interesting. I wrote a novel, it was too long and did no go like a bullet, which in my judgment, it had to. The film is a three act play exercising the golden mean. I wrote a screenplay and overlaid it on the novel. Fixed it. The film expression is generally a fixed form with certain things happening at certain times, I came to find. I truly appreciate what you're doing here. If I hadn't thought to do what I did, I would have seen your video here and it would have clicked. Good man! I know you're not specifically talking about this here but one thing leads to the next.

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Master Point of View, Creative Writing