IELTS Writing Task 2: Linking Words for the Conclusion

IELTS Writing Task 2 Linkers: Learn the best linking word to start your conclusion for your IELTS essay. Don't make a mistake with your cohesive devices because mistakes will lower your band score. This lesson will explain which linking words to use and which ones to avoid.

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Is it ok to use them in general test ?
Hi Mam, you are using academic most of the time Academic essay ,as there any difference between academic and general essay ?Thank you
Ty ty ty ty ty liz
It's very easy and helpful :) Please can u explain how to write conclusion for task 2
Can we use " Mulling over the topic" ??? for conclusion paragraph???
Hi. how can i writethe body essay. can you help me please
Hi ma'amCan we use "in a nutshell' in ielts General essay writing?
Hi liz, I have exam on Oct. 14. Wish me good luck and thanks for your nice videos. It's really helping me a lot. :)
Is it ok if i use "in the epilogue "
You are really a very good teacher. Can u advise me which dictionary is appropriate to use
Hi mam your lessons help me a lot but i still finding a task 2 whole sample essay written by you.
Is it ok to use "all in all
Hi Liz, can we use "All in all" as a linker for the conclusion paragraph?
Can I use by way of conclusion?
Hello Liz, Can i use "In wrap up or to wrap up"?
Hi Liz mam will u give me a technique to write writing task 2and 1
What about in summary and to summarize? Can'tthey be used inielts?
IS there a link for IELTS general writing too?? Or is it the same as the one you have given currently!!
Hi Liz - Is, "To recapitulate", appropriate to use instead of "In conclusion"?
Hi Liz. Thanx a lot. I find your lessons very helful.
Great !!
Nice explananation liz..
In the epilogue/ nutshell are used in conclusion or not
Omg I really appreciate it that you reply to everyone's doubts.
I love your accent Liz, good job with these videos! Thanks,
Can we use To epitomize,
For task 1 - introduction is 35 words andBody part (no of words)?? and overview 40 words right???
Can i say that ( to summarize all the above idea, t can say that.........) it's right or not ?
Sorry for asking these many questions i have my exam tommorrow??? i am nervous and please tell how to start a body part ??
Hi. What about all in all. Can I use it in my summary?
To conculde, this vidéo is helpful. Thank you
It's really usefult. It's very kind of you to show!
You are the best and I have never come across teacher like you.I am learning a lot from you.I have to say that your voice is really very sweet. thks
# Dear #Liz  , Thank you so much for this valuable video tutorial
Thanks LIZ! you are the best
Nyc n very useful videos
Is it okay to use "Thus"?
Nyc n very useful videos
Thank you so much Liz, I learned a lot from your lessons. It answered my query on how and what to do..... It is my third time to take the IELTS. It is the best time to apply what I have learned from you. I been spending expensive review center when I took the first time but they just let me did the task without telling me what and how to do it. Answer the template without teaching the techniques. The second time around I never had a review due to conflict of works. Sad to note I didn't make it. Now its my third time, I hope I can apply what I have learned from you. My never ending thank you... And I will recommend this blog site to all my friends who will take IELTS. Thank you and More Power to your career.....
Hi Liz, can't we use "In the final analysis" as a linker?
HI Liz. Can we use phrases like"all in all", " "in summary" or "to summarize,,"in closing", "all things considered", "by and large" and even the word "overall"? Thank you in advance.
Can we use to epitomize or excogitate for conclusion
How many band will given on "conclusion" ?
Mam i cannot see it clerly
An inspired way of description boosted my level of confidence. Thank you, Liz.
Hello Liz can i use "To recapitulate"in the place "To conclude"
Hello liz.. Iam horrible in speaking and l must be obtain 6 score ielts, what I do?
Can we use "after the whole discussion it can be concluded that" in conclusion! ?
Can we use "conclusiveLY"?
Hey liz, could you help me out about the whole conluding paragraph of task 2.. I am going through hardships in the conclusion... not able to writing an excellent kind of conclusion... HELP!!
Which is better to use In summation or In conclusion?
Hello Liz, here want to know that can i use ( make the long story short) instead of (in conclusion)
Hi, Liz. Can I use for conclusion this expression " Taking into account all the above-mentioned facts, one can conclude that...." ?
What do you think about.: all in all
.If I use ( Eventually ), would it be suitable ?thanks a lot
I got 10 days left before my IELTS exam..just wanna thank you Liz for all the vids..very informative.. God bless you!
Are these also applicable to IELTS GT essay writing?
Hiii Liz .. can i use (at the elventh hour) for starting my conclusion.. thanks.. ur videos are very usefull.. god bless u
IT IS VERY USEFULLESSONSFROM YOU.Thank youforamazinglyadvise
Dear, Liz your teaching are very useful - God bless you.
Hello mam l have 13 days left for my ielts exam your tips help me to get sufficient band score ......Thanx mam.....GOD BLESS U
Dear Liz,can you write all essay.Thank you
Thank you very much. My IELTS is in next week. really helped me
Hi there, It is me again =). Although this is out the topic, I have a question. Is "to begin with" and "to start off" technically the same thing? Or one is more formal than the others
Hello mam, thanks for your lesson. I have seen your writing task 2 tutorials I want to clarify whether these are meant for IELTS academic or general test?
Hi Liza, I agree with you about using a linker for the conclusion and I've always followed that rule. But, my question is that why none of the model answers in the Cambridge IELTS Test Books (like the one you have in the background) have a linker for their conclusion paragraphs. PS I've always got 7 for writing, but I need to get an 8 this time.
How should i start a body part ???
Hello Liz, Really appreciate you good work. My question - You have repeatedly used the word "academic essay" in this and your other videos. Does that mean your videos are not meant for IELTS General Training ????

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Linking Words for the Conclusion