IELTS Discussion Essay: Useful Academic Expressions

IELTS Writing Task 2. Useful language for writing a discussion essay and expressing two opposing sides.

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Liz thanks for the lessons.
I took my speaking test few days ago...and I was wondering about one thing the whole time, "did they expect me to speak in a British accent?" I only speak in an American accent, and I was wondering if that was a disadvantage ..?
Hello Liz, Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic and useful advices with all of us. My name is Marco, and I'm training to take the IELTS test in one month time in order to admitted at Heytrop University College in London. I was wondering if you know where I may find in Internet a support to improve my writing skills. I willd be reay happy if I could submit my essays to someone that could correct them and help me to improve and take advantage of my mistakes. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerly, Marco
Hloooo mam ,could u pls tell me the formal phrases for writing task 2. I'm bit confused on that
Thanks liz very much.
Is it ok to use them in general test ?
Is it ok to use 'Some/some people are of the view that' or 'Some people hold the opinion that' ??
Thank you so much for your video that you was explained so clearly and easy to understand. Please God bless you lots
• Describe a piece of art or painting that you saw hi mamcan i speak in this cue cardabout statue
Your videos are short but to the point. please can you upload a video of writing task 2 with whole body part i found only introduction part .
Are these tips in the video valid for General training writing as well?
Is it impotant to write 3 body paragraphs in discussionand opinion essay. please tell me my exam will be next month please
Hi liz, is it good to write the quotation of famous people in Ielts academic essay? Pleas ereply me.
I just love.. way of teaching of liz
You teach in a very nice and helpful way. I have passed the IELTS exam but it's a pity I did not find your lessons before it.
Thanks for your free tips, please in this question:"Employers sometimes ask people applying for jobs for personal information, such as their hobbies and interests, and whether they are married or single. Some people say that this information may be relevant and useful. Others disagree. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion". do i need to compare the two sides or i should just state why people prefer each one,
Hi,Liz how are you? i was wondering if you can help me in writing essays my exam is this month ,gimme your email so i can send you my essays ,thank you so much.
Thankx alot
Amazing !
Hi Liz ! your lessons are great,Thanks☺
Awesome 😍 Here is an amazing channel too -
One of my favorite IELTS channels. Thank you so much Liz for your efforts.
Hi Liz, Watching your videos are really helping me score better in IELTS. thank you for sharing your effort here. Now at 00:50 in this video, you are saying "I will tell you now" and at 01:00 "I will tell you at the end of lesson",how good it is to use "will" with "Now" ? Please suggest.
Best teacher for ielts thankyou mam i have learned alot from your lectures..
I am not sure if i need academic or if i go for academic then it can be used instead of general?
The best teacher ever . I was wondering why all teachers do not explain like her .
I need a speaking partner my Skype I'd is sgfahim
Wooow awesome ,,,,,,,,,
Mam, can idioms be used in writing or speaking ?
Thank you very much Lizfor your Video really wonderful for me to improve english lanquage.
Hi Liz. This lesson was great, thanks.
Mam can we write by starting with 'once up on time' in writing part 2
Your video lessons are really helpful! 😉😁 thanks to you guys, I dont have to pay too much on review centers that will just discuss the same thing you do. :)
Is Barron's IELTS book good for practise tests?
Thank you! very useful discussion.
Its really wonderful and very helpful video .... thanks a lot..
Mam your videos are really very helpful. Thanks a lot
Thank you Liz. This is one of the most interesting and useful IELTS lessons I have ever learnt. 
You videos are the best, thank you.
Hello Liz thank you so much for your efforts. Are your videos good for band 8? Will they help in getting higher results?
Love it thank you ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Hello :) thank u for ur clear explanation tht helped me a lot. I need to improve my self in writing how can I contact u to help me .
I was in the believe that British people do not appreciate passive; however, I am convinced that passive is more academic in discussion type of essay. Thank you Liz for your impressive video on IELTS writing task 2.
Thanks a lot, that was really useful for me
You have a very beautifull way of explaining every single words and you always have a very superb smile each time i see your videos.keep it's the best way for someone to learn things rapidly when they feel they are being taught by a great person and thnx a lot for all your effort in making these videos for us.
Thanks for helping us to improve our skills. I would like to ask one question? is it good to use these expressions (what I mean by this is that, To put in other words,that is to say, to take a particular example, a good example could be,as an illustration, to give an illustration. for instance, to illustrate the point) in order to support our opinions. Which of these are preferable or not reccomended? which of them might lower the score?
Excellent and clear mam. if you could add an example and it would be so easy to understand I feel.
Thanks lizz! very useful info!
It will be privilege for me.if i get answer from you.
Great effort from a pretty kind and innovator person like you , thanks for all of that , however i am Arabian native speaking citizen but i am sure that i will probably achieve 7.5 or 8 with ielts exam because of your marvelous lessons :)
Hi Liz, Sometimes i found the body part is most difficult, need to ask you about the starting process of body. How i suppose to start the body of task 2. Could you help me ?
Thanks a lot for your amazing and informative lessons. I have a question: when you say academic essays, do you mean the essays in academic version of IELTS, or it is the same in both the general and academic? Because I usually see this sentence "There is another side to the coin" used a lot in newspapers articles.
Thank you so much!
Where should it be written? intro, 1st paragraph...?
Thank you very much for all your videos!!! You explain very clearly and pleasantly, I'm feeling more confident now. Also I really like your accent (I'm a fan of accents) :-)
I have a question, can i use both "on the one hand" and "on the other hand" in one paragraph? thanks Liz
Hello Liz First of all ur very beautiful and ur way of speaking very great ....... i regular visit ur site and prepare ielts .. ur video nd website really very helpful 4 evryone .... so thnx for ur creation ..
Thank you so much Liz.hope i can pass my ielts test end of this month(=
Hi liz, is this video for academic test or general
Hi Liz,good tips as usual.Quick question..are you suggesting that one shouldn't use idiomatic expressions in Academic writing?
Thanks Liz your videos are so useful I,ve bought Barrons book and CambridgeB is so easy while C is so difficult.. which one is similar to thereal ielts???
Hai Liz I'm Cyndia. your lessons are very helpful for me. I need to concentrate on body paragraphs plz share videos
Hi liz, If i use "Many Thinktank support that.." is it wrong to have in my writing??? please let me know your valuable advise.
Hi Liz! I know this question is out of the topic but would you please help me know how to speak with a British accent? please make a video about that. I really love your voice and the way you speak. Thanks so much !
You suggest idioms should be avoided.
Spl. Thanks toLiz its wonderful solution :) but now i need some solved essay to get the more experiences & Technics such on below:- Task Response Coherence and Cohesion Lexical Resource (Vocabulary) Grammatical Range & Accuracy
Hi Liz You so sweet a) Give the best opinion for general ielts exam preparation b) Can i replicate your same strategy for general ielts writing essay task c) Please suggest that your all video are workable for General and Academic ielts Exams please let me know
Although It is often thought that free videos are time-wasting, your videos are short, helpful andfantastic.
Is it wrong to say "On the other hand" even if you haven't used "On the one hand" before in your sentence?
Thank you so much. Could you give us an example for a discussion essay. I appreciate it.
Hi liz, i am taking the ielts test again next month, i need to get band 7 on writing! i am getting 6.5! what can i do? how can you help me?
Thanks a lot for this video it was helpful but i have question please , this type of essay how is the method to write the introduction to it ? Is like the type of agree or disagree essay ? i mean just paraphrase the statement or  has different style about  discuss essay ! if it has can you explain it please?
Hello,Liz Thank you for your great lessons. I was wondering if I could use the former ones and the latter ones when discussing opinions of the two sides. Looking forward to your quick reply:)
Hello Miss thank you so much for you kind assistance I got 6.5 just because of you and your videos and your way of teaching and your blog all of them are really helpful for preparing for Ielts test. Thank you so much
Thank you very much Liz. Your explainations were always clear and they were really helpful. Thanks a lot.
Your lessons are really useful, but could you please speak a little faster, cuz this will help us with our listening too~

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