IELTS - How to get a high score on Task 1 of the IELTS

Watch this lesson to get a better score on Task 1 of the academic IELTS. Panicked about the writing section of the IELTS? Or do you work in a field that requires you to present graphs? This English lesson will teach you key vocabulary to use when describing different types of graphs, a requirement in task 1 of the IELTS writing section. I will explain what you must do in Task 1, how you will be marked, and key expressions to use. I'll also give you some tips to help you achieve a high score on the IELTS. After the lesson, test yourself with the quiz at For a complete, free guide to the IELTS, go to

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She is cute, speaking sluggishly and sexy
Correct spelling is plummeted, not plummetted
I know that i'll have an exam in about an hour, but I don't understand anything what she's trying to explain because I realize that she is very goddamn HOT!
Hey need some help in speaking section. Can anyone help me out with it??
Good luck to "me"
It's plummeted not plummetted. check before you post.
I want to take Ielts online course,guide me
Ms Emma thanks for sharing such a good techniques to use in writing module of IELTS. Very valuable if we use different words describing the same sentence.
May I join You , Emma?? Good Share , Good Teacher and Good Lessons. Yes , I get ready for The Lessons An English IELTS !!
Great Thanks
This is so useful video.
Why she said we are will mark for Conclusion? If this is task 1.I mean here you are just describing and not making inferences right? ... o.O
Hi tomorrow is my IELTS exam and i want to know that weather task 1 contain conclusion or not. i have watched one videoand in that video there he told conclusion is not included.
Anyone appearing in Ielts( academic) 7.5 score, study with me. I'm looking for a serious, enthusiastic study partner.
Nice video. Small correction- It would be "PLUMMETED". There is no double T. Thank god I checked!
If my first languge was english i even dont need to study 😩
Some tips from a Brit. - Draw a line under the intro and above theline graph and vertical line to the left of the intro. You can use that space for synonyms. - If you are going to write important words/ synonymous terms it might be better to use a red or blue pen to make them visually distinct. - Remember you are using a camcorder, you can edit your videos or slip in some pics demonstrating all the alternative sentences to save you walking in fron of the written stuff and distracting yourself. - It would be good to inform students as well as inclining, declining, or stable trends, some trends decline then recover, or incline then suffer. Even if this isn't present in the IELTS, it's good practice, and if students are presented with an inclining graph side by side with a declining graph they won't be too intimidated. Also the past tense is 'plummeted' :P Nice video though.
Thanks mam I learn from your videos.
In example what should be there: over a ten year or years
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But your other colleague said not to write any conclusions...
I watched this and i got 6.0 tks
Thnq ....i learn more from this lesson
Is the topic/subject for task 1 required ?
There is no conclusion in task 1
Dear Emma thank you for very helpful video ... :*
Iftheyare more than 2 graphs ,do i intro then inseparate paragraphs
Hello mam I can write x-axis or y-axisin the body paragraph
I think it is 'plummeted' not plummetted
Should I use an article with sales? Is sales a noun here?
Thanku very much ..for tips
In the minute 10:36 you mentioned 10 year period, but I think must be written 10years(plural). Thanks
It's really helpful thanks you so much mam
Great. Thanks a lot.
Man I have a hard time writing these, essays are easy, but I think I'm slightly lucid now. Thanks!
I'm Brazilian and I realized how much I'm learning with your videos!
I am in love with you teacher!!! I like so much your classes, thank youuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mam,where are you from?.it seems your mother tongue is not English. Surprisingly,you do it well.
Thank you
Pie chart = pizza chart
You are too good !!! Love you & God bless you :)
Oo u r just awesome... ur tips Is really helpful
Thanks a lot for the great video. Got my result today. L-8.5,R-8,S-8,W-7.5,Overall-8
I heard in another videos even the web page of IELTS that the conclusion is only for the task 2 not for the number one, so I think this video is wrong in that area.
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Plummeted* that's the correct spelling.
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Great tips
What is IELTS??
Awesome dear
Hi mam I watched your video it's nice but I have doubt that after introduction body is there or overview
Mame Can I get your contact no or social id like Facebook or what's app Coz I have to discuss many things regarding my English I'll be very thankfull to u
Very Helpful Tips Mam.....🖒🖒🖒
Thank you for this video!
Is this for General IELTS of academic ?
IELTS writing application .
This is really helpful mam .And to be frank you look really beautiful!!!
Can anybody tell me websites which will help me to prepare for IELTS?) like, British council IELTS)
IELTS application .
Hi Emma, I really like the way you teach. Can I use your method to start my own study group? Thanks
Plummeted has a double 'tt'?
Can I write more than 150 words, or do I have to write 150 words only?
Is it 'over a ten year period'' or ''over ten years period''? which one is right?
I don't understand😓😭
There is no conclusion in a report
Dr sara trancradi
This is one of the best lessons,, she explained it in an excellent way and made the weitign way easier.
Thank you ms emmai love you so much,you are amazing teacher.
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Very helpful.. Many thanks!!
Thanks a lot....
I'm writing next week
In the example graph shown in the video , how can a percentage of change be negative ? It will be only zero or above right ?
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Is this ielts writing task
Emma - you are the best!!! I am enjoying a preparation for my IELTS with you!
13\04\2017 11\04\2017
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Hi, am looking for a partner to practice with life on Skype,, I have to go through IELTS exam after 1 month, If you're interested please let me know
Hi Emma. I'm getting ready to take the IELTS exam and I'd like to know if you have private classes. (skype, italki or some like that) Cheers !
Hi Emma I am in chaos , whether to use or not use some advance vocabularies . for ex: can i write ( market price of ( assume of commodity X ) was on a downward spiral in the mid 1970-1980 instead of market price of x decreased dramatically in the mid 1970-1980?
Hi Emma, I had a band score of 8.0 and all my preparation was from watching your videos and trusting God.
Accept to me, just to practice my english

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