Kounin's Model

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Kounin Scenes

Possible scenarios in a classroom solved with the ideas of kounin

Concepts from Kounin's model of Classroom Management

Film clips that illustrate different components of kounin's ecological approach to classroom management. i do not own any of this.

Classroom management - Week 1, Day 1

You can find a book with ideas for soon-to-be teachers about how to prepare for the school year at www.7steps.org. for more classroom management videos, resou

Jacob Kounin's Classroom Management

Middle level education infomercial

Jacob Kounin - Behavior Theorist Presentation

Summary of jacob kounin's behavior theories and behavior techniques

Jacob Kounin

Brief overview of jacob kounin and his classroom management theories.-- created using powtoon -- free sign up at-- create animated videos and animated presentat

How NOT to handle discipline in the classroom

I was asked to help 2 former students film a segment about giving detention to an unruly student.we used my regular classroom setting of accelerated english 12

Max - correcting attention seeking behavior 3

Melissa non verbally directing max clean up mess after attention seeking behavior.

Olumsuz Sınıf Yönetimi #EGT ESOGÜ

Eskişehir osmangazi Üniversitesi sınıf yönetimi dersi kapsamında hazırlanmış olan bir projedir. eğiticinin sınıfı yönetememe durumu ve olumsuz tut

Joey and the ESL (English as a Second Language) class {Subs}

This is a very good episode that you might want to use in your classes. it might be adapted to different levels. joey tries to impress a chick and because of th

Kounin's Model