IELTS TOEFL Writing Full essay (high score)

How to write a task 2 essay, from understanding the task, to planning, to writing the introduction, body, and conclusion. See proper essay structure, sentence and vocabulary variety, and good support. Two versions of the essay are presented.

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Hi Adam, I saw in one of your videos that we can send you a writting exercise in order to check it and therefore tell us areas of improvement, can I send you a few of my writting material? thanks a lot.
Excellent presentation. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise and experience.
You made it so simple for me to understand ! Nicely put! Thankyou so much!
You are indeed the best! You make a very good language teacher!
Adam you has really God given ability to teach which is mind blowing
This is the most clear and easily understandable English lecture i ever watched online. job well done man
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Hi you are best English Teacher So This type of essay are important to raise our score level thanks for the video
I can watch your videos and look at you like hours and hours, i'm sure i won't bored, may be after my ielts i won't stop watching you, you're damn handsome and the way you're talking is killing me
Can I say " I partly disagree" and then explain my point of view?
Excellent explanation.
You say that the opinion in the beginning is not a part of the topic, but would I not be able to formulate my answer along these lines?:"some intro like yours here" First of, to justify the media censorship you would have to prove that the media is actually responsible which is not the case .... basically argue here for why the media is not responsible for the increase in violence. Secondly, even if we assume that the media is responsible the censorship cannot be justified because .... something something
Unfortunately, I can "like" once of your each video. :) Simply, you're the best.
Really wanna improve my writing, glad I found this video~ thx and u really are a nice teacher!
I like it ..but will it works on me
So nice Adam.! I want to take Toefl test in April, I`ve been practicing with your videos and I feel more confidence thanks to your classes.
This is the most easy delivered essay writing tutorial by far
Superb without any doubt and query..really a great teacher!!!
The way u explain wonderfully.but I have fixx one problem if I try to write an essay can u please check this by I uploaded on your pase?
The best English teacher ever
It's nice. Thanks a lot
Thanks, you're so clear on your speaking and explanations
I'm a big fan sir.
I start my English Composition class at college. Your video will be very helpful. Thank you.
Thank you so much for helping us to make a niece score
Thank you.... the best teacher in the world!
Godsent teacher to upgrade us.
So useful; thanks a lot.
Mr adam can you share writing topics that I can practisenext month I have a proficiency exam .
Thank you so much for your help.
Thank you so much!
Thanks Adam you are an amazing teacher!
Awersome Adam! Its very helping tutorial for My IELTS ! Thanks a lot :)
Thanks a lot. good Teacher, ....isseier learn
Proff. thanks for yourgood explanation towars writing essays
Kudos for an excellent lecture!
Hello! How to connect with you? You are the best teacher I have ever seen. Thank you very much. My name is Sarra.
I'm a native of the US and I enjoyed this writing essay of yours. I'm not even all that good in English... >.< Anyways, good job! :)
I'm taking the TOEFL on Saturday and I'm extremely nervous about what might be the outcome. I need a good score to study at my dream university. This helped me a lot though and it also helped to calm my nerves a little bit. Thank you for that!
Fabulous video I've gained a lot.
Thank you so much for your lessons, Adam! Yesterday I sat IELTS, have a good feeling about the results, will see on the 25th) thanks to your lessons felt really comfortable and confident at writing part of the test)
That's great explanation
Loved it!! Thank you. Your tutorial is all well as your essay example. 👍
This guy's video is exactly what i was looking for. he literrally gives all in detail. great
Hi Adam, Thank you for sharing this video, it has help me a lot in my essay.
Thanks a lot Adam! Great Job !!!
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This video is very useful for me...i always enjoys adam's classes...adam z an awsome english teacher
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Very very informative videos you always share Adam. The way you present is really impressive and effective. Keep doing.
Thanks a million , appreciate all your efforts.
Sir, i really appreciate your good social work.
Thank you so much for your efforts at this vedio, and the other ones. They are really so helpful and you are so great ...I appreciate your help and your organized , coherent explanation.
Adam is the best.
Adam, you are the best English teacher I ever saw, I love your focus and concentration! You just start from scratch and help us to draw the right picture on the right moment! attention and atitude are the best qualities that save us frompseudo- selective-learning!
Thank you so much sir.. wish me luck.... i m gonna take SAT tomorrow ...
It is suggested to refer IELTS ADVANTAGE by Chris Pell is too good for IELTS training
Thank you Adamfor thisvideo , it'shelpesme tohavea good vision for what tofocus on
You are the best.. thank you
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That was seriously amazingly perfect,incredibly accessible and so focused...You've got such an easy simple way of explanation that really covers every point a learner needs to know...Perfect job,sir!!!
Brilliant IELTs English teaching !!! Elaboration is the key I appreciate !!!
Sir you r best... M from India
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Really join you're teaching how to write a task andeasy, fore someone to understand.
Youth are or or youths are or youth is? Also could you please share other types of essay videos also. Thanks.
The video was helpful as it opened up my mind to what i should do during my writing examination.
Your arethe best
Brilliant! :)
Thank you so much. I took the first exam without preparing enough the writing section and was a disaster, the stress and time were overwhelming. I scheduled a new exam for 2 weeks after my first attempt, watched all your videos and bought your books. I passed! I couldn't thank you enough.
Hello, can anyone look at my essay. People learn things better from those at their own level (fellow-students or co-workers) than from those at a higher level (such as teachers, supervisors). Agree or disagree. People learn new things every day. They get new information from books, newspapers, internet orjust talk to people around them. Some people hold an opinion that learning new things is easier when you learn from those who are at your level. For example,fellow-students or co-workers. However , others claim that it is better to learn from people with higher level than you. I am among the first group of people. I will support my claim with several reasons as follows. First of all, people around you have better understanding of your situation and probably dealt with the problem you are trying to solve. They can easily explain you everything with easy language, because they they are at your level and it will not take you much effort to get what they are saying. My own life experience is a compelling example of this. I have been studying at high school for 4 years. We have a lot of exams and tests during our academic year. And sometimes one might be distracted by lots of information: formulas, dates, authors, historic events. If hadn’t had my classmates, most probably I would have failed majority of my exams. It is much easier to get an explanation of certain topic from your friend , because will provide you with the most needed things and clear out everything with easy explanation. Secondly, it is much less stressful to talk to your fellows, than to your teacher or to your boss. You can get to your friend or fellow in any time you want and with any question. If you are going to tslk to your boss for example. If you are going to talk to your boss, you should be prepared, well-dressed and ask competent questions. For example, when starting to work at a new place, I would better talk to my co-workers, because I know that they came across the same problem when they were new ones. Additionally, talking to boss with questions about my daily duties will make him think that you are unexperienced and can not get on well with co-workers. To conclude, after serious considerations it seems reasonable, that it is easier and more effective to learn from those who are at your level , rather than from those higher at rank. It is less stressful and you can easily understand everything from your fellow.
Thank you
What band of writing is this essay?
Violence is a common issue these days. We can see them in the news, in the streets, but as well in the media, as in televition, internet, video games and movies, easily accesable to our youth and children. How much does this impact in our lives? is the media the main reason? should this stop?. In my view what we see and hear is personal decision and we are able to decide wether if we pick this up or we take a step back In addition, violence can work in some sports, consequenly, we do not need the control of the goverment. First, it is going to restrain our freedom as well as the freedom of the creators of these expression ways. We know that relative to expressions, there is a lot of variety and we are not able to judge and discriminate one type. On the other hand, we are not able to ignore the people who watch and see this material and have a completely different reaction, such as pacificms or completely away of the violence because of the consequences their practicants get. For instance, my cousin, who is father of three little children, loves action movies and video games, but he has always been a pacific citizen and preacher. Furthermore, we everybody have our agency and parents in families are able to decide what they are going to allow their children to watch and see. According to this, parents are able to control instead the laws. Lastly, violence is able to be something good sometimes. We know that many respectful sports are inspired in violence, such as martial arts, rackling and free. These sports are very important worldwide, giving a lot of recognision to nations and the sportists as well. Without of at least a little of violence incentive, these sport will not be the same. There are a lot of children and youth who do not see themselves playing with a ball or swimming in a pool, but these violent sport incetivate them, being, of course, a better option than a sedentary life. For example I met a missionary in my church who practiced rackling and competed in international games. He was once robbed in my country and his reaction was pacific. We conclude that as we have freedom, agency and a little violence sometimes can be good, there is no need in restrinction of the violence in the media.
I got a 30 on TOEFL Writing! thanks man
Do U hv all these on anywebsite where I can take print?
I like
How come i feel you have an Indian accent
To get band 6 or 6.5 overall in IELTS exam what band score do i need to score in every 4 sector? can anyone reply??
Thanks for the great videos.I have actually one question. Is there any semantic shift in the sentece that " Not only will government actions not step violence" Is there any location mistakes that the order of the words ? Ididnt understand well. thanks in advance
This is quite superb actually ! .. I was planning to study a whole book for the writing section of the exam (due on april 8th) when I stumbled across your video .. it simply provides me with all the information that I need to conquer this section & you done it in under half hour .. simply amazing thank you very very much
Adam thanks for brief easy explanation. I know structure of essay but lacking of ideas not to let me writing a good essay. what would you suggest
Super teacher!!

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