Learn 11 ANGRY Phrasal Verbs in English

Have you ever had to explain how angry you were in a particular situation? In this lesson, you will learn what a phrasal verb is and some of the most common phrasal verbs native speakers use to talk about anger. I'll teach you "blow up", "freak out", "work up", "fly into a rage", "lash out", "cheer up", and many more! Phrasal verbs can be difficult for English learners to remember because they don't always make sense. But don't freak out! Watch this lesson, and then take the quiz so that you'll remember them.TRANSCRIPT Hi, there. My name is Emma, and in today's lesson, we're going to talk about words you can use when you get angry. Okay? Words that you use when you're very mad. Okay? So, all of these words have something in common. Okay. I want you to look at these words. "Gets to", "winds up", "piss off", "work up", "tick off", "blow up", "freak out", "lash out at", "fly into". What do these words have in common? Well, all of the words I am going to teach you today are phrasal verbs. So, you probably know what a verb is. A verb is like an action. A phrasal verb is a verb that has a preposition with it. Okay. So, words like: "to", "up", "off", "up", "off", "up", "out", "at". These are all prepositions. Okay? So, a phrasal verb has a verb and a preposition. Now, phrasal verbs are very, very common in English, especially in speech when we talk. This is one of the things that makes it a... English a difficult language. We have a lot of phrasal verbs, and the preposition-so like "up", "off"-the preposition at the end of the verb actually can change its meaning. Okay, so for example, if I say: "Get up", "get down", "get on", "get off", "get to", "get into", each of these words, although we use "get" as the verb, each of the prepositions actually change the meaning. Okay? So, today, I am going to teach you a bunch of phrasal verbs that have to do with when you get angry. So, to begin with, let's look at these phrasal verbs that have to do with cause. Okay? And then we will look at the result. When I talk about cause, this is like the word "because". Why are you angry? This is the reason why. Okay? So, I'll give you an example. One thing I really don't like-I don't know why-but when people go crack, crack, crack, crack, or when they crack their neck. Right? I hate that sound. The sound of cracking, I... It might be strange, but I hate it. It makes me a little bit angry. Okay? When I hear cracking, I feel like this. So, let's look at some ways we can talk about this anger. I can say: "Cracking gets to me." And I've drawn a person here, because: "Gets to" a person. Okay? Can you think of something that gets to you (meaning that makes you angry)? What is something that makes you angry? What is something that gets to you? Okay? I want you to think about that. "Gets to you" has the same meaning as the next one. I can also say here: "Cracking... When people crack their fingers, it winds me up." So, this is me. Cracking fingers winds me up. Okay? Maybe there's something else I really don't like. Politicians, okay? When a politician lies, it makes me very angry. So I can say: "Politicians, they wind me up. They make me angry." When I was a kid, my brother and I used to fight a lot. My brother always was able to wind me up. Okay? So, again, this is something that makes you mad. Another way we can say this: "Piss off". Okay? This one is a little bit less polite. These ones are all right, but this one is a little bit rude, so I wouldn't use it in front of children, but it has the same meaning. Okay? You can definitely use this with your friends. "Politicians piss me off. They make me angry." What else makes me angry? "When people spit on the ground, it pisses me off." Okay? It makes me angry. So I want you to think about something that pisses you off, that winds you up, that gets to you. We can also say: "Work someone up", okay? Oftentimes, you know, my brother, he knows how to annoy me. He knows how to get under my skin, how to make me mad. So: "My brother works me up." Okay? So this means he knows how to make me angry. And, finally, you can say: "Tick someone off." Okay? For example, maybe you have a teacher and the teacher does something, and it makes you very angry. You can say: "The teacher ticks me off." Okay? Maybe there's a celebrity you don't like. Maybe you don't like Celine Dion, or maybe you don't like Mariah Carey. I don't know. If you don't like them, you can say: "Mariah Carey ticks me off. She makes me angry." Okay? So, all of these mean: make angry, to make someone angry. And pay close attention to where the people are. You can replace this with anything. You know, for example: "Too much TV... Watching too much TV gets to my mother. It makes her angry. When I watch too much TV, it gets to my mother. It winds my mother up." Okay? So, you can change this with any person that's applicable.

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