Indian penal code sections 23 chapters and 511 Section in telugu. Part-1

Indian Penal Code – Often enough we hear that the Indian Penal Code is one of the best penal statutes drafted anywhere in the world and equally often we hear that it is the IPC in which Macaulay’s genius shines best. The Penal Code was drafted by the first Law Commission under the president ship of Lord Macaulay. The Commission was constituted in 1834 to investigate into the jurisdiction, powers and rules of the courts and police establishment. The Commission drafted and submitted the Indian Penal Code in 1837.Another Commission reviewed the Code in 1847. The Code was accordingly revised but it was only after the two Law Members of the Governor-General of India in Council revised the Code that it was submitted to the Legislative Council in 1856. It finally came into force after receiving Governor-General’s accent on October 6, 1860. This Code defines the crimes and punishments for violations. Every person is liable to punishment under this Code and not otherwise for every act or omission contrary to provisions thereof, of which he shall be guilty within India.Throughout the Code every definition of an offence, every penal provision and every illustration of every such definition or penal provision, is to be understood subject to the exceptions. Indian penal code23 chapters and 511 Section in telugu.

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Mootham sections Telugu lo adralu kavali video super
Mootham sections Telugu lo kavali
Ee video lo konchem noise vastundi sir
Motham sections telugu lo vunnaya ?
Oka pourudu tappu cheste policeki atanni kotte hakku unda sir??plzz reply...
Section 506 ante enti ,adhi evariki varthisthundhi anedhi konchem clear ga cheppagalara please
Super sir, but remaining kuda explanation ivvandi sir
Nice sir
Chapter 16 & 17 telugu lo kavali
IPC 307 gurinchi purthiga telise vidanga maku telijeyagalaru
Ioc 407,409,420 redwith details telugu lo vivaristharaa
శుభోదయం నాకు భారతీయ శిక్ష లు ఆస్తుల చట్టాలు వాటి వివరాలు ఏ ఏ చట్టాలు ఏ ఏ నేరాల క్రిందకు వస్తా యి ప్రభుత్వ ఆస్తుల ఆక్రమణ పంచాయితీ సొమ్ములు దుబారా ఇటువంటివి అన్ని కూడా సార్ అన్న తమ్ముల భూ కేటాయింపులు అన్న చెల్లి భూ కేటాయింపులు వివాదాలు ఇనం భూముల చట్టాలు ఏ అధికారి సరైన పని చేయని యెడల ఏ శిక్షలు ఇలా చాలా కావాలి సార్
Dathatha putrika gurinchi vivaralu means rights&eligibilities kavali
Explanation super sir,remaining 506 sections kuda upload cheyandi, thank you.

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Indian penal code sections 23 chapters and 511 Section in telugu. Part-1