If superpowers were real: Immortality - Joy Lin

View full lesson: What if immortality wasn't just the stuff of epic comic book stories? Is it scientifically possible to be immortal? In this series, Joy Lin tackles six superpowers and reveals just how scientifically realistic they can be to us mere mortals. Lesson by Joy Lin, animation by Cognitive Media.

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This just made me feel grateful for not having immortality
We're already immortal. God, its obvious
This is all wrong
You could argue that new technology will help you, replace lost limbs and other, modify your look etc.Living forever means witnising all of men triumph and eventually even death's
Girl: So how many girlfriends have you ever had? Boy: Hmmm....... you're my 10,000th. Girl: WTF
Wow he changed his voice from a video to another
What if the immortality is the regenarative type?
With digital immortality all of these minuses and limitations become irrevelant
The scar and thing is kind of contradict the immortality itself, assuming that damage and Injuries can kill you if it reach a certain amount for a normal living person, being immortal should equal invincibility or at least complete cell regeneration even after being injured
First you'd have to define immortality. Does it mean you cannot die from old age? Then you can still die from disease or injury, which is pretty lame. Does it mean your consciousness cannot physically end? If so, what happens if, say, your body is consumed in a fire? The only kind of immortality which does not pose any of these problems is invulnerability, that is, every time you suffer damage, your cells regenerate fast enough to undo such damage. But then what would happen if your head were to be lopped off? your brain still needs oxygen to work. Under these premises, I would assume the head would go into a sort of permanent coma, where regeneration keeps the neurons from dying, but from lack of oxygen the neurons themselves are unable to function and provide consciousness.
Go watch "man from earth", thank me later.
Dorian grey 😍
A very pessimistic view on immortality, the answer for me however is still yes.The pros would outweigh the cons I feel.
Ok, but if every one was immortal then their would be less incentive for humans to reproduce, because death would be so much less common and we would not worry as much about not being able to pass on our knowledge to the next generation. As a result, overpopulation would likely not be as big a problemas this video suggests, if at all. Immortality would also encourage more autobiographical activities like writing dairies and keeping albums. It would bring the subject a greater appreciation for their memories, something that only comes with age. They would gain a different outlook on what a meaningful relationship is to them changing how the subject goes about making them, so rather than than making those relationships with individuals, the subject would form such attachments with causes, communities and their progress. They would have a much more personal stake in their actions and their effects as well, because they'll live through the consequences; becoming more carefull about what they consume and how they consume things, example: carbon footprint. They and their society will learn that what makes them valuable is their wisdom, for they will go through many lifetimes to refine their knowledge and become more effective teachers. Their society would learn to be less interested in their apperence, but more in their accomplishments.it's also important to note that, contrary to popular belief, many victims of such decapitations learn to live full and happy lives dispite despite their injuries. Assuming that they survive the trauma of losing everyone they love,The imortal being would eventually learn to be a part of something larger than themselves, and contribute to our art and philosophy with their unique experiances.
I don't want to live forever, I just don't want to die
I'd take it.
How to fix also be able to make other immortal and your invincible
Reminds me of ageof adaline
So if i lose my own head i will still respond
Science, ruining childhood dreams since 13,699,997,983 BCE.
You f**k
Read Tuck Everlasting. It changed my mind on immortality
Soooo good!!!!
Immortality doesn't guarantee ageing
So this is how the goblin felt..
Dorian should've watched this video
See thers reports of people with all diffrent kinds of immortality what if your like ban from the 7 deadly sins he heals every time he gets ripped apart HHHHMMMM
Immortality would be a horrible thing. Anyone who has read the boon Tuck Everlasting would completely agree with me.
The voiceover is amazing lol
1:wish immortality 2:wish super regeneration 3:wish eternal beauty
This video should come with a disclaimer; "Discusses immortality in a vacuum without taking any other factors into consideration."
Not sure if it's just me, but this narrator's got a creepy "haunted house" sort of ring to his voice.
Just watch the last season of torchwood to see why immortality is bad
I would want teleportation
The apes are not our ancestors. They are our cousins. It's as absurdist to say that apes are our ancestors than to say that we are the ancestor of the apes.
Nah, I'll take Super regeneration.
Super regenerate
Wait.... immortality means you don't get sick, so if u don't eat food, will u die?
I still want to be immortal no matter what
What the fuck is wrong with your voice?
Thank You for ruining immortality for me.
Wolverines is the best superpower because I will for sure at least live 150 years
I like his voice hehehe
This is one of the reasons why the Book of Genesis is a bull of crap!
"Are you sure you still want to live forever?" Yes
Not to mention the horrible pain that is the end of the universe and possible rebirth.
Immortal like deadpool is good. always regenerating
Yes i want to
My name is Dorian.. I wish I was immortal!
What about deadpool?
Novel Kars beat everything
Immortality is great it just means no NATURAL DEATH (sorta) for example if you sky dived into a volcano there would be no you left so you would be dead and go to the after life if 1,000 years is optimal to you and you can live that long great!
Read my Facebook wall to see how to live forever and always be healthy: Adrian Andreiadis
You'll be a zombie in a million years according to this theory
He shattered my dream!!😭😭
So wheres the philosophers stone
Gave me more!!!!!!
Awesome video. I knew immediately that this narrated by James Arnold Taylor. I could just tell.
Seeing how humanity proceeds whould be worth the negatives of immortality
I like this narrator😄
Id love to be immortal. i would probably only live to be like 2 thousand or 10 thousand years old, so id be fine. nobody would be evolving too much in 10 thousand years. also with injuries, you could heal missing teeth or limbs with future technologies regoriwng body parts and shit, no problems with that anymore.
Still down. assuming i can end my own life
Thanks for the encouragement bud
It would be cool if you would completely erase everything you have remembered from the past 100 years so you wouldn't go on to remember girls from 500 years ago
Immortality will eventually get boring
This video assumes a lack of wisdom about the future of technology XD
I disagree, if humans were immortal their brains might change to adapt as well.
All those problems will eventually be fixed through advancement in biotech and bio engineering
I am a loner any ways.
With today's technology a missing arm isn't too much to replace (DOES take a lot of money though...)
I think immortality can be a curse and a blessing. true u cant die.... but u will suffer from seeing your loved ones die. Example: Zeno from atasuki no Yona. he cant die and he has regenerative powers. he is the clear example to whoever still wanting immortality.
Immortality makes one really lonely, like C.C from code geass. All the people who loved her have died and forgotten along with the passage of time. On the other hand,death is what drives people to accomplish and work hard in life. Life is short. What you want to do with it is your choice.
OH. and one more thing. i would rather believe a bible that has an origin and one author speaking through many, AKA- the conjoined corresponding thoughts of ONE CREATOR THROUGH MANY CREATIONS. than a single man walking around with a single idea that "changed the nation."
I'd still take immortality
Theres only one superpower they cant change the power of changing the laws of the universe
Wow! Strawman arguments anyone? The video is a poor attempt at the least. We'll run out of space? We barely use any space at all on land (check our density figures). Also, water is unutilized (there are already buildings in oceans). Then there are other planets. So we will not run out of space. Having so many companions predicates on only you having a long life while others die, which is an unnecessary assumption to make, they can have whatever you're having, and be immortal too. The way memory is portrayed is also an issue. Why doesn't the author die at 10 years then? Imagine a life 10 times longer (a regular human life) would be to a 10 year old. Similarly, the immortal will learn to live with the memories he can remember Scars? You must be digging deep, desperately for silly excuses. Medicine will progress just like any other field. The author of the video does a shallow analysis and makes it feel like immortality is against some physical laws but it's just the author's intellectual incapacity to imagine such a world
If you live long enough, youll see the age of tech where all your "scars" can be restored, either by mechanical limbs or lab grown body parts, pretty simple if you ask me, the obvious choice is immortality and memory is important so its only reasonable you give your self photographic memory or memory implants etc
I dissagre with the "ape" thing, because, you will have infinite time to devote to something, for instance teleport pads, all though, people could invent that lets say that a few generations gotta work on it, they finally create it, but wouldnt it be quicker and easier to just devote some of your infinite lifespan to help out the human race greatly, because you take all the credits for it and cuz of that you wouldnt be pictured as an "ape" rather an inventor... Also you will have like infinite expiriance which is a perk of its own
A lot of this is based on the fallacy that all of these trends are infinitely exponential, not to mention that scars are sexy and we'll be able to regrow or replace limbs at some point
The other videos are arguing that superpowers are physically problematic. This video is arguing people should want to die. With really stupid arguments in favor of dying. The other videos are funny to some and annoying to others but this one is downright disturbing. You're trying to talk people into suicide, effectively.
Honestly having the ability to control energy, and convert any kind, to heat energy and can also absorb, contain, and emit that heat energy. I would love that, especially if I can pass it down like a gene, and even have it mutate into another "superpower". TADA!!!!
To counter the argument that our bodies would slowly degrade after a thousand years of living in them: advancements to healthcare are made all the time. If you were just one immortal among many mortals, you could just use their methods to maintain your body. If the world were populated with immortals, our healthcare system would be entirely dependent on that. There's still no guarantee that we'll all just rot alive as time goes on.
I thought the reason time feels like it's speeding up when we remember the past was because we have fewer novel memories?
Immortality may sound cool but damn all the ppl you once loved and cared will all grow old and die. You'll be so lonely.
Two words: augumented limbs. Problem solved.
To learn more about immortality go read Michael Scott's the alchemist amazing book
I'll just take the deal Walter Bedegher took.
Would still chooose immortality
2:27 hey that's.me! Looks like I'm already living in the future then! (the one in the middle...)
"we stil have body hair but we dont look like apes anymore". Talk for yourself.
If he's immortal then it is highly likely he has advanced regenerative abilities
You can die from fatal wounds if you're immortal you just can't die from old age
3:44 "Ahh, you must be the new hunter."
These videos would be really cool if the voice guy wasn't so annoying
When Invoker picks up the Aegis of Immortality, or Invisibility.
Where is the big deal? Vampires have been immoratals from the beginning of time, and they are ok with it.

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If superpowers were real: Immortality - Joy Lin