IELTS Writing Task 1 - What to write!

How to succeed in Task 1 of the IELTS Academic writing section. One question that often comes up in Task 1 is "What should I include in the report?" In this lesson, we'll go over some of the key elements to look for in the infographics you will be given, as well as how to present them in a clear structure. Should you write an introduction? What about a conclusion? Should you put in your personal opinion? If you're talking the IELTS, you *must* watch this class! Take the quiz here: More IELTS resources:

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I love youuuuuuuuuuuu my great teacher !
Dear Adam, in this video you mentioned several times not to include any conclusion at Task 1 of IELTS writing. But at the same time in the video of Emma as recommended by you at this video, she mentioned about conclusion. Doesn't these two statements contradict each other? Would you please clarify once again? We highly appreciate your videos and they are very helpful for us. It's just an enquiry, not a complain.
Thank you Mr.AdamYou made it easy.
That's really helpful thanks.!
Which one came first? the moth or the egg?
Watching a day before the test😂😂
May I join You , Adam ??
Adam Sir, please if you could help to know about IELTS General Writing.
Is it minimal quantity of words 170-190? or it's enough?
Watching 14 hours before the test🙏🏻
Just got my scores !!!!! got an 8 <3 thank you sir <3 you are the main reason behind my success <3
Thank you so much for this precious lesson.
This is only for IELTS Academic writing. I wasted time going through it instead of learning some tips on GT related Task 1 questions. Please mentioned that on the title so people dont get confused. Thanks!
Master Adam Thank you very much man I appreciate every minute that you spent to teach us I started listening to your video when I was beginner till no I thank you so much God bless you
Handsome teacher❤
God bless you...thanks
Great explanation! Thank you a lot :)
So much appreciate it, Thanks
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I have to watch it before dayof test
I begin to fall in love with your accent. XD
Should we use contractions in IELTS writing academic module?
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I am one of the big fans of your useful videos and appreciate what you're doing. However, there is something confusing which I am going to ask you... you said in Task 1 there is no conclusion but in Emma's video that you referred to, she says we need to write Conclusion paragraph.... Could you please help?
Hello everybody.I'm from Uzbekistan and i'm going to pass ielts. who can help me about task 1 please . If you have some information about it, send me [email protected]
Is there anyone interested to practice speaking? knock me if you're
Wowyou mad me ensure clearly now
Some of say that write conclusionwhile some of say don't...what is right way?.....when writes conclusion would lose my band?
Thank u very much for teaching us 💕💕💞💞peace and love
Beautifully explained. Thank you so much!
Watching 1 day after the test!
Really useful stuff,just two days before the exam!
Hii Adam should i write conclusion or not becz Emma is saying we should write overall?? little confused 😐
Sir, my teacher is telling me to start the task one with side headings like [ INTRODUCTION:] is that necessary?
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Emma, in the other video says that you should have introduction as well as conclusion. Whereas you said conclusion should not be written. please suggest.
This video really helped. R9,L8.5,W 7,S9....overall 8.5
Great!! Thanks!!
I'm worried about my writing :/ thank you for these videos :)
Hi Adam, just a quick question.  Should the introduction of the report be one paragraph?
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Thank you for teaching us ^ U ^
Adam you make a difference in this world, Props to u , world needs more tutors like you.
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Would you please record a video in which you explain specifically a diagram where we are reqested to explain a life cycle like the one of the smoth? Thank you.
I do not know how to reach 150 words, neither 170-190 ='(
Sir , you saved my a$$. I did not prepare for my IELTS at all. The night before the actual test I decided to youtube some advice and stumbled across your writing advice and at this point I have to say I owe you one. I made a 8.5L 9R 8.5W and 9S Thanks.
Thank u
I have one question very exactly: The task 1 need a conclusion yes or no, I heard in another videos some teachers and read even in the web page of IELTS that the conclusion is only in the task 2, but your partner Emma says that in the task 1 is neccesary to write a conclusion. Please the truth need or not this aspect in the exam.
I just passed the IELTS academic module with 8 overall (8-9-7.5-7.5)... A lot of info isn't really accurate. For example... I used the word "I" in my task 1 essay and the one that we had to do required both an explanation and a conclusion so...
IELTS writing application .
Even "we" is bad?
Very good
Watching this video before the testmy test after 10 hours....good luck for me♥
Watching 3 months before test
Sir, Could u tell me whether i should mention the number of words written by me at the end of Task 1?
Do we really not need to write a conclusion?
IELTS application .
Thanks Adam.Very helpful
Thanks for the videos but u aren't speaking fast... ;)
Thanks a lot. I got 7.5 overall and 7.5 for speaking. :-)
Watching 5 hours before the test .
Very informative indeed!!
What about comparison?
Watching 2 hours before test :D
The best description of what is to be done in the academic writing task 1.
Love the style of your teaching so much professionalism 👏👌
Its very good.
Thank you great lesson. will there be lesson about afro-american english? I understand nothing from their words. I dont offend them but I never heard those words before :D
Adam you are a great teacher! Easy to understand and concretely.
Great, great, great
Thank you sir nice explaination
Thank you so much for this! This is very useful! I'll keep watching more of these videos!
Can someone answer me please. emma says you need a coclusion but adam says you don't need one. i am so confused right now
This was really helpful to me . But one thing you really have to answer here is , There is a video link you say of(1 min 10 secs) in which another girl explains how to do the interpretation.My problem is that both of you say the exact opposite things and now i am totally confused. You said no fancy vocabulary and no conclusion. She stresses on how important those two are. My exam is tomorrow and i am confused.
Good shit
I got band score of 7. I am very thankful to u for great tips in all categories. Thank u very much
I would've made a lot of mistakes if not for this video. Thank you.
You mentioned to exclude writing a conclusion, however you did not mentioned writing an overview, which is very important part to include. Your colleague, Emma said to write conclusion.
What the best books forimprove writing skill recommended ?
Thanks Adam for videos and tips. My result is out and I scored more than I imagine. Overall 7... reading 7.5, listening 7, writing and speaking 6.5
Thanks man!
Watching 30 minutes before the test
Waw >>>thank you
This is retarded. What is this - a test for someone of IQ90? Don't try this, don't analyse that, don't come across as intelligent, just describe what you see. This is not how my mind works, and I'm not prepared to reduce myself to a child like mentality just because they want me to simplify my language to suit their perception of how average English speaker supposed to speak or reason. Nobody can fault my English and give me low IELTS points based on complexity of my English that exceeds their standard expectation. #facepalm
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Hello sir,unlike in bar chart may i write an overview and a conclusion which is not necessary in bar chart?i have seen some videos describing conclusion in the table description so is it mandetory in table description or not?
Hey, you are very charismatic as a teacher. I enjoy watching your videos :)
You are confident in your speech, and what you are saying is clear and easily understable. Thank you a lot and keep doing that great job :)
Thanks Adam , great informations. I got question, about conclusion, I was watching Emma video about how to write task 1, and she advised to write conclusion! so I am confused now, because you said no conclusion !!
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Wait i am little bit confused. If there is 2 graphs and they are linked, do i have to compare them or can i mention about them completely seperately?
Hi Adam, i'm confused about paragraphing... should there be a total of 4 (intro, 1st para, 2nd para, conclusion) or 5 paras (intro, 1st, 2nd, 3rd para, conclusion) in an essay?? thank u. which would bear more marks...
Someone want to chat with me through messenger? I think is a good way for practice

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