IELTS Writing Task 2: The 4 Question Types

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What happened with the next video? It was quite interesting this one.
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I'd like to ask you in opinion/discussion question, do i need to talk about prons and cons of both side and give my opinion at the last? Please answer me, I'm confusing!
IS that google translate voice? or they guy just woke up?
Very valuable information
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In opinion/discussion, what if i agree or disagree with both arguments? If so, do i need to write the body in 1 paragraph or 2 ? Thanks for any answers
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I have been looking for the difference between question type but it was much confusing. but now i found this video and really you teach it in a very helpful and easy way.
Damn it seems preety effective really thanks u tutor
Thank you so much....i appreciate this kind of video...keep it up..
Could you explain elaborately about PLAN in introduction?anyway thank you sir.
I can't quite hear you in this video, good structure though! Speak up next time :D
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Thank you ..this is a good video.....I am gonna apply these techniques in my next exam....
Appreciation for explicitly explained four qustion types which will enable us to write an essay accordingly! helpful, indeed!
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Could you explain elaborately about PLAN in introduction?anyway thank you sir.
The volume of your videos is really low. Please fix it .
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