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Learn basic Mandarin, what you will need to survive on your first day abroad. Click here to learn with Sonia for free: DayOne Mandarin is a free online learning session combining video tutorials with an array of interactive exercises designed to teach users what they need to communicate on the first day in China.

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I am Chinese and I have to say your pronunciation is excellently perfect. If some one who wants to practice Chinese I'm here for help.
So easy way to learn , Thanks for sharing
Where is the Hanzi characters for Zhe ge and Na ge.Did you learn Hanzi Yourself.
Very professional and clear, just a bit slow moving.
My pronounciation is not perfect in chinese langua......
Also tones defer from male to female
Damn this is awesome. The last phase was incredible, i could pick up in 14 minutes enough knowledge to fully understand that phrase in a completely different language.
How do you say *I've got it bad I'm hot for teacher*
Thanks a lot..i just nw atleast the basic..
Oh no I think you teach only mandarin but I see you teach a lot of language. Please continue mandarin or advice me new channel learn like your way!!!
I love the attitude
I'm chinese,i'm wanna going learn american english,i need some practice dialog about something, i want find a going learn chinese guy , we can make a lot dialog with you for fun, this is my gmail [email protected] , i'm live new york, i'm for fun basketball and coding,i'm christians , i like read holy bible, by the way :p
WTF? Why is alcohol shop a hotel? And why does she act like that's perfectly logical?
There area few things for how to learn Chinese Decide exactly why you want to speak Chinese Try to speak Chinese everyday Find which method works for you best. (I discovered about these and more from Magic Mandarin Blueprint website )
Anyone want to study chinese ?pm me
There are several factors in teaching yourself to understand Chinese easily . One plan I found which successfully combines these is the Magic mandarin blueprint (look for it on google) definately the most helpful resource i've heard of. Look at all the super info .
Here'sseveral suggestions for how to learn Chinese Decide precisely why you want to speak Mandarin Try to use Chinese everyday Decide what process works for you the best. (I read about these and more from Magic Mandarin Blueprint site )
There are a few factors in teaching yourself to understand Mandarin. A place I found which succeeds in merging these is the Magic Mandarin Blueprint (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful resource i've found. Look at the great info .
There area few suggestions for how to learn Mandarin Decide precisely why you want to learn it Try to speak Chinese everyday Decide what process works for you best. (I read about these and more from Magic mandarin blueprint website )
I have spent months studying speaking Mandarin online and found an awesome resource at Magic mandarin blueprint (google it if you are interested)
Parlo, Italiano, english ofcourse, а также, свобоную поруский , ahora anado Chino
Thank you!
You should never say "zhe ge"(or "na ge"), say "zhei ge"(or "nei ge")
Your not just beautiful, you are a goo teacher as well. I'm learning! Your awesome!
The first word I learned is "shen me"
We don't use bu yao for negative instead we use bu xiang
How do you says my friend is paying for it?
Just mind you guys don't learn Cantonese it sounds like Korean it's terrible
She thinks of herself to be very smart
And where's the next lesson? Thank you for this video
I don't know much Mandarin but my roommate freshman year was from Harbin and nà ge" gets pronounced like the n word a lot
Very good basic lesson. Isn't it funny though that hotel literally means alcohol shop? It's actually a perfect description for a business traveller like me, sadly. :D
Xoxo pretty lady! 😍
Hardest language ever 😫
What a great lesson !!!
Thank you so much
Holy shit im speaking chinese
She's so dedicated she even makes her eyes like them.
Thanks for your you make videos I'm from India..
Sandra bullock from miss congeniality anyone??
Little off on the third tone
I'm Not 한국의 If You know what that means leave a like or reapply!
Good at helping to install confidence in new beginners . Quoted if I can learn you can. Also everything is really slowed down and clear. Very emphatic on tones very slowly. Course is very well constructed to give the student basic survival. Good Teacher
I love u :)
I didn't know Sandra Bullock could speak Mandarin. Just kidding ;) loved the video, thanks!!
Me to 他 真 笨
Enjoy my video of learning Chinese from a cartoon~
Woow, you are an excellent teacher. You were born to be it !Great lesson. Xie Xie
There's a bit mistake.. The tone for don't is going down, not going up
Starting my Chinese language college course tomorrow lol rip to me
就像中国人说英语一样 老外讲中文同样让中国人觉得不舒服 不连贯hhhh
As a Japanese person, my brain was like "wtf? Where's my normal わらやまはなたさかあをりみひにちしきいんるゆむふぬつすくうれめへねてせけえろよもほのとそこお, ect) I want my normal shit back!"
Chinese is very difficult
Im a chinese native speaker,anyone wanna chat with me to learn chinese?I wanna learn english for exchange,pls add my wechat:coldplay911
She looks like sandra bullock
U beautiful..
You a chick
This is a bit awkward....but oh well...
Sonia you are great . Very Nice teacher. I want more videos. .............. Please tell me the procedure to learn more .
This is just an awesome video. Recently I have also started to teach Chinese language in Bengali.
Make's scene, conventionality.It would be great if there were two people holding a situation conversation, then explain the order
This is just what I need. Survival Chinese. Thank you soooo much.
Actually,although the standard pronunciation of "that"is "nà ge", people usually use"nèi ge". For "zhè ge", we use:"zhèi ge" in our daily life. I am from Beijing in China, so I think that is our accent in our daily life.
Why did you keep saying nigga
I marry her and travel around the world more easy.....
Wouldn't alcohol+shop mean liquor store?
Please continue your lectures on chinese
Oh my god. I don't give a fuck about your lesson. Your eyes are just so sexy! I love it 😅
Clap clap👏👏👏
我的母语是汉语,而且是标准普通话。我想找一位美国学生。这个学生呢当然也是我的老师—英语老师。I'm a native mandarin speaker.I want to find a mandarin learner who would be my student as well as my english teacher.please leave a message.
How do you say "Please don't shout when you speak to each other, it's rude." I really need to say this to so many Chinese tourists I encounter when I travel. They are always yelling. Also how do you say "Please don't be so pushy. It's rude."
Nepali kameti
Good girl you speak very well English! I mean mandarin! Good job my dear! You should read some Chinese philosophy books or human beings lesson some thing like that
Hello. I come from Hong Kong. And I really want to improve my english so I would like to use mandarin to exchange english lessons (like conversation). If you are interested, you can leave a comment. We can communicate through Skype. Thank you.
Sandra Bullocks has an overtime job: teaching Mandarin. Lol
I dont care of chinese anymore, I'll keep taking classes because I love you
Thank u..
Thank you 👍🏻
I'm English and Chinese or 我是菲律宾人和中国人
Hey guys ~ I am Chinese and I am fluent in English ! I am just here dropping see if anyone needs any kinda help feel free to leave a comment and I'll try my best to help !! (≧∇≦)
So slow:(
I love it. thats how you need to teach chinese. she is beautiful and anawesome girl. great job. always wanted to learn this language.
Your so good
5:33 I assume that should be a 4th tone?
Thank u..
Haha, is there anyone wanna to learn Mandarin? I'd like to meet some friends to practice. It's all free. Not matterwhat level you are, I can teach you without any problem. See, I can understand English well, my Wechat is C335643934. we also can talk via Facebook or others.Unless youtake it serious ly, don't contact with me.
You are a good teacher !!, like chinese
Tbh I think that Chinese is easier then Japanese and Korean, Japanese and Korean are sov and have hard grammar. Chinese is fun to write (like kanji tho) And its svo like English ._. Lel
I wonder if they have another channel for Spanish
Yea fuck it
Thanks very nice lesson i love chinese language
There saying Nà ge in the bad parts of Detroit 😀

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