IELTS Task 2 Five Points to Score 7 (with example)

An IELTS writing task 2 by This video teaches five steps, with example essay, to get a score of 7 or more.Follow us on Facebook at The video explains the essay structure, style, grammar and logic to get a good score and be confident with English writing. This lesson includes the strategies that help you to reach success on this question in the 40 minute time limit. It is worth 2/3 of the writing mark. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. This question asks you to “discuss both views”. It is important to try different types of question for the task 2, so you can think quickly and logically. Twitter @aehelp. Enjoy.

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At 1:24it should PARAGRAPHS instead of paragarphs!!!!
Hi,, Just got my results: Overall Band:7.5 Listening 7.5 Writing6.5 Speaking 8 Reading 7.0 Thank you, for your videos- I did not use any other material courses or training - just selected youtube videos which included your videos as well and got my desired band.
How can improve reading headings
Speed 1.5x
Can we use you your in task 2?
Sir , spelling of ailment mentioned in the topic is " aliment " But it is very well described by you thank you sir. thanks a ton for this .
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I really like this lesson.
Nice method.. sir can yoù provide vocabulary words...
Your video is really helpful. Hope my  videos can also help people like that
Thank you very much for this videos. The only thing I question myself while seeing them is if they are really 7 band score examples, I think the writing example you presented was really complex and well organized, and also it had a rich vocabulary. I know english, but before seeing the video I wrote my own task, and I follow all the steps you recommended but it was not as near complex as that one. So my question is, do you believe that if I write well organize paragraphs, with some examples and without too many grammar mistakes I can achieve a 7? Once again, seeing that example scared me hahaha, mine was good, but yours is like pro. Thanks in advance
I'm confused about compare and questions 2: Preference questions pls give me some ideas
There are so myriads of videos on skills involving all the four modules in IELTS and all put forth different strategies for high band score. In fact, none is helpin' da students much, but they do confuse, instead.
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Hello sir how can i improve my reading ??
Thí teacher speak with clearly void
Sir i face many problems in task2 how can I improve this for getting six bands
I want to have english classmates together so this october i am taking ielts 6. speaking
Hello My ielts teacher told us to never use of ' i, me , my ' in body paragraphs Can u please tell me right thing ?
Speaking partner plzz
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Its too general 😵 i need more than 7 i dont think this type of essay can secure 7+
Good one.I appreciate you for the vdeo
Hey! Can you please provide me the tips for my Ielts Speaking test.
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I am extremely pleased to watch your essay writing videos, however I think the ideal word limit for an IELTS essay capable of getting the higher end band marks would be around 280 to less than 300. Hence, if an IELTS test taker follows your guideline for writing an introduction , the introduction part itself would be around 100 words, which in conjunction would cause two main problems for him, the first one is that the conventional test taker would not be able to complete the essay writing part in the real exam within time limit, and secondly writing an essay with over 300 words will make his writing prone to more grammatical mistakes, which in turn would significantly reduce his band score. So I think, it is ideal to get a cut in the introduction part for sure. Anyway thanks, its just my views, having said that, all your tutorials are quite informative indeed : )
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Hi, I'm looking for practice partner for IELTSpeaking. I'm around band 6-6.5 and try to aim for a 7. If you share the same interests, please add my skype: tanlemai for practice purposes
Where can I getfeedback from a professional?
Absolutely perfect
Dear sir, again I need your advice, in the first paragraph you mentioned: I believe that both natural and pharmaceutical treatment is effective in helping a patient heal. Why the to be is 'is' while there are two of treatments, natural and pharmaceutical? why it is not 'are'? thank you :)
Thank you Sir...beautifully explained
Thank you very much:-)
Hello, I'm Trang. I extremely like all your video lessons, they're really helpful. And I have a question for this topic. I was taught that if I want high score, I need to write general ideas, not personal ideas (of course I still need about 2-3 sentences in the introduction and the conclusion to express my idea about the topic). However, I can see that in your sample essay of band score 7+, you use many personal examples. If I were the writer and did NOT watch your video, I would change all the words "I, my, ..." into "humans, people, ...", and describe my example in a more general ways. So can you give me more information about this problem? I am really confused now. Thank you so much!
Really? we must avoid or should use "i" me" in each paragraph?i mean its too personal right?
If you don't minde
Thank you so much for such an interesting video! I hope that you will provide more and more useful videos like this to help me and also many friends can pepare for IELTS Test in the best way!
There are some inappropriate uses of medical terms in this examples. you should use pathogens instead of teratogens, there won't be symptoms of drugs but side or adverse effects,
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I thought we can only use 1st person persuasive in argumentative essay
Beautifully explained
Hi sir , what is the topic here is it health or disease ?! as far as i can see the hook & importance were about (health) but the definition was about the (disease) aren't we supposed to define the topic 1st then write its importance ! I mean i choose "healing methods" to be my topic This is my problem with task 2 i always choose different topic from youhow can i choose the desired topic any suggestions? Thanks in advance
Hy sir, Given essay was good, but m unable to connect the words form a sentence naturally like u did and i have a question most of the ielts people r telling that there should be a "Introduction, body1, Body2, B3, and conclusion at last. whom should i follow can help me out in this ... Thank You ...
Sir i love the way u deliver everythng in details...
I had followed same creteria in exam n also used complex sentences and words simultaneously in test moreover gave appropriate conclusion to justify my belief still I got 6 bands in writing why ???
Can you tell me if we dont have ideas about topic how can we takle that problem
I need to give opinion to only give u r opinion essays or any other type essays do I need give my opinion like argumentative essay.
Lots of Gracious to u.. to make myself..
Other negative effects or affects? as far as i know affects is a verb
How can I improve my reading and speaking
Hello! I like all your lessons! They are very useful! I undestand you completely & I like your accent! Your explanations are very clear! Thank you very much!  Greetings from Russia! Thanks again!
Hi...its a helpful video...thnk u so much for your efforts.....
Hi sir i need 6 in my writing ielts,how should i practice writing to achive 6 bands
By the way im taking general this academic same with academic?thanks!
Its my first time to listen your lesson, really I have admired your clear Teaching and accent. I enjoyed your speaking. thanks for your free effort you donate to the student. greetings from Somali Students in Somalia.
Please give me some tips to improve my reading. .
Hello, What should I do if I didn't understand that topic because I didn't know the meaning of the words ? raymund.ill be taking ielts for the second time on february.i got point 5 short on my needed band of 6 in writting and reading..i find this video very helpful because you have illustrate the different parts of the essay part question is..does it necessary to go beyound 250 words or is it ok that you just have to take up all the 4 parts of it in less than 250 words?and in reading.what can be the best way or tips to do it?its really getting hard on the last 2 parts of the reading..
Hello.!I'm bharathreddy i'm really inspiring your lesson and you give me brief information about writing task2 ...thank you so much
This is hard :/
I have bachelor degree,how can I read master degree? Please responsible
Very good Thanks
Sir plz give me some speaking part 2 topics
I'm interesting in linguistics part???please,tell me the best way to improve my own English
Great! helpful material thanks .
Thanks a lot sir i am soo weak in academic reading
I am going to take ielts but i am scared please .
Verynice. info.. thanks

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IELTS Task 2 Five Points to Score 7 (with example)