IELTS & TOEFL Writing Task 2 - The Introduction

The IELTS and TOEFL essay's success is determined by its introduction. In this writing lesson we will look at how to construct an introduction paragraph that will not only make reading easier for the grader, but will also keep you focused on what you need to say. It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4. Test yourself with the quiz here: TRANSCRIPT Hi. Welcome back to I'm Adam. Nice to see you again. Today's lesson is for IELTS and TOEFL students, and so because these students need a little extra practice in listening to more natural speed English, I will speak a little bit faster. If you're a beginner English learner, watch anyway. It's still good practice, but don't worry if I'm speaking a little bit too fast. So more specifically, I'm going to be looking at the Writing -- Task 2, the essay of the IELTS and/or TOEFL. They're very similar. That's why I'm doing them together. There're not big differences, but I will point them out. And what I'm doing is I'm concentrating on the introduction today, the introduction paragraph. I'm not showing you the whole essay; I'm just showing you the introduction. Now, you're wondering, "Why? It's just the introduction. It's a short one, right?" No. This is probably the most important paragraph in your whole essay. This is where you, basically, make or break your score, okay? Why? Because here is where the reader understands what you're about to do. This is where the grader -- the person who's giving you your score -- understands if you understood the question; understands if you know what you're talking about; and understands if you knew how to plan well, okay? Very, very important the first paragraph, the introduction. So what are you going to do? Of course you're going to plan first. You're not going to start writing. Do not write one word of your essay until you have your plan ready. Once you have your plan ready, your essay is done. You just have to, basically, translate this plan into sentences. You're basically going for three to five sentences. Less than three, you missed something; you didn't do enough. More than five, you're going for words. You don't have time; don't worry about it. Three to five -- get down what you need to get down. Get into your bodies where you're going to be writing the most, okay? There are four questions you want to answer in the introduction. You will already have these answers once you've planned properly, okay? What do you want to answer? "What is the topic?" "What is the question?" "What is your opinion?" And "What are your reasons?" These are the four things that must be included in the introduction. Now, a lot of you think, "Well, 'topic' and 'question' is the same thing, right?" But no; they're not. This is where a lot of people lose points because they don't realize that these are two different things. The "topic" is the general idea of what the question is about. The "question" is, specifically, what are you asked to do. Now, the most common type of question you will see on both the IELTS and the TOEFL is a question that asks you to choose between two things. They want you to choose one and argue why that one is better than the other one, or why that one is so good. Now, what I'm going to show you today will mostly apply to these types of questions. But if you have a question that asks you to compare and contrast two things, keep in mind even if they ask you to compare two things, they're still going to ask you to lean towards one of them, to choose one as better than the other, in which case you're still going to need to give your opinion, okay? "What is the topic?" You're going to keep this very, very general. All you're doing is giving the idea of what the essay is about. So I know all of you have probably practiced this question: "Is it better to live in the countryside or in the city? Explain your reasons, giving examples, etc." Your first sentence, very, very general: What is the topic of this question? City life? Country life? No. The topic is "where to live". So your first sentence introduces the idea of living -- choosing a place to live. The question is then more specific, so your sentence narrows a little bit, becomes a little bit more focused. The question is: "Is it better in the country or the city?" Okay? Then, you have to give your opinion. You must say, "I believe", "I think", "in my opinion". You don't have to use these words. There're other ways to say your opinion, but if you're not sure of those, put one of those; make it very, very clear what you're saying. This is your thesis. This is a very specific sentence. After reading this sentence, I, the grader, must understand which side you've chosen and what you're going to argue. And then you see the last sentence gets a little bit more general. Why? Because you're giving your reasons. You're not giving me details.

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How many paragraphs are supposed to be there in an essay?
Well, I'm going to take my test today and its a sad thing that I came across your video just hours before exam. My preparation is a neat 12 hour lol , lets see whats gonna happen. Wish me luck :)
Are there S.O to help me to review my essays here plz? I gonna take the test soon but I don't know whether I am good enough to get 20 scores in writing. Thanks a lot . Here they are: TOPIC : People work because they need money to live. What are some other reasons that people work? Discuss one or more of these reasons. Use specific examples and details to support your answer. "There is no shortage of debate about main reasons which make people work. In my opinion, besides of money, some people also work for their passion and for their social connection. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in what follows. First, the passion is a key direction for many people to spend more than eight hours per day for working. As I learnt from inspirating talks of famous speakers who are founder or CEO of Microsoft, Apple and Alibaba; all of them started their business from their talent and their belief. They believe in what they really want to dedicate to, so they seriously work more than 12 hours per day without any complain. If they work for the money, they should stop working when they achieved the top of the richest people in the world. But they never stop improve themselves in working, because their goal in job is not based on money. It is passion, and strong passion. Working brings the happiness to them. Second, some people think that working is a way to bring them meaningful life with joyful social connection. Some people in my network are example of this. My friend’s grandparents, who are over 70 years old already, still keep working in Culture Center as volunteers because they think they can talk and have fun with co-workers and visitors daily. Other woman in a fitness center, the wife of a very rich man, spends 4 hours per day to work as an assistant yoga trainer not for the money. Her husband told her just to stay at home and he has satisfied any material demands she wants. But she loves sharing her knowledge and skills of yoga to people because it makes her fully energetic. In conclusion, each person - an important part of economic system - spends her/his time to work in different role/task in the society for the money, the passion and the joy in life, or many reasons else. They bring a variety of “picture of life”. TOPIC :Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. There is no shortage of debate about whether it is better to live in a small town or a big city. In my opinion, it is more advantageous to live in the small town after living in a big city to study and improve life skills for a couple of years. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in what follows. To begin with, I am always healthy when I live in the small town. There are some factors which are very important to improve my health in the small town. First, the air is very clean and fresh without pollution by factories, vehicles. Second, it is not noisy because of low population, less transportation. Third, there are not many crimes which make me feel stressed and worried. Last, in the small town, people are more friendly and warm to connect with. I used to live in the big city for 10 years with bad experiences because of the pollution, the noise and the stress; which made me feel weak and exhausted all the time. However, my health in the small town is better and better day after day. Furthermore, I have a good chance to enjoy nature in the small town. When I lived in the big city, I had to travel far away out of city to visit a national park or a forest. Otherwise; I just had a walk in some small parks in the center of the city to enjoy nature, but it was still too noisy because of the vehicles’ sound around. In the other hand; in the small town, I can spend 2 hours per week at least to bike around the suburban to see many beautiful landscapes with nice mountains, big trees, grass fields, subtle flowers and wild animals such as deer, rabbits, squirrels. I love discovering the nature very much and adventures have become my interest since I was a child. My life is obviously fulfilled when I live in the small town. In conclusion, I prefer to live in the small town more than the big city because I am obviously satisfied with my good health and my interest
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Can we use hook sentence in task 2 of IELTS??
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Could you please tell me that ,is it a good introduction or not ? most leaders and directors generally belong to an older age group but some people believe that young leaders are better .To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give your opinion. Quite often,the political leaders, the CEOs in multinationals and even the policy makers are the elderly people . keeping in this views, many newspapers are splashed with heated debates.Whether to permit the elderly to continue or these must be succeeded by the young and energetic .Hence ,this issue needs closer interpretation before reaching any final verdict.
Halo sir, I am Divya from India, I really admire your teaching style and it had helped me alot for my general IELTS exam but in another two weeks,am having academic ielts.Can you please help me in understanding the question given, as I am failing to allocate the matter if they ask two questions saying WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROBLEM?WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM? Should I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?
Thanks for this great work !!!
Could you please tell me that ,is it a good introduction or not ? most leaders and directors generally belong to an older age group but some people believe that young leaders are better .To what extent do you agree or disagree. Give your opinion. quite often,the political leaders, the CEOs in multinationals and even the policy makers are the elderly people . keeping in this views, many newspapers are splashed with heated debates.Whether to permit the elderly to continue or these must be succeeded by the young and energetic .Hence ,this issue needs closer interpretation before reaching any final verdict.
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