Learn English: The 20-Minute Method

Do you have a hard time learning English? Follow the advice in this video to completely change the way you study English! The biggest problem most English learners face is staying motivated. You can learn English for free online, but it is often hard to find the time and energy to keep learning when there is so much to do at work, at home, or at school. Even if you really want to learn English because you know that it is important for your life, you may find yourself being lazy and doing other things, such as watching television when you could be studying. Does this description of a frustrated and unmotivated English learner sound like you? In today's lesson you'll learn what YOU can do to stop YOUR English-learning headaches and frustrations! At the end of the video, be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this lesson, and whether it was helpful for you! Then test your understanding with the quiz at: TRANSCRIPT Hi, guys. Do you notice something different about today? Hmm. Where's the board gone? Today's lesson is a bit different. It's just me giving you some advice about learning English. And this video is for you, in particular, if you are a learning English quitter. Who is a learning English quitter? A learning English quitter is somebody who works really, really hard studying: "Learn English, learn English, learn English", for two days, four days, one day, and then quits. Does nothing, does nothing for weeks. And then the same thing: Works really, really hard: "Learn English, learn English, learn English", for three days, and then quits. "I'll do it tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow." And the other thing that a learning English quitter does is feel bad all the time about not learning enough English. "I'm so stupid. I should be learning more English." But you're not, are you? You're watching TV, you're having a beer. You're not learning English at all, are you? So, this video is for you if you're a learning English quitter. And trust me on this one: It is a life changer, total game changer. What you need to begin, starting today, is what I call the 20-minute English discipline. 20-minute English discipline, and you do this every single day of your life. And what it means is for 20 minutes a day, every single day, you study English in a serious way. Okay? A serious way. An active way. You do it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; every day. You do it on your birthday, you do it when your cousin's getting married. You do it every day, it doesn't matter. No excuses, you do it. So, when your cousin comes to you and says: "Hey, let's go and have a beer", you say: "That's a great idea. I'm going to come with you in nine minutes when I've finished my studies. I'll be with you in a minute." So don't let other people put you off doing your daily... Daily discipline of study. 20 minutes every day. Plus, this is what happens: When you start doing the 20-minute discipline, you realize: "Oh, 20 minutes isn't that long. I haven't... I haven't finished everything I wanted to finish. I'm going to study some more." Nun-uh, nun-uh, nun-uh. It's just 20 minutes every day. When you get to 20 minutes, you stop. It's not: "I'll do 25 minutes today." It's not: "I'll do 40 minutes today, and not do anything tomorrow." It's not that. It's 20 minutes every day, and then you stop. That's all you need to do. The problem when you do 40 minutes one day, one hour another day, nothing the next day is that you lose... You don't build up the strength and the habit of making studying and studying English, in particular, part of your everyday life, so that's why for most people it doesn't work to do a lot on one day and nothing on the other.

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Hi Jade! I am a new learnerhere , I can't speak english well but when I speak it,it does not sound like native speaker that does a videos on youtube and my voice does not like english at all*Im not from english country.How can I fix it to make it sound like native speaker?
Hi, Jade, I wanna talk to you!
Thank you Jade. I been considering to do and up load some videos to contribute with language learning. Your videos and those of Drew Badger inspired me to do so. I would like to help spreading the language like you guys are doing. Any suggestions for this C1 ten-year experienced Mexican teacher?
Thank you very much for this video, but I want to tell youit took me more than twenty minutes for understand
The English Diet 😃😀
A Lovely teacher and a lovely method well done.
Thank you ! subscribing ^^
She is so pretty!I think,she looks like to Bebe Rexha a little!
No two times '!!! I say twice?
Thank you very much teatcher👍
Is it good that I understood almost all you said? Or it's means nothing ? I'm from Russia but I wanna learn English like my native language, coz I wanna immigrate to my relatives to Canada. Btw, I has been in Toronto, Canada for 1,5 months this summer and I really had liked this country. Also I was on Niagara Falls, it's amazing place Have a nice day 🙂
Thank for the video, English is easier with your video.
Hi Guys follow me?karabulut1759 I want to improve my english.on my instagram I love you.
Really wonderful thank you
HelloOm My God what a beauty
Awesome darling
Very very very beutiful
Thank you madam for helping to teach English 👍
Thank you jade! really encouraging
Ok, Jade your advice is good. I´m going to follow your recomendations. You are the best!!!
Thanks for caption in arabic 💞😍🌹 this way i use when i listen to ted program its so useful and has much information in many things 👀
I will start after this video.And i know my bad english sorry guys
Come back Jade!
All I can say for now thank you .I want a try it
Hello, my name is marlon, I am from Brazil. I really like english and I like also your classes. What's your country? You are beautiful.
I need to practice my English, so, who can help Me?? ?😶 if someone want, I can teach spanish
Got a new word, thank you for the impressive presentation of this word
I am from turkish. befor is my english is very bad 😁 but i want to realy want to learn to english. because is very beautiful language. thank you for this video. i will anmyore your videos. congrulations 🎉
I can listen this voice forever :)
I have no doubt that I'm in love with you, my gorgeous teacher, I like so much your gestures, your voice, your beatiful eyes. I marvel at you and I'm learnin a lot that'sanother reason why I love you...♡
İf you want to learn english fastly and quickly,must be make part of your life english.
I like your way when you toke to us just , by the way ...
I like this video so much that I have to put it in practice. So, I am going to learn English through this method. Thanks!
Thanks for just 20 minutes
Nowadays ,I spend almost 2-3 hours studying English .I believe i can make it someday Speak FLUENT English !
I definitely agree with you. This discipline can help truly. In addition of that, take notes is a smart way getting attention. Thanks a lot for the tips!
I do not understand much english but you are very pretty
Yes exactly , i learn englishjust in my house but i want improve my english can you help me !!
My dear , your video is very good .
I believe having a British girlfriend would help me to learn english faster
Practica y disciplina... Gracias (>.<)
Its realy good advise n helpful for me thank you
Hi I want partner for speaking English practice I am from delhi please what's up 8383042582
Besides beeing pretty you're a wonderful teacher
I love You! Nothing else matters. Thanks a lot!!
Thanks a lot for your advice
For pratice skype ? türk kızlar ?
Hi everyone thats missing :)
My language English is it not very good, iam learning this language about vocabulary save every day to 2 hours or 3 hours maybe do you advence me this manner? or change? and iam bad to the grammer and reading
I like too much the way you teach, and also your accent........thanks a lot Jade...
Ok. Sorry for my bad england :(
Thank you thats very benefit video succed method
Very useful video, I have shared it to many friend of mine.
I need a good partner to chart me in English can someone do me a favour
I understand the lessen thank you for your's advice
It's easy to understand you . Thanks.
Altyazıyı ekleyen arkadaşa teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum. İngilizcem bu videoyu anlayacak kadar iyi olsaydı videoyu izlemeye gerek duymazdım diye düşünüyorum. Ablamız en azından telaffuzuna biraz daha dikkat etmeli. Diksiyon önemli.
Thank you so much ,made my day
Thanks for you
It's ll about passion and practice... practice... You are great Jade!! XOXOXO
I search "learn English" in youtube.
Hi Jade, I haven't seen your video for 2 years and this video is great ! You speak very clear now, super awesome !!!
That's a good tip, but you know what I really do? I made English a life. everything around me is English. I almost quit my language. haha.
Very nice
Allow me to add 1 more factor to the 20-min study: find 1 reason to make up your mind to study, ex:if I can not speak english fluently 5 years later,then I will get fired by the boss.
Thank you so much Jade , Adam and Emma I' ve learnd so so so much from your videos I love all
Much better
I am trying to speak english fluently from so long but i am not up to the mark. so please if any body could help me out?
I loved the video. You're a very good teacher. Thank you for all the advices.
Thanks Jade!  simple idea but full of wisdom. I will follow your advice for a year.lot of thanks.
So thank you so mach my name is amina In algerai l love you ❤
Thanks my teacher
Thank you this video very good
U can say im little good in english or I can handle it,n im not a quieter lol I just passed throw I can say it was a good video keep up friend 👍
Goode English
Usable 👍
Thank you
Hi, Jade! Your manner of learning and speaking is fascinating. It is a little challenge for me but I like it very much. Please continue your lessons. I decided to listen 80% British English. My best regards!
Jade I love you
I am a Chinese/Japanese quitter. But not an English quitter. That's why I understand every single ("fucking"?) word that you say. Your advice is a good one because it is effective for any language, I think. What is missing is Motivation. A learner needs Motivation before anything else.
I like this video
I have been learning English for 5 years.I want toimprovemy Englishlevel on advanced because ofmy job.The reason I get Youtube channel is contact with somebody who speaks and helps me about learning English.
This kind of video is EXCELLENT.
Thank you this is a great advice Jade. I'll try it. By The way I started to read an english book and I recognized how effektiv it is. I read everytime on the way to work and back home in the train.
I have applied 60 minutes study inspired by Robin Sharma for 3 months in a row to learn English. But at the beginning, I applied 20-minute discipline to make myself acquire new habits that I have never do before. I watch, watch and watch again video, take notes. this technique is simple but powerful.
Jade...i can listen to you all day....MARRY ME...
I loved it keep going ✌
She's the sexy teacher every pupil wannted to have
Jade. Lindo nombre y hermosos ojos, color jade. I hope you well, I really enjoy your videos. Thank you for making this incredible channel.
My darlingyour explaining realy good and i will follow your rules because i indeed want to learning english language ..thanks alot

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