IELTS Writing Task 2: Band 7+ Paragraphs

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Hi, Matt, Thanks so much for your videos, I'm in love with your explanations. Why don't you make more videos? We need them, really. Please. You are the best teacher I have ever met. I wish we could become pen-friends.
I am going to take the exam tomorrow>< Finger crossed for that
Can I use otherwise instead of as a result. Plus reply me
Very helpfull
Thank you!
Thank you very much, sir it is helpful video.Can you put a video about conclusion.
Hi !!! i got 5.5 band in writing while i need 7 ....i think my grammer and vocabulary is not very good...need your guidance
Thanks... really enlightening...
Your videos helped me increase my band from 6 to 7.5. THANK YOU!
Got 6.5 . I need 7.. taking exam on 9th
That's so helpful . thank you so much
It's awesome.........
Why is your mic so close to your mouth? I can literally hear you salvia in you mouth, so annoying!
Hello sir..thanks for the video it is really useful, but, I am confused about few things like, can I use words like "we ,our" in task two also there are many sites who say that there is no need to write a topic sentence.Which is the best way, please clarify.
Thank you for your helpful video
Dear Matt, I have tried twice IELTS, but both time I have got 5 in GT WRITING, I want 6.5, could you give me a pattern, I am a average person, so I can't make complicated sentences, how to get 6.5 !
This video is a wonderfullecture for me! thanks a lot.
Hi Sir, i attempted ielts exam two times but i did not get above 5 in writing. I want 6 bands. Will i prepare in a month.
Dear sir,A lot of thanks for your precise explanation and I am happy and feel blessed that I have found your tutorial video. Since the day I started IELTS preparation Istuck at Task 2,how to write body paragraph adwhat are methods and formula. But now, after watching this video I have got some confidant,.I wish i could see more videos ....Again many thanks
Hi, I have one question. What are the points must be taken into consideration while writing discussion essay ? What are the key points which distinguished discussion essay from opinion essay?
Every second of the video weighs very well!
Help me sir !
Thank you sir.. this has been very valuable and a good strategy to win the test.... It gives the direction how I could order my ideas and make it appealing to the reviewer...
Which type of essay is this one ?
I always watching this video and it helps ne a lot to improve my english in writing,speaking ang listening.
Brilliant video.I hope i can score 7 or 8 in writing tasks. My problem is lack of vocab and how transform my ideas and thoughts to writing.
If i can't have the chance to add a conclusion, what would be likely score/band?
Thanks mr
Thank you very much for great tips to write paragraph.
Really its helpful..thank you very much sir
Just what I needed! Thank you for your very ingenious techniques Sir! I salute you!
Thanks..This is a great idea to build up body paragraph.... Great lessons
Thanks a lot it is helpful
Thanks alot
Thank you very much.Glad I found this. Really helpful.
Very helpful
Excellent method to write an essay..
Thanks a lot
The sound is quite low even when I set the maximum volume for my computer.Except that,this video is very helpful for me,thanks.I am going to score 6.0 in the coming IELTS exam.

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IELTS Writing Task 2: Band 7+ Paragraphs