IELTS Listening โ€“ How to get a high score

Studying for the IELTS test? Learn the top tips and strategies to get a high score in the IELTS listening section. I've helped hundreds of students pass their IELTS exam and I know where students lose marks. I'm going to share my experience and let you know how you can dramatically increase your score on this test. By using these IELTS tricks you will see an immediate improvement on your IELTS practice tests. You need to do the IELTS listening test for the Academic IELTS and the General IELTS. I want you to be confident when you go to the IELTS test center to do the exam. So watch this lesson and get some free tips that will help you get the score you need! Want more videos to help you improve you IELTS score? Check out EngVid's many other IELTS lessons at: and for more tips on the IELTS, go to Test yourself with the quiz: TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. In this lesson, I've put together all the tips I have for IELTS listening, so if you're preparing to take the test, you've got all my tips to help you do your best in the listening exam. So, it's 40 marks, and it's around 30 minutes long, so how can you make the most of your listening exam? Well, it's true what they say: practice really does make perfect. So you should aim to do as many practice tests of the listening section as you absolutely can. It will really, really help you. There's a book that I recommend, it's the Cambridge Series for IELTS, we've got some practice tests. There are other parts in that book, not just for listening, but the listening materials are good, so I've used those many times. And you don't get that many listening tests in the book, but what you can do is do the tests, and then take a break for, you know, two weeks or three weeks or whatever, and you'll forget, and then you can do it again. So, that's really important, because I'll tell you that as a native speaker, yeah, plus someone with a university degree, but I'll do... I'll do an IELTS listening test after a long break, and I'll not get a lot of the answers right. Okay? So what that tells me is that doing IELTS, and the listening part is just another example, it's as much about learning how to pass a test and learning an exam technique, basically. Because if a native speaker isn't going to get it all right, it shows you that you need to train yourself to be able to do this listening test. So, anyway, if I do a couple of those tests, then I'm getting them all right. So what I'm telling you, just from my experience is: the more you practice those tests, you really will become better and better at doing those tests. Even if right now you think that your English is, like, really good and you're going to get a really high score in the IELTS listening because you're good at listening, it may be true that you are a really good speaker of English and you understand a lot, but if you haven't practiced any of the IELTS tests, you might not get a good score, because you haven't learned the exam technique, and you're not familiar with those tests. So rule number one: Practice makes perfect. Also in these tests, you really need to spell carefully, because if you make a spelling mistake, you don't get the mark. So, try your best to spell things correctly. And especially in questions where they are spelling something to you, make sure you don't lose an easy point for writing down the wrong letter. Which brings us to this one: Learn the pronunciation of letters. So, just do a little bit of revision, go back over how to say the letters in British English, because the IELTS test is mainly in British accent. So make sure you know how we say our letters here. But it would also be quite handy for you to practice the letters in American English and Australian English, because these will also be covered in the... In the test. You'll get these different accents. So there's a tip for you. Going back to this one: when you're doing the test, in between the different parts of the exam (there are four parts), you get a little bit of reading time. When you get this reading time, what you should be doing is reading the questions that you're about to answer. Not checking the answers that you wrote before. See, a lot of people will just be looking back at what they've already done, but when they do that, they're not preparing for the next questions. So you really need to make the most of that time, and make sure that you've read what's coming. And that will help you, because these listening exams, they're in chronological order, it means it starts at the top of the page, the first answer's somewhere at the top of the page, and then it goes down. It's not like you have to be looking all over the paper for the answers, basically.

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Jaja I love when you speak like the IELTS voices used in the test
Dear jade,u r the young version of Mrs, gill.I don't find no difference between two of u. both of u have thesame style in term of teaching. from time to time I assume that u r probably the daughter of Mrs, gill.good luck for u. keep well all the time. wish ur good health and success in all walk of urr life
It was a wonderful presentation and very informative and helpful session. Thanks a lot, Jade. You have done a great job.
How can I improve my score??
I hav fallen love with u....
I don't understand how to do complex question....
Thanks for your great work for us. Really helpful video...
Hi Jade, you look like Carey Lowell. loll
Gud job keep it up
Hi Jade can you please make a video for tips on edexcel IGCSE English as a second language listening
Thanks Jade, very helpful tips .
Beauty is distraction in ur tips u need to change ur profession Dear Jade
I really love yours classes, where are u from ? this your accent is from what region ?
Thanks for your kind information !!!
99% viewers are here just because of your beauty...
Jade, you is speaking very fast, please speak some slow. :)
Thanks Jade nice video!!
Mam so nice teaching ..... love your teaching////////
Great Video!
Hi ...your tone is so sweet as well as your teaching style. thank you so much for your valueable tips.
She's kinda hot
Hi Jade,will you Please advise how can I get the test for this course ;(IELTS Listening โ€“ How to get a high score)
Well doneit's very useful for me
Thx for the tips,,and wish me luck for the test. God I'm nervous
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ are you nervous you may b feeling shy
You scared me on the last part saying mapping is difficult. hope tricks would be helpful but this video was not that inspiring
Obviously you are also doubtful what you are saying and your tricked already by this trick
Beautiful.....:) i almost forgot that i came here for listening tips...hehe great video though.btw i love the mr.bean dance at 18:39
Good job Jade! You rock! Thanks a lot!
Thank you ..u r the best
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Sara 012273551700x
I always think jade is a very very beautiful girl~!~!~!
Do I need to know all British English? Do I get a wrong answer if I answered in American English? For example, Tyre (British) or Tire (American) or Flat (British) or Apartment (American) Rubbish (British) or Garbage (American).
I guess that jade gets her success from her look, more than from the content of the courses she gives, honestly i prefer emma and adams.jade must do more efforts to convince me.
Thank you, can we use this strategy (keep listening without reading) in the multiple choice questions to answer afterwards
Thanks Jade! It's ben a great help.
Thank you Jade :-)
This was a great lesson for me
I always can't read the questions in that time what should i do ?
Very helpfull thank you.
Very poor is your tips sorry for my comment!
Jade is kinda the young version of Gill. same gestures and same way to express herself. two of my fav. teachers.
Thanks for the useful tips Jade. I have a question - for questions with no more than three words, should I use a capital or small letter for the first letter of the first word ? Do they cut points on that ?
I lost focusing because of your eyes ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
It's a beneficial video ma'am. Thanks & God bless you.
I'm looking for someone who can help me in speaking part
I really appreciate you afford, tanks a lot
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Gorgeously explained ;) tooo cute.!
1. Listen to the BBC radio ย ย  2.Listen to the Voice of Americaย  radio (VOA)ย 
Jade you look like Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) from Game of Thrones ^_^
Thank you for your tricks, If I got 8.0 I'll invite you to go out for dinner.
Usefull and good to look at. Can it get any better?
Any body talk with me about IELTS .... my no. is 03117642509
I was only watching it because she is cute. :) As for the IELTS, I already do everything she said mostly..
Please give e some idea how to improve from 34/35 range. i am almost confined too this level.i need to improve.i really do no now how???
Haha thx, because you told me IELTS is not about testing the english level, but the exam technique
Hey jade you are so cute... you are superb teacher...
You're beautiful. I didn't understand anything. You all should think of giving the same lesson but with a different teaching, a less distracting one... Just kidding. Quite a useful video, I really appreciate what you guys do!
Give me you phone number to call
Can i write all listening and reading answers in capital letters on the answer sheets
Thanks for class. How could i get more vedio ?
Teacher's so cute!
Is preposition make mistake on listening ??? if i don'tput preposition on listening /reading test is make mistake ?? or i lost marks ??
You're cute and you're a good teacher,thank you :)x
Thank you sweetheart!! Really helpful!!
OMG ... you are very attractive.I can't concentrate on your teaching. you are one of good teacher besides Adam and Emma. thank you.. :)
I'm japanese. I've been learning English with American accent for 6 years. Thanks to your videos, I gradually get used to british accent.
Very good presentation..thank you for the hard work Jade...cheers.
You sound like the girl from "Cambridge IELTS 8- Practise Test 1 (Listening)".
Very good yours Jade, your English lessons is interesting to see one of the ways of learn is have a notebook and take all about of English l do, l recommend and for the video, thank u Jade!!
Hello everyone, im very interested about preparing for ielts, so for that i need to practice speakingwith any other friends have sameidea, so pleasesend me message.
Lovely presentation Jade.
Love you jade I learn a lot from you.
I really love you Jade, I am so in love with you ...
Something amazing about you, I have not seen it in anyone.You are amazing!!
Jade, is it ok with you if I make Chinese subtitle of your video and post it on Chinese social website?
I like how they speech in British its totally different from that in Hollywood moviesas much i like this teacher ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
By the way, You look like the actress :Arya Stark : Game of thrones.
Friends,help to improve my english,Thnx in advance
How can i overcome anxiety in the oral exam?
Thank you very much Indeed it is very benefit.Great thanks
Your pronunciation is very special , which country ?
I love you Jade!!!, you are the best teacher of Englishof the world, I followall of your channels, I like yourBritish accent to speak. thank you very much for your advices.
Jade I wonder how you are in casual life :) I would like to know you
I help people to speak Skype name is refat.english
Nice tricks :) .. tq
One question or Request Jade please xD I would like to know if you could do a video of Like "How to Read And Pronunciate each word..." I mean xD Like how to know when to pronounce the r, when to use the different Phonetics... Because sometimes you pronounce the "r" and sometimes you dont... thats an example xD How to know when to pronounce the "a" as an "o" or as an "a" I would like to know that please
YOUR clear explanation and nice sexy voice make me eager to see your vidio more and more. thanks a lot jade
Hi Jade, First i want to thank you for your very useful videos i learned a lot good things with you. I love british english I have a question about : Their and His, I don't know when to use each of them. Like this phrase : Anyone who loves the English language should have a copy of this book in their bookcase. can't we use his instead of their? and why?
Im in love. That's correct?=)
So! Why should I bother passing IELTS or any other? I do not get it? I know English, so why should I pass any stupid papers? I should study professional courses and pass professional exams that make money not waste time. P
Are you elder sister of Maisie Williams?
Excellent. enjoying ur videos for long time. (y) keep going
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