Inside the Earth

This topic explains the inner layers of the earth's crust and how the earth looks like on both the inside and the outside. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India. ,

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Good video. Lot's of information. However you could improve by removing the logo in the middle.
EARTH has no cor!
This is nice for learning
It is good
Very good efforts
Core mantlecrust
This was cool
What happen to the oil layer under the crust of the earth
The earth is flat
It would be cool if the earth were hollow with an advanced civilization inside.But I think that the current scientific model explains volcanoes better.
Thank you for saying itclearly
Great video but your logo across the center is a bit excessive
Good video
3:36 The inner core does not have a depth of 1250 KM. Except you live on a different planet or your core is at the mantle.
It is very good
And atheists say there is no God
Only best guess. keep our mind open. there could be no earth at all.
Do you make money doing this?
Scientists last year usedadvanced sonarand actually discovered a McDonald's in the centre of the earth
"The thurface of the earth"
You said the core of the earth is as hot as the sun? ya don't say did you ever stop to think that maybe that's because it's actually a piece of our main sun, that was completely covered in dust?
Awesome video
His accent tho 😅😂
Scince is good for all
If they do dig a hole to reach the earths core would this cause a volcano to occur? Would magma start to come up from the hole?
Prove it
When a 12 year old uses blender to make a video
Nice but improve and remove the logo in the middle
Earth radius 6000Km ..why inner core 1200 Km ?
Very informative.
This video helped me a lot I asked a question today/Wednesday it was what's inside of 🌏 and this video helped me a lot thx to the creator of this!
Is there a hollow earther here watching this?😂
Thanks so much. This helped me so much for my test tomorrow!
We need to stop believing everything they tell us we haven't even explore are deeps oceans but he have gone so far outside the earththere is something there not sharing 🤔
I have found it very informative for the children. Thank you.
Nice explanation
Now i can finnaly learn about the earths layers and probably pass when we have a test at science
How do they know the measurements and stuff? is it reallyaccurate?
Indian accent
The inside part of earth was still unknown. only God knows.
Thx for the video this kinda helped for my homework lol
So where does all the oil come from, from under the earth? If it's removed, wouldn't it make the earth unbalanced? This is a question that's always on my mind lol..
This is a great video i loved it!!!!!!!
What a sexy accent
Hm. Can I ask how you know this? Considering the deepest hole man has ever drilled is 12.2 km deep, I would be really curious to hear how you have obtained the information in this video? Cheers!
This is an excellent video for earth science
Intellectual :)
Wait isn't the earths crust part is what we walk on
How do they know there is all these layers inside earth?
This video is really great
Very informative video.
Cool vid
It will be teaching us...
Says there lead inside the earth's core. but the planets r all made up of STARS
Very good and easy to understand
It's so good
I liked it alot...........
How do we know what's in the interior of the earth when we have only been 12 km deep? I would say there is .00001% that we got it right.
Good video
Well they've only dug about 7.5 miles beneath the Earth so they really don't know what all is inside the Earth... everything they say is just a theory of what it could be but they don't know for sure
It's a big help for the students to know more about the earth's interior.Thank you so much!
I'm sorry, I couldn't take this seriously. I find the narrator's voice, well, really funny..
Beautiful so interesting
Good video give lots to learn
Thanks bro
Simple explanation is clearly understand.
Good video give lots to learn
You are wrong. The OUTER core is responsible for earths magnetic field.
This helps so much THX XD
I'm Italian and I'd need to know what the video says. someone could write it?
This vid will be useful for my project
Good video give lots to learn
"This is the outside layer of the Eart" :p
Awesome video - helped me revise 4 my science exam :) It would have been even better if you included the atmosphere and its layers, too!
YAA Aalyah are you reading these
Kids always ask how do they know this, has anyone seen inside the earth,can we see video of it.
Great videovery simply explained with comprehensive contentme from india thx for video
I Cannut undastund thus guy's accent .-.
Wait, so core=30km or 50km? You can't give both answers with no explanation...
Give me karma
The suns surface is 10 million degrees Farenheit, not 9000 celscius, this is so wrong.
Very Good Educational Videos. It helps to understand very easily.
I must call a big BS on your unsupported theory. There is no gravitational center when talking about a pliable ball with the majority of the mass out away from the center.  Assuming the earth, when it was formed in the first place, it was all pliable, as it came together, it would be spinning, but the center point would not be the point of greater mass. The center would be like the eye of a hurricane. A void except for maybe the helium and hydrogen.  As the heavier matter spun around itself it would not move to the center, nothing would be pulling it in and centrifugal force would keep everything away from the center.  The mass of molten rock would form a thick shell shape that would spread a little to the poles, except the helium and hydrogen may be trapped in the center area and collect together. There is no downward pressure to push everything to the center. It is all spherical and the mass would remain away from the center. Any water forming in the heavy mix would be forced inward and cover the inner surface and squished outward and cover the outer surface.  Some water would remain in pockets in the midst of the mass having no course of least resistance. Some remain in a cloud in the atmosphere around both the outer surface and the inner surface, and some rain down on the outer and inner surfaces to form oceans.  There is no law of physics that would push the mass to the center of a spinning ball of pliable heavy elements.  The heavier elements would fall away from the center to form an inner surface and from outer space they would fall on the surface of the spinning mass, increasing its size and spreading a little to the poles. We have only assumed the center is molten or hard.  The molten lava is in the middle between the outer surface and the inner surface.  Only recently I saw information about evidence that lava does not come from the inner core but from regains closer to the surface. This would explain our magnetic field.  With a massive ball of Helium or hydrogen in the center spinning one way or at a different rate and the outer shell spinning another way the planet becomes electrical and the magnetic field is created.  Currently popular science has our magnetic field generated from the convection of molten iron.  But that cannot be duplicated in the lab and there is no known scientific principle that explains how a magnetic filed is created by molten iron.  Iron has to be crystalized into magnetite to have any magnetic properties.
Nice video
How many eyewitnesses?  man has yet to walk every millimeter of the surface. When did we put probes in inner core?
How can you know all this if the biggest hole drilled is 12km, which is 0.002% of the whole path to the earth core?
Thanks geography for the knowledge we got.,..its interesting to know about earth
That was a very cool video

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Inside the Earth