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This is an IELTS listening practice video to help you practise for the IELTS test with this exercise with subtitles based on a British news report about a surprise event in London last week. The listening Test is the first part of the IELTS exam and this video will help you prepare and practise for it. IELTS online course & writing corrections: 0:19 Lesson plan 2:30 Learn the English Vocabularyneeded for the lesson - gig, truck, audience. 6:53 Listening questions: 1. How old is the singer? 2. What did the singer say to the audience? 3. Why was Harel disappointed? 4. Complete the sentence: In an interview with the BBC, Paul said "It was very exciting. _________________________ ." 5. When did the singer surprise his fans in New York? 6. Who had the idea for these surprises?9:00 Listen to the English news report. 11:40 Answers to the questions 13:45 Listen to the report with the transcript Please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment.Other videos: Grammar lessons: Countable and uncountable nouns: Listening exercises: Vocabulary videos: Andrew, Crown Academy of EnglishPhoto credits: All photographs and images are royalty-free and are courtesy of The individual credits for each image are as follows "Woman Listening " by Michal Marcol "Guitarist Performing For His Fans" by photostock "Truck" by xedos4 "Team Leader " by renjith krishnan "Theater Seats" by Apple's Eyes Studio "Woman Hearing Something" by Ohmega1982

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What is the best way to improve once and for all the English listening? what do you suggest?
Thanks for the session
Thank you. Nice and smooth presentation. Very helpful for listening practice.
Very nice class. Thank you
Excellent vidoe for IELTS students.
Thanks for every lessons.
Well-constructed IELTS Listening Training
I do well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
His accent American or British?? the study in England easy for the Arabic people? please I need your help
Thanks for sharing. Very much appreciated.
Bizim orospu çocukları bu kadar yavaş konuşturmuyor ki aq spikerini
Crown academy of englishthank you these lessonsthat helped me too much
Thanks to you this video was useful for me because helps me to improvemy listening skills
I loved this video :)But it comes to me a little easier than normally ,ielts looks harder than this.Am i wrong?
I understood everything 😊
I have answered all correctly. I am so proud!Thank you!
Nice practice
Great thank you very much for your work. I am from Iraq.
I lovely these
I got 6/6 but i must listen twice
Thank you so much. I got 9.0 from listening.. REALLYDID YOU BELIEVE THAT ? SH*T
I like the Crown Academic English very much because this lessons and pronunciations are very interesting and exciting to learn like a native english speakers...thanks lot Sir.......
Who want to learn chinese just find me. i need a English friend
2:53 "the great gig in the sky - pink floyd"
Really thanks and I wish it helps me
Sir, your teaching is of very attractive quality, but the script is so small that , after watching the programme , I feel an eye strain . I would like to make a request to you to make the script larger and bolder in type .
I'm a chinese, i cant understand everythings so how to learn english be better
Easy peasy
6/6 cheers, mate! You're the best!
Every good
Thank you so much for your useful lesson
I really want to thank you, Andrew because the listening ability is very hard for me, but with your videos I feel it is easy. How much time do you recommend to practice English listening a day? Thanks again :)
Hello Andrew, I am italian and I'm Emanuela, I discovered your channel and help me much with my tongue, because I followed the English lessons and to make the exam I'm preparing myself. Your videos are very useful
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Great listening exercise! Thank you!
Who wants to practice english with me? Please comment here(I'm Brazilian).
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The girl on the front page is hot, and that's why i clicked in, but i end up disappointed :(
Yay I have got 6/6. This is such an amazing video. I am sure you will help a lot of people. And thanks to you, I was able to create a fantastic essay. Copy this to find my essay: Maya's Life Story upsr net
Why is called a test? It is listing practice. Plus unnaturally slow speech .
Did you add the word "sir" before paul mc cartney when reading the text? this lesson is very helpful, thank you. I have got 6/6, Im so excited, oh baby!
Thank you very much!
You are so good thank you
Hello sir, i have a tiny request for you. i am really fluent in english but i want to learn the perfect british accent because im having a very american accent right now. and im looking forward to study medicine in UK so i really kinda need to learn the british accent.
Thanks for havemade this video! it's very helpful
So ,so ,so so ,so
Slow speaking time wasting.
It's very helpful
Hi crown academy thank u very much for your help. your english is very fluent . I didn't find good video like this thanks a lot😀
Thank you very much.
I got 5 of 6andihave hear3 time. but im very happy
This video is very good, i'm Arabian and i'm learned a lot of it. thank you and i hope to became a fluent in English
Thank you very much!it's actually help me to improve my English, because I can always to listen and remember new English words. Of course, my English isn't well yet, but I learn with your help. thanks
Thank you crown. it is very helpful for me. if you have free time, please upload many video. thanks
Thanks for all of your prominent videos . But I have been asking these questions a lot, and now one gave me the absolute answers. Can I open the last section in listening part when they are talking and giving me the example in the first section or they might prohibit me from doing so ? and do theylet me open the question sheets from the early first moment of the listening time ? Kindest regards.
6/6 ☺️👌🏼
6/6. Thank you very much!
4/6 :v
Thanks for the lesson, it was very helpful. 🙌
Hello Andrew Could you please teach me how to practice secretary in English. How to catch and understand the conversation by phone, how to take an appointement or a meeting for the boss and so on....
This one is quite easy
Thank you very much it's v useful for me.
Great video, i'm getting better at my english and i'm just 13 years old. Your voice make me sleepy. It's .. i don't know.. Peacefull.
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I hope you download a lot of videoslike that
Another good work. Good enough for practicing.
Can you talk faster
I got 5/6
Very helpful videos of listing
Good evening guys, i'd like to learn more english, all about listening is too weak and need someone of here for improve my english....greetings everyone...Diego.
I want to practice speking.
I answered all the questions. Now I have a few of my own. 1: Do they speak as slowly and coherently as you do in actual tests? 2: Can we stop the video/audio in order to write the answers? 3: Does listening to the audio/video again lowers your score? 4: I was distracted by the news ( i really like Sir Paul). Is it deliberate on part of the examiner do choose distracting news?
Thank you very much
I need to practice my english with someone, i could help with Arabic in return:) my skype : semsem232323
Its shame. Is this for IELTS?
But I think in the Ielts listening test we can't write our answer more than 2 or 3 words. Right?
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1. 71 year old 2. thank you very much, ok now back to work 3. because he only sang 4 songs 4. it felt like a dream 5. last week 6. his daughter, stella Number 3 is not correct.
I want practice ???? text me if anyone want too
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Cool did you show pink

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IELTS listening practice | English listening test