Management Consulting Case Interview Example w/ Gil & Lauren

Gil and Lauren walk you through a sample case interview question and help guide you through the thinking process. They highlight what they're looking for during the case interview process and what makes a great answer. If you're looking for help with an upcoming management consulting interview where you're sure to be asked a case question, don't miss this valuable video packed with helpful tips. To learn more about careers at L.E.K. Consulting, please visitor connect with the L.E.K. Advisor @: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter:

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Beautifully illustrated. Thanks.
I know this is over 3 years old but quick question - why did she assume that each show would run in all the 10 screens? When I was looking at it I thought 20 shows * 1 screen * 100 seats with the underlying assumption that each show is played at one theater at a time. So I got 2000 peak show seats not 20000. What am I doing wrong here?
He never said "let's put some numbers behind it"??
Why are peak and off peak ticket prices the same?
This was great. thank you
Great vid but it's also important to consider all sources of revenue for the client from the beginning, especially on a specific revenue question. Movie theatres make most of their profit, and a substantial part of their revenue through in-theater purchases: pop corn, candy, and drinks. I feel like in an interview, you'd have to mention that and take it into consideration from the very beginning, when identifying the different sources of revenue, unless told not to. But either way, that was a great and informative video thank you! I do have a quick question, many of the "preparation" books, such as "Case in point" give an outline for the structure you should use. But then the concrete examples don't use those at all. So I feel stuck between "swinging" it in a logical manner like you guys did here, or following the structured frameworks given. Would that be detrimental? Thank you!
I have a case study interview on Friday, this is great prep. As a visual learner, this layout and logic sequence makes sense. I hope they choose this case for me lol
This is a great video. I would like it twice if I could!
Are the real case interviews that easy ? LekConsultingllc - I am very smart for these cases.
I think this is a VERY VERY BAD example for case interview preparation. Interviewee did not ask enough questions - she does not even know the revenue stream of the business. Interviewer usually wants more than simple calculations. I guarantee that no case interview will be like this one. Here are my thoughts. First, how do theater chains make money? Ticket sales AND popcorns/snacks etc (plus other revenue sources depending on the location - parking fee maybe? anyway, you need to ask about revenue stream). Second, do you even know how long has this revenue decline been taking place? Is this a temporary decline due to a major sporting event (world cup, olympics)? Third, what is the ultimate goal? Increase revenue by how much and how soon? Fourth, price is not the only thing that determines the revenue from ticket growth: i.e. what are the key buying factors for those that come to 1) watch movies (you can analyze product leadership, customer intimacy, and operational excellence) 2) buy popcorn/snack etc. From a realistic point of view, I honestly do not think sporting events and luxury seating can drive up the revenue - even a high school graduate can come up with other ideas that are more feasible such as varying the product mix (movie tickets + snacks, or monthly membership etc.)
While this presentation may be complete, it is too unrealistic to be true. She just made a simply 30% increase in ticket price and expect to get that forecast revenue growth. Do note that the capacity rate for non-peak movies are very low, just 20%. Therefore, a better approach will be increasing the price of the ticket for the peak movies and probably implement incentives for non-peak movies, as to maximize capacity rate which then increases the revenue. This approach earns you more impression as you will be able to show your skills in handling slightly more complicated calculations as per to the basic 30% increase in price ticket.
Brilliant Example.But how would you actually go about increasing the Holistic revenue..??...What would be a definitive answer...??..decrease prices to increase volume in off periods..or increase seating capacity while keeping in mind 80% occupancy..??
Really good way to explain a case study interview. A query I have over here is whether one should give a definitive answer for the case(or a part of it) or should one end up only discussing the case logically ?

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Management Consulting Case Interview Example w/ Gil & Lauren