This podcast is a short demo focused on the basics of writing a summary.The audience is my 7th grade language arts class.

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Hi Paula, I didn't understand what you're talking about but music was excellent. They don't understand music.I decided to dance when I watched this video. Additionally I think you have got different musics which you say at the end of the video but I didn't find please help me! ( Check out MBC-Resource tab for examples of summaries and rubrics) Which tab and where is this tab I didn't find.Thanks.;)
This would be so much better without that very annoying music. I searched for another video because of this.
The sound is too loud. You may want to low the volume down when the narrator is speaking. Otherwise is very distracting and even annoying.
Too much background music
Great video; but that obnoxious music grates on my nerves. Why ruin such a good video that way?
Good video but the bloody music overpowers the narrative voice! Its kinda annoying.
Hi Paula, Excellent video content! I would like to forward to my students but the music is too distracting. I would suggest getting someone to help you edit the background music to lower the volume. Thanks for creating it and adding the transcript. :)
😁got my Brian perfect and easy
A great clip to show my 7th graders before we summarize news articles at the end of our study of US History!
U are right
The into scared the shit out of me
To be honest it sucks like hell
The content was good but the music was lame
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Music is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
I agree.  It is good info, however the music is loud and distracting.
Everything is all right but the back ground sound is so irritating, it could stop, its so laud at all.
Get rid of the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It might be a great video if the music wasn't drowning out the words she is saying.
Nice, but the music is distracting.
The info is great but the music is confusing irritating an it sucks
That was a very helpful but if the music wasn't in ill be a little bit undistracting
Very good but yeah whats up with the music
Great Video I am Learning English as a Second language and  I am also learning what a Summary is
Thank you for the information. I have a question about the summary being 1/3 of source. What do you suggest for a book summary? If the book is 100 pages, I'm sure you don't want your students to write more than a page of so. Thanks!
The music is louder than your voice, I can't really hear :(
The info is great. I would love to show this to my 7th graders. The loud, distracting music makes that impossible.  Is it possible you could remove the music?
The information is good; however the music is distracting.   At times the music drowns out the speaker.

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