IELTS Writing Task 1 Map Vocabulary

Useful vocabulary and tips for describing a map in IELTS writing task 1. This lesson gives vocabulary and sentence structures to help you write about locations on maps.

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Hi, Liz, your explanations are awesome, do you have any explanation for Test 1 for describing the processing?
You are just awsome . I scored 7.5 band in 3 days preparation. Thank you so much Liz !!
Hey Liz where can I find passages for reading.
Hi Liz! thank you for sharing all you knowledge about IELTS! Amazing! I cannot find the Band score 9 Model: MAP which you have described in the video. Many thanks!
Where's the link?
Hello, mam i really needyour help regarding the reading of ieltscould you tell me about it i frequently upset about this module so i hope you reply my comment when you willsee
Is there any difference between "centre" & "center" ??
Really mam your brillant teacherforevergod bless you mam
Where is the link? thankyou for your lessons it helps me better understand IELTS
It is very helpfull for me
Hi mam , pls upload a video for task 1 general writing as well .
Awesome mammm
Hi liz what are the synonyms of people?
You are a very nice teacher.
Hi ! is it possible to have a maps in the General IELTS test ?
ı love you voice...
U are ielts online class ever had i seen.
Thanks you teacher
Mam .. u don't write introduction in this map ...
Dartfort lies in the North East of ........ or Dartford is located in the northeast or just located .....which one is correct?
You always say about link but i can not find them ....😠
Your are the best
Liz,could u please make a video on table description for ilets task 1.i had been looking for a video on YouTube for quiet a long time but could find .my exam is just around the corner . Tia
Im sorry for my ignorance but what format should I use in this kind of task? watched your other videos and I learned how to answer task 1 if the given data is graph or chart, should I use the same format (introduction, overview, Body A, Body B) in this kind of scenario?
Hi Liz,Thank you so much for this. You mentioned in the video that u have a full answer for the chart above. Can i have it please? I know u share it on the other comments, but I could not find it. Best regards
Are these modules for General Test or Academic ?
Where is the link that contain the model of this map ,miss liz ??
Are Game of throne's Sansa Stark'sbig sister ...your voice is similar to hers...
Thank you .
Hello Liz. I am asking you this question here because I couldn't find a video concerning describing diagrams (processes). Could you tell me whether I can paraphrase some words which are written in diagrams. For instance, changing a word "lorry" with "truck' or 'supermarket' with 'shop'. I have read several model answers and I didn't see that kind of changes in any of them. I'm a little confused. I know that I have to paraphrase as much as I can when it comes to writing the task 1, but model answers for diagram description don't show that trend.
Hi Liz thanks for lesson you explain sweet and understandable
I loooooove your video lecture so much. It definitely helps me to get a fine grip of what is like IELTS writing. thank you!
I want to send you my writing for check. How can i contact you ? where can i get this information?
Ooh my lord ...i swear of allah you are very nice teacher even i never see in my complete life that type of teacher you are really able to compliment thank you...andi love you ...
I done my last ielts course nine years ago. just saw some of your video .its helped me lot.thanks
Town center can be paraphrased to downtown :D
Thank you so so so so much Liz. You have been such a great help to me.
Thank you so much mam now I understood this map otherwise I confused when I see this map then I get headache n close it
Hello mam, if we have written overview in task 1 then conclusion will not write in this task tell me fast mam
Thank u very much I practised with your videos and I passed my CEFR Level B1
Hi Liz, what if I write Dartford is sandwiched between north and east. Is it okay or not?
Hi Liz thanks a ton for your videos I was reading the band score 9 task 1 on your website I noticed that in total 213 words were written when 150 are required? My question is does it cause examiner to negatively mark extra words? What maximum word count(range) would you suggest in task 1 and task 2
Thanks mam , its very helpfull for students
Really fruitful
Thank you so much....i learn lot of things from yourvideos...i have exams tomorrow and i will post you my results on your wall...thank u so much again
Very informative session
Mam your voice is very lovely
Could we say downtown instead if town center? :)
The most useful lesson that i ever seen
Thanks this was very helpful
Thank u liz to help me in ielts
Mam your voice is very lovely
Can the word railway be paraphrased into rail track?.
I like the way you talk mam and you describe the thing in a very easy way.....
Why does not British Council use British accents like her accent in the IELTS?. They always play fucking horribles voices and accents in the listening section !! In the other hand, flawless explanation!! Thank you, Ms !!
Very amazing lessons
Hey Liz, Please make a video for Pie Chart academic writing Task 1. Your videos are really very helpful.
Hello Liz, Can we follow the same structure (which you've told for writing task 1)for maps also? Thanks.
Thank you so much! I highly appreciate the way you teach for all students like me. Really easy to understand,really to follow all things you share. I am not a native speaker,but a Vietnamese student. However, I can understand all lessons you post on youtube. From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank again and again. You are a great teacher. Maybe, I'll be a English teacher like you in the near future because I specialize in English in my university in Vietnam. I really wanna inspire everyone to have more passion for learning English as well. I strongly believe that all everybody here need your help as much as possible on the road mastering their second language. Hopefully, you'll have many worth lessons more. I'll follow you till the end of time. I am a big fan of you,my teacher!
Can't we write (the railway is running through the town center?)
Hello, mam I've never seen a teacher like you in my entire life seriously damn your teaching is mind blowing mam iam looking more positive thank you so much 😬 keep it up mam, god bless you
Please what about 'B is located to the North East of Dartford', is that correct?.
ThANKSfor sharing :) u r gr8
Hello Liz. If B was located inside Dartford but still north east of it, how could we describe its location? You said that the "of" in the "north east OF Dartford" was because it was situated outside of the town. Thanks!!
Can I get sample passages of maps and comparision bar charts mam....??
Why use AmE spelling, e.g. "center" instead of BrE "centre"
You have  been very helpfulto me ,  thank  for  you   god blees
😍😍😍😘😘😃😄😅😆😉 thank you for your efforts , love you :)
Thnk you liz
Very helpful!
Superb liz ................I learned  a lot from  you...............thanks
Thank you so much Liz. You have always been helpful to me
Very helpful thanks..
Very useful tips,Thanks Liz
Very helpful Liz. Thanks a lot.
Hello! Liz. if there is no direction compass shown in the map is it good to point North or South by our general concept? just wondering how fruitful would that be, or simply mention a point as center and mark others as (sideways, behind, left to..., right of..., et cetera ) to indicate location. i seek your suggestion thanks in advance
Hai liz i need vocabulary for PTE for describing charts
Thanks Liz. Your Videos helps me alot.
Thank u liz for ur help😊
That's very Good  video
I need a skype partner. Add me up: celestial_pearl
Hi mam....if two pia chart came and it have different families so how can we discuss it.....
I learned a lot from your videos ... Thank you liz😘😘
Thank u you teach really nice
Hi Liz I have an exam on June 8 this year I have been following u for quite sometime . I really watch Ur videos for writing and i like Ur writing tips very much . I was wondering whether u couldprovide a sample for Maps for band score 9 ..I have searched for Ur sampleeverywhere in Ur website but I could not find it. I really want to score high band in my coming IELTS exam thank u very much Mam srikar
Excellent. Very useful.Thanks LIZ, Madam.
"B is located north east of Dartford, which has a population of 60,000" For me,  {, which}  gives an impression that B has a population of 60,000 not the town. Would it be better to exclude {,} ? I think {, which} refers to the previous sentence.. thank you
Thank you so much..................
Very helpful
Thank you Liz, I find your lectures easy to understand and helpful. I hope you could continue this great work that you are doing
@ Faisal kindly do not say a single word against Liz otherwise I will kill you
I just found your IELTS tutorial and it's really useful. Thanks so much Liz.
What about "downtown"?
Hi Liz! Thank you for an thorough teaching leaason.:) There is a question that Id like to ask regarding the paraphrasing of key words. Could we alter the word town centre to downtown? Many thanks
Hi Liz. In this video you were telling "the railway runs through Dartford from north to south". WIll there be any difference if I say "the railway runs through Dartford from south to north"? Thank you
Dear teacher From teacher to teacher You are a great teacher
I think tonight ,I find my teacher for the future How simple and easy you areteaching Ielits ssonsI am so happy to watch your le

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Map Vocabulary