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IELTS Resources: Free IELTS Ebook: IELTS Essay Correction: IELTS Online Course: IELTS Essay Correction and Why it’s Important Hi there! In this video we are going to look at IELTS essay correction. How to do it, who should do it, why you should do it, and when you should do it. First of all, let’s have a look. It’s really important that you completely understand the value of essay correction because, as I have said before, in I think it’s in a podcast, if you are watching essay after essay after essay it’s like running through a forest with a blindfold on. You don’t know where you are going and you’re going to get hit. No one is giving you any feedback so you can’t correct what your root is. When you are writing essays, it really is very important to get somebody to look at it, to show you the grammar mistakes, and, if they can, to show you some of the IELTS essay skills that you will be needing. When they look at your grammar mistakes, they should be saying, “Here you’ve got a problem with the articles. I’d recommend going to this website.” and focus in on that. Or, here’s a problem with the singular plural, do these exercises and make sure the problem disappears. One thing is just putting a circle around the error, but if you don’t know what the error is, you can’t really take improvement to the next level. Which is, doing some research, finding out the rule, doing some exercises, and just getting it completely under control. Now the next part is with the structure. Sometimes, every now and again, because I correct essays, every now and again I get IELTS task 2 essay. Just one block of content. This is not good. Of course it needs to be structured with your introductory and body paragraphs and your conclusion and all the rest of it. What I’m saying is that if you’re getting your work corrected that you’re handing it to somebody who knows how to structure an IELTS essay who also can tell you about the style that you should be using, the words that you should be using, and just pick up of things to help you improve. If they can identify that you are writing in a more spoken style. If they can identify that then they should be able to as well to tell you, “ok if you want to transfer it to a more academic style of essay do this and do this and do this.” So, those are sort of the qualities that you should b looking for when you are getting your IELTS essay. Now when should you do this? I recommend as soon as possible because you do not know the errors that you are making. Like I said, before, you are running through a forest with your eyes closed and it’s going to hurt. So get it done as soon as possible. Even if your exam is in about three months. It still makes sense to start getting some feedback now so you can avoid what is called “fossilized errors”. And you can start identifying your mistakes and taking corrective action. Also, you want to ideally, I know it’s not possible, ideally you want to get it done after single every essay you write. If that’s a difficult situation, if you cannot do that, then start getting into the habit of self-checking. Where you go through and you look for mistakes you’ve made previously, in past essays, and you start building a personal error list, which I’ve gone into in other videos. You start checking it, go from the end of the document to the beginning and go through looking for the mistakes that you’ve made previously. The value of doing this is incredible. Because you can pick up maybe 10% in extra points. Now a little hype for essay correction is that it’s a very good investment because not only are you going to increase your chances of passing the exam, you’re going to also improve your English abilities with the language and with your writing and that is a massive investment for your future. The next time you are writing an application for a university or for a job you can apply what you have learned through your essay preparation, through your IELTS writing preparation, you can apply what you have learned and use it in a job interview if you have to write. When you finish writing your personal statement or whatever, you can go back, go over, and check for the mistakes. Take a look at the IELTS Writing Task Essay Corrections playlist for more helpful videos:Subscribe to my Youtube channel: Facebook Page Twitter Google + Youtube Channel Linkedin Slideshare Online IELTS course:

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IELTS Writing: IELTS Essay Correction