Learn English - TO & FOR

I made this lesson about the difference between 'FOR' and 'TO' for you. Why did I use the word 'for' in that sentence, and not 'to'? Watch this lesson and learn when to use 'to' and when to use 'for'. Take the quiz atto make sure you've got it.

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I love the way how you explain, you have won a new subscriber. THANK YOU FROM ARGENTINA!
U r the best of all madam
Oh our funny madam
Hi RonnieI'm here in Toronto , I want know you personally ,please, please please I leaveBrazil São Paulo ..
I don't if should comment in English or spanish.. ¿por qué no las dos :v?
Energetic and enthusiastic...thanks a lot for teaching..
I think youre the best teacher ever im in love! 🙌🏻❤️
I love this teacher, whole the lessons I learn in an easy way and always laugh with this tutor. Thanks for sharing all of this.
Hi ,i´m Of colombia and I´m learning English :THANK YOU
You are great...
I love all your videos lesson... Teacher...may i knowthe meaning of the words "take for granted"?and when we have to use it please😊
I really found this so much helpful for me ^_^
Hi Ronnie u r my favourite teacher...I suggest people to watch yourvideos..you could be a good stand up comedian as well....
Your classes are amazing
Hi morning mam I'm a new subscriber actually i watch your video very helpful for me so plz i want to strt your first level videos i wana learn english bcz i likeyour way of teaching my gratitude knows no bounds.
Not a good example, girl.
Wow really really like you
Thank you for lesson
Ronnie!... And what about: "¿Happy Birthday TO you?..." :/ THANXS, LOVE YOU! :)
Since i watched i said she is the best teacher thanks ronnie
Now it's so easy!!
I need more classes of preposition.
احاول أفهم نفسي لكن ماش، أكره الإنقلش 🤦🏾‍♂️.
Unfortunately, in East culture beer is not good. I have been following you since 2014. in my opinion you are the best teacher in engvid. delivering the subject with a cheerful and understandable. keep working :)
Wooooooooow it was great. Thanks a lot. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
You answer my question. Thanks!
Thank uuuu
Thank you very much, this video help me a lot :)
You make me waching your lessons. I like them and you. You look at the difficult things easily!
"hmm" hahaha
Great lesson , thank you for help me.
Big kiss and warm hug for you, Ronnie
I had a difficult time to learn to and for. Thank you
Amazing teacher
Your explanation is so good . Thanks
Hello i am have subsscribed to this channel now a days , please explain about has,had and have. thankyou
Thank you so mucho because i had a lot problems with this topic... I was very confused and sometimes i didn't use the correct. However i understood so well and all my doubts are far away. So i only need to not forget it.
Thank ronnie
Hi! Why the 2 sentence is exchang? I thought that it is transfer.
Thank you for this lesson
I am brazilian student, Thanks Ronnie
Great vídeo teacher I'm from Guatemala🇬🇹🇬🇹
Thank you teacher I have learned a lot
Hi Ronnie u r my favourite teacher...I suggest people to watch yourvideos..you could be a good stand up comedian as well....
Hi! i want to ask something which word is most suitable in this objective(to/ for) i cast my vote him plz tell me i shall be very thankful to u
You are an awesome teacher
Awesome mamwill you createmore lesson for us because we are waiting for english lessondid you made for us
Wow, are u amazing ma'am ....................
But "I am going _FOR_ a walk" :)
The best explanation ever! Thanks :)
Ur the best foever
But if you give me a beer, this is good! :D
Lesson was good beer was bad it wasn't good to talk to you I'll do that sing all along cause we hate to go to school I'm learning.
You're the best teacher in the world, and also you have a wonderful pronunciation
Thank you. Very simple and easy...
Thq..you are videos very helpful to improve my English..
She and gil are both great
That was great, it helped me a lot.Thanks
Thank you so much. I sow this video to many times. Very important for me. You are the best.
At 3:37 you could say: "I'm going to talk FOR you." So it could be both TO or FOR. So basically what it means is that you will talk for that person, like as if you're her/his representative.
Ronnie you are the best teacher of the world
Hello. you are wonderful teacher. .. I want to know the difference between "Collect" and "pick up". Thank you
Very nice, teacher, really.
Can I sing to you?
You r a good teacher &explain well
You are a very good teacher! Thanks a lot! I'm from Brazil, too.
Hi teacher thanks your explanationreally i understand now what is the different TO and FOR thnks
To continue this she can do her best is a right tense ? And can we start a sentence from To
I'm too much impressed from you......the best lecture ever I heard
L like your video before I watch the video
Thank you for video
Help me please. "I swe clothes FOR/TO my dolls." ¿?
Hello mam your video are realy fantastic but one more think your talking skill i really likr it... i want some kind of information from you? i will wait for your respons.
Hi!!!! Ronny I wanna learn how to practice moreover ,,however ,henceforth etc..........
I love you ronnie
Dear Ronnie! You are the best teacher I've ever seen. Thank you! With love and great respect from Russia.
I want to talk to you!
The best teacher!!!
When it come up with helping someone then what should be use??to or for..?cause its beneficial for that person .. so i prefer "for".. bt i see that people using "to" in that case.thank u
Ronnie you're so funy. .😁😁 the best
Hello Ronnie I'm from Peru.. I really enjoy watching your videos Thanks a lot. 😚
Have you uploaded a video on causative verbs "make" and "get"? and plz correct this sentence if it has some grammatical problem ...
Wonderful Teacher , Really Thanks 🙏🏻✨
Oh wow great teacher
Thank you so much
Nice video ..thnx
Thanks teacher. :)
Ronnie, you are not beautiful only but you are a great teacher! Greetings FOR you from Venezuela!
I appreciate your help but I have a doubt. When you said I made this lesson for you ..." to your benefit."... finally to or forif you listen the video your will notice your expression
I'm a Peruvian student, thank you Miss ! 😉
Wow......you are the best eng teacher I have ever seen......please extent your support for all .......thanks a lot Ronny......
I love your teaching
Hi Ronnie was a very good grammar video I like it

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Learn English - TO & FOR