Lapping Machine

Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or by way of a machine.

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Your introduction (0:01 to 0:27) is exactly sourced from "A TEXTBOOK OF MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY" by R.K. Rajput
Surface finish is around. o1 micrometer not . 1
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Lapping Machine Video

Lapping machine is used for superfinishing purposes.

Hand Lapping

This video is designed to assist students, trainees and apprentices, under my supervision at trade training facilities and workshops. transcripts can be obtain

Stahli Instructional Lapping Video

For more information on stahli machines, products, or services, please visit

Lapping machine

Animation of lapping process on a lapping machine with lapping fluid or diamond fluid

Honing machine

Honing process on machine. difference between lapping and honing. for more info: this article explains following, what does a hone mean? what is hone in defini


Pump & valve manufacturers have found a sure way of obtaining positive sealing.

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The lapmaster spherical lapping-polishing machine system has been developed to produce very accurate spherical surfaces on a variety of components and materials

Kemet 15 Diamond Flat Lapping Machine for producing perfectly flat parts

Bench top lapping machine for producing perfectly flat lapped and polished parts using diamond abrasives. can lap parts up to 140mm within its 3 conditioning ri

Kemet Match Lapping Machine for lapping concave and convex parts together

The kemet match lapping machine can lap concave and convex parts together from 25mm to 350mm diameter and up to 400mm high. suitable for lapping valve or mating

Turret Lathe

It has a turret for holding various cutting tools and is used for repetitive production of duplicate parts.

OptoTech NC-Controlled Grinding, Lapping and Polishing Machine HM 300.1 NC

The new hm 300.1 nc is the worldwide first nc controlled grinding, lapping and polishing machine using conventional technology. for more information, visit or


Pasman motoren & aggregaten beschikt over een rottler hoonmachine van het type hp6a.

Kemet Match Lapping Machine for lapping concave and convex parts together

How to repair hydraulics plate by lapping process

CLM 150 & FLM 500-R Cylindrical Lapping

The flm 500-r with the two-wheel principle. it is especially suitable for high-precision machining of small, cylindrical components to nanotechnological toleran

Lapping Machine