Making a Mirror With Gallium

I make a large (semi) usable mirror using elemental gallium. Here is the video recovering the gallium:

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*Uses a USU card to spread the Gallium* - not sure what that card with USU on it is for, but it seems like an important card...... just the perfect thing to spread Gallium with :D
"Fuck, my mirror melted!"
Hey cody i build custom computers and I am currently building one that is cooled by gallium. It's just for looks as it would not actually cool it down that much
It's not perfect but it's awesome
Kanyon, That's a really cool name
If it gets hot it will melt
I can imagine the situation, it's a hot day you get home from the mine go take a shower look in the mirror, "Honey the mirror's melted again."
Was that Canyon?I've never seen her before.Whoever it is she's beautiful
Your wife is pretty.
Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth must be nice
I have a one inch asbestos rock in my room from a old collectors item, there are several other minerals on it but I don't know if I should get rid of it for safety reasons, can anybody help?
I masturbated three times today to this video, your girlfriend is delicious and fuckable.
Ah so thats whats in those mirror sprays
Ok I'm too ugly so I break all my mirrors can this hold up to my ugly ass?
What happens if your melt a mirror?
You should make gallium indium alloy
I feel bad for her if she has to use that
He should leave it outside on a hot day and let it melt and then put it in a cold area and let it harden so all the markings go away.
Now that you have access to a relatively large vacuum chamber, you should try sputtering your own mirror!
Is it possible to create Gallium at home, and if so how? Could you maybe do a video on the process (if there is one)? Thanks Cody :)
Your fiancee is gorgeous.Don't let that one get away.
Is there an update on that mirror? Is it recycled already?
Cool video
If it got hot in the room that the mirror was wouldn't the gallium melt off of the glass and it'd be useless
I could see myself making a gallium mirror
Your girl is so figgen cute.
If gallium "wets" glass does that mean it could be absorbed by a sponge?
That girl looks so much like Kristen Schaal!
When you're ugly enough to break mirrors but not ugly enough to melt them.
"Honey, the glass melted again."
It's 3am, better watch some old Cody's Lab videos.
Couldn't you just fill it up with solid gallium and put it in the oven?
When ur bathing the mirror can be seen melting
I wouldn't be having a hot shower in that bathroom!
Mirror with AgNO3? Someone?
Would it work better if you used Valium and indium?
This is like having a mirror made of butter
What color is a mirror
He made it with a card
Your life is so amazing dude
Dont dry your hair with this mirror
Blur your id out bud
Accidentally touch the mirror and oooof my mirror has melted away
Can you make colored gallium?
*Putting gallium over glass should be the title
I bet cody was smart in school for it chemistry
Its not perfect because the heatsource was not optimal. You could use these Infrared-Heaters under the glas to heat it up. It would heat the glas relative evenly and much fast. The Redult should be better to optimal :)
Hahahaha then after the shower the mirror would just melt
Do this in Jamaica. 2 minutes later its on the ground
Now, a Sudden twist: The glass was actually transparent aluminum...
That merrier makes that bathroom look like a hood bathroom in the hood
Next up: drinking bleach(non lethal dose)
Tick tock tick tock
Well this would end up a mess since gallium melts even at body temperature so if you do anything from taking a hot shower and the steam melts it or even a hot day
If you applied the gallium to the glass under vacuum do you think it would have a better result?
She needs some gallium make up, after scraping it off she can use it again.
Where can you find gallium (to purchase)?
Your channel is very cool! Keep up the good work!
Cody I love you and I love your vids
Super creepy mirror
Thats so cooooool!
Wait, won't IT crack the glass once it's cold enough though?
Would be cool if you made a mirror from several types of reflective stuff
I'm sorry dude but what if someone could freeze the frame on that card. Just looking out for you man.
She's beautiful...the mirror, that is
Read it as "breaking a mirror with gallium"
Hey Cody have you worked with red mercury because I want to see you work with it
I was actually going to go out and buy a mirror to get gallium for a lower price, but reading the comments now makes me realize i cant...
01:50 she looks like laci green
Is gallium toxic
If you could change your fate...would you?
I take it, this isn't what most mirrors are made of
The video at the end was so amazing!
Omg GF such babe
Cody, is there a way to get gallium to not stick to or wet glass or plastic?Is there something you could coat the glass or plastic with to allow it to slide right off?
It's better than the "polished" aka sanded with sandpaper Stainless Steel vandal proof "mirrors" you see in public toilets ;p
Awesome till you take shower and mirror melts away lol
Wow, you must have grinded long on Mars for all this gallium
Wouldnt it have been easier to just put a few pieces of solid on it and just slowly let it melt?
Great idea
Can you polish it ?
Why not heat the glass to get a smoother spread.
Catalytic oxidation of butane with platinum.... Lol so much jargon just to say "I sprayed gas from a torch on a hot piece of metal and it lit"... Is that impressive?
Curly hair so freaking hot. that's what I got from that XD
Any natural sources of gallium so you don't kill your wallet?
Damn it Cody! Every time I come on Youtube for a second one of your videos always pop up in recommended and it looks wayyyy to interesting to not watch! I end up spending hours watching more of your videos xD Great work man
Why do they treat gallium like it will kill you in an instant if you touch it?
She's a hottie
Couldn't you put glass on both sides, and the mirror wouldn't really be affected by heat? Might want an empty cavity at the top? (If it expands when heated.)
Better not take a hot shower!
Hey Cody You really didn't have anything but your USU ID card to use as a Gallium squeegee? I hope it was an expired card... Great stuff
Gallium will kill you!
If the lights are on for too long wont it melt
Whats the third element in your intro
I think it might have been better if you had an other piece of glass and squeeze a large drop of gallium under it. The pressure wouldmake it flowequally on the entire surface of that panel.

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Making a Mirror With Gallium