IELTS Reading strategies: True, False, Not Given

Oh no! My IELTS test is coming, and I am not prepared! Sound familiar? In this video I will give you tips on how to do well on one of the hardest parts of the IELTS. I will explain a specific type of question you may find in the Reading module of the IELTS: True, False, or Not Given. After watching this class, you can try to do some practice questions. After all, practice makes perfect. TRANSCRIPT Hello. My name is Emma, and in today's video, we are going to be looking at the IELTS, that scary test a lot of you have to do. We're going to look at, specifically, one type of reading question for the academic reading. So this isn't for the general; it's for the academic reading. We're going to talk about the question that has to do with "true, false, or not given". So this is a specific question. It may or may not be on your test, but I think, personally, this is one of the most difficult questions on the reading section of the IELTS. So I'm going to give you some tips and strategies on how to do well on this section. Okay, so let's get started. In this section, what you are going to find is a reading passage. So you will have a long passage on maybe cybercrime, maybe food security, on the history of the Internet -- it can be on anything. After the passage, there will be some statements, some facts, okay? What you need to do is you need to say if the fact matches -- if it's true based on the reading, if it's false based on the reading, or if the information is not given in the reading. So I will explain "true", "false", "not given" in detail in just a minute. Okay. What else to know about the "true, false, or not given"? Another important thing about this question is we're not talking about the question that has to do with the writer's opinion. There's a very similar question on the IELTS that asks about the writer's opinion. That's the "yes, no, not given". This is only on "true, false, not given", not "yes, no, not given". Just -- hopefully, that will clear up any confusion. Okay. So let's get started. What do they mean by "true" in these questions? When would you write "true"? I will show you. You can write "true" or "T". "T" is shorter. If there is a fact and it is clearly written, you write "T". If the fact is clearly written in the reading, you would write "T". You'll often see synonyms, and, again, write "T" only if you actually see this fact written. If you know the fact is true, but it's not written, don't write "true". Only write "true" if, with your eyes, you read it, and you see it in the fact. You see it in the reading; write "true". So I'll give you an example of this type of question. Here is just a part of a passage. The reading is a lot longer, but here is a short version that you might find on the IELTS. "This increase in cybercrime has alarmed many experts." So it would be a long passage. You might see something like that. And then, at the end of the reading, one of the statements you might see might say, "Cyber crime is on the rise." You need to say if this is "true", "false", or "not given". So how do you know if it's "true", "false", or "not given"? My advice to you is first, read the statement: "Cyber crime is on the rise"; underline any key words. "Cyber crime" -- this is a keyword. "is on the 'rise'" -- that's a keyword, okay? Then you go back to the reading passage, and you quickly scan for these words or synonyms. What are "synonyms"? "Synonyms" are words that mean the same thing but are different words. So what is a synonym of "rise"? "Increase", "go up", okay? So let's see if we can find "cyber crime" or "rise". So I would scan the passage -- oh, the word "increase", "cybercrime". So "rise", "increase", okay. So I found a synonym. Now, it's important for me to read very carefully to see if there are any contradictions. What does the sentence say? Does it really match? "This increase in cyber crime has alarmed many experts." "Cyber crime is on the rise." Both of these -- both the reading passage and the fact or the statement are saying cyber crime is increasing. It's going up. So that would mean it's true. So I could write a "T" beside this, "true". Okay. One thing to look out for with "true": Sometimes you will see words like "some", "all", "only", "never", "usually", "often", "sometimes". Be careful with these words, okay? Because if it says, "Some people in Canada like to eat poutine", and you see the sentence saying, "Poutine is always eaten by Canadians", even though you see the two words -- oh, "poutine", "poutine" -- one says "always", one says "some". So this would not be a true statement. So be on the lookout for "some", "all", "only", "never", "usually". This is where they try to trick you on the IELTS...

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So, can I say that YES/NO/NG questions allows more interpretation than TRUE/FALSE/NG ones, since it's about the writer's opinion?
Emma, Thank you so much for your classes, your confidence really helped me to get confortable to enjoy learn about the IELTS test. My results was release today and I got it! :D once again thanks! it was because I used your tips when I was practicing.
Yes no not given is same as true false not given?
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Dear Emma! My name is Danna, I'm from Uzbekistan. Please can you answer, here is my question-in my exam I wrote TFNG instead of YES NO NG, is it mistake? Thank you!
Hello Emma.I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this kind of videos. Your videos are a good help to improve my English. May God bless you and please continue making this kind of videos. Sincerely, Edwin Molina
Hi Emma, very helpful tips πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I got required scores in pte, I found your lessons very helpful thank you.
Thanks very much I like you
Very useful thnx
Fantastic teacher all the time...
Scored 9 in reading
Hello Emma. Thank you for all the tips. 1.Can I write all my listening and reading answers in capital letters in my answer sheet eg. ANDREW instead of Andrew or TRUE instead of True? please provide reason to your answer 2.If I am not sure about the plural form of answer can I write "s" in bracket eg. Children(s) instead Children's this may answer my question in both the way singular as well as plural? please provide reason to your answer
In which website I can get the real exam samples of academic reading?
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I have written true instead of yes will it be right
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What if we dont know the synonym?
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QUESTION : Is The True False And Not Given Also There In The "General Training Reading"?
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HI EMMA I have 2 questions 1- If I put (T/F/NG) instead of (TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN) on the answer sheet, are these answers (T/F/NG) acceptable for the examiners and IELTS center? 2- If I put (Y/N/NG) instead of (YES/NO/NOT GIVEN) on the answer sheet, are these answers (Y/N/NG) acceptable for the examiners and IELTS center? Thanks in advance
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All people should eat brocoli .Therefore some people should eat brocoli ... I believe it s true
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So, if I got it right, I should first read the statements and then, start reading the text. Is that correct? Or should I take turns in reading one statement, and finding the answer on the text, after that moving to the next statement, and so forth?
Oh the word increase!
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Thank you Dear Emma you beautifully explained this most difficult section of reading.
I got a 112 on the TOEFL this summer, and I want to prepare for the IELTS at home. Don’ know why.
When i decided to write ielts i googled where i could get free materials on quota, ur name quickly came up. I want to thank u for ur posts here and on the other websites. I got my results today and i did very well i got 8 in reading and 7.5 in the remaining. Thank u and keep up the good work.
Emma's Video can play a prominent role in education about the IELTS
She could not explain the difference between false and not given she unable to highlight main reason
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First, thanks a ton for making this video. At 5:40, the statement says "Cyber crime is ON THE RISE". This is a present tense and thus indicates cyber crime is currently increasing. However,the text says "The increase in cyber crime has ALARMED many experts". This is a past tense and indicates that it once happened but does not mean that it is still the case. My question here is, do we need to consider this slight difference in the meaning and write the answer as "False"? Please provide your feedback. It means a lot to me.
Ema you are looking more healthy in this video
The fire has "increase" (Bane Quote from Batman)
Thanks emma, this is very tough part of ilets, and ur tips are really useful :)
The lessons is useless: because level of questions in the real test is too much higher than the examples! It's like to study multiplication table before an exam of differential and integral calculus! The questions in a real IELTS test are never so obvious! The always confusing and require some analysis and thinking.
7. Read the reading passage below: [...]The ancient Maya were originally perceived as a peaceful group by experts. In the mid 1940s, archaeologists uncovered ancient wall paintings in the Maya site of Bonampak. These images were to send shock waves through the scholarly community. They depicted a society that was anything but peaceful[...] Does the following statement agree with the information given in the reading passage? 1. The ancient Maya are thought by experts to have been a society of pacifists. True False Not Given Can you be kind to explain this? I got incorrect only this one and I need explanation.
Hi everyone, i'm practicing with ielts test and i still got some incorrect answers which I don't understand ex: write no more than three words or a number: 50%: i wrote "fifty percent" and the book answer was wrong... correct one is 50% 18 people is incorrect.... the book answered eighteen people ex: fill to blank with no more than three words or number ....() who invented cell phone i saw from passage" the first person who invented cell phone" so I wrote " the first person" into blank but it was wrong correct answer: "first person" and some similar cases please explain me the reason... thank you
I am bangladeshi student .i follow your lecture
Is this different from yes,no not given? if yes,then why?
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*We have not yet completed the program but we are on lesson 19 in the first book. the program is very easy to understand and follow. I'm going through it with a 5 year old 3 year old and 20 month old and they are all catching on well. [Check Details Here ==**** ] I home school and was getting ready to quit but then i found your program and it saved my kids from public school.*
I would like to confirm as this video was posted long time back , Is this section of True , False , Not Given still applies to academic module or its been integrated now in general module ? I had super tough time with this particular section I have enrolled for general ielts . and please help out with more general module videos. :D thanks , cheers
Thank you alots Emma, i've learnt so many tips on the ielts exam from you!! hope to see your next video!! my skills is sound better than before a little, so thank you so much, hope all the best things come to you!!! <3
I am in the way to take IELTS soon. But fearing reading module most
I think the first question is False.On the passage it says "This increase" which means it already increased but on the question it says " on the rise" which means it's rising not risen that contradicts the passage.Could you please clarify me that?
The amount of information given inside the first question does not include any information pertaining to" HAS ALARMED THE EXPERTS" which turns the answer to be a Not Given.
What if the passage says "All Children eat Mango" And the Question says "Some Children eat Mango" Will it be True or False?
She is a bad tutor !
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Hello! I took my IELTS exam yesterday and I was in a hurry so I just wrote T, F and NG and not their full forms. Will I be penalised or they can still consider my answers as correct? Please advise.
Dear Emma i hope you were my sister.
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I find it is a very useful video not only improve reading but also listening for an non-English speaking person. Great.
Recently I took ielts exam. In reading passage it stated "all the schools provide the required equipment to the students for training". The question is "all the schools give the same equipment to the students for training".I answered the question as true but after coming home I though it is not given.Please suggest what would be the correct answer?
I'mΒ  going to take next January 7, 2016. Watch this useful videos help me a lot with my weak skills, the most, writing follow by speaking.. Greetings from Canada!!!

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