Knurling on a lathe

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A short instructional video concerning home workshop knurling.

Machining a Part

Multi-stage, time-lapsed manual machining of a part, using a sieg c4 lathe and sieg super x3 mill.the material is brass.the background music is "days of the dep

Shaper knurling

Knurling on the metal shaper

Spare Parts #5 - Making A Bump Style Knurling Tool Holder

Making a bump style knurling tool holder, by clickspring in this video i make a simple "bump" style knurling wheel holder, to hold the rope knurling wheels tha

Lathe Workshop for Beginners Part 1, Turning

I am not an engineer by trade , all i know is selftaught, the methods i show may not be the usual way to do things, but theywork for me!

Lathe operations

How to perform on lathe machine with various operations


Threading using a manual lathe machine

17 G0602 Knurling (Part 1)

My file and cad links are now at: here i tackle some knurling as it was requested by youtube user john grimsmo. in part 2 of this video i will show you how to


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How to feed knurl on a metal lathe - the basics

I look at feed knurling, and how feed speed affects knurl finish, plus a few tips. camera:nikon l820

Fixing up the 10 Euro wood lathe - Part 1/x - Adding some wheels

We finally have some good weather again, so i rolled some tools outside for a day of grinding, cutting and welding. i bought some square tube and i'm going to m

Neat Lathe Trick! Helical Knurling with a Tap

Here's a fun little trick you can do with a lathe, this makes for a unique decoration, strong gripping surface, or a functioning helical gear! this is a test o

Knurling on a lathe