Introducing Qt 5.9 - Release video

High performance & stable new features. It’s even long term supported. From 5.7 and onwards Qt introduced a lot of exciting new features — allowing you to create cutting edge software. 5.9 brings high performance & stability to the table and is the new go-to version of Qt which will be long term supported (LTS). Compared to our previous LTS (5.6), Qt is now fully leveraging the power of C++ 11, we have a whole new configuration system, new graphic architecture, a new set of Qt Quick Controls, full support for multiple UI processes with Wayland, new Qt 3D features just to name a few of the highlights.

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Just hope Linux app will no longer use GTK+, because the GTK+ doesn't have any acceleration at all in other OS except Linux, its mean its purely use CPU usage of idle system when in Windows.
I love Qt
Qt is so awesome and I am trying to be a jedi of it :)
C++ Master Race!!
Aye, she's a cutie.
Awesome! This book 0:45 is wrote by @IoriAYANE. It's his hand made publish and wrote Japanese.
Qt 5.9 is amazing, but I would frankly believe anything that woman said. "EFL is amazing." "Sure, why not. Lets discuss it over a candle lit meal."

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Introducing Qt 5.9 - Release video