IELTS Band 7+ Vocabulary Lesson 1: Family

IELTS Master Band 7+ Vocabulary Course Lesson 1 Learn words deeply to improve your IELTS writing, speaking, reading and listening scores. This first lesson focuses on "family" vocabulary words and collocations. For more IELTS practice, visit

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Could you explain for me the sentence "Hiring relatives can creat family problem if there are difficulties at work." I don't understand it. Many thanks and respect!
My sister is my close sibling, my relative is really noisy, As I reached adolescence, my way of thinking starting to change I am trying to nurture my relationship with my teacher
Childhood memories aren't complete without siblings rivalry. I didn't get much time to visit to my close relatives during my adolescence.
It's really good to improve vocab.Thanks for this video.
Sibling I have one sibling we are grew up together in hometown. I can not feel happy if I lost my siblings from my life. Relative  I feel distant relationship with my parent when I move out form my house. I have elderly relationship with my first music teacher. Adolescence I had a great moment with my friends in  my adolescence. I believe that adolescents can be a good adult if they have a good suggestion. Nurture My parent is nurture me always when I have a bad time. A good nurture and environment can treat child to healthy . Relationship I had a special relationship with my girlfriend before we brake down. I establish relationship with my colleague because I do not want my colleague feel bad with me.
Sibling : 1.I am very much popular among my siblings. 2.I always try to meet with my siblings during vacations. Relative: 1.I cannot manage time to meet with my close relatives in the weekends. 2.We should always respect our elderly relatives. Adolescence: 1.Adolescence is typically a tough time for both male child and female child. 2.Parets has to take care of their child during adolescence. Nurture: 1.I typically nurture my garden in the weekends. 2.Nurturing the talents make my company beneficial for growing up. Relationship: 1.Recently I made a special relationship with a person who is working in my company. 2.I have close relationship with most of my colleagues.
I have two siblings, they have always sibling rivalry. Moreover, their relationship is growing faster in point of caring because one is staying with parents and another one in the USA. I used to live with a close relative when I am adolescent in nurturing the environment.
Thankyou:) it'svery useful andnot boring at all
I have very close relationship with my extended relatives. Now when my son is an adolescent I understand my mom much better. It was not an easy task to nurture me during my adolescence.
*Sibling: - Have there been absolutely normal that People havethe sibling rivalry in nowadays families. - We can probably know that a child living in nuclear families is totally able to have siblings. *Relative - Visiting my distant relative is such a once in a blue moons thing. - According to any kind of human's tradition, people have to present their respectability to the older ones, such as elderly relative. *Adolescence: - My early adolescence was extremely hard due to the poor condition of my family. - Childhood and adolescence are two periods of time that bring people the purest one of their characteristics. *Nurture - A country should spends her time not only on the economical or political issues, but also on nurturing the young talents. - I love my mom so much, since she's nurtured and taken care of me in my whole life. *Relationship - People should keep a great deal of time for their personal relationship. -Establishing a beautiful relationship encourages people on living better days thorugh days.
I have a sister growing up togerther. there was always a sibling rivalry between us in my childhood and adolescence. Now she is living with a close relative of my parents. I have a dog and he nurtures by my family. I meet my friend today and we are in a special relationship
I have to maintain a healthy relationship with my colleagues.
I establish my relation with my friend.
Growing up without siblings make my relationship with my parents strong. And I'm so blessed for they nurtured me with good values that helped me become who I am today.
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My adolescence is going really crazy. I wanted to find something new n different. I just found my life was so boring. Soooo here I am, in the UK where's so far away from my family (I'm from Vietnam). I've established new relationship with new people as well as got such a lot of interesting experiences. However, I not only miss my family terribly sometimes especially my sibling(my little bro) but also met difficulties with the new life. Though, I nurtured by the difficulties, I learned to be independent P/s: Sorry about my English. I know it's not really good(especially at grammar and vocabulary) but anw I'm living in the English speaking country so you know, just try my best :D
Please Make a video on solar energy and permissive parenting
U must also give some reading tips.Otherwise this video is very useful for me.
The relationship between siblings and other relative hasa great impacted in the human life especially adolescence period
Siblings rivalry can stimulate them to develop. Siblings can be very supportive later in life. Care for an elderly relative is a moral obligation. Maintaining contact with distant relatives can be very beneficial in the future. Adolescence is a period in live one should start a process of becoming independent from their parents. Adolescents requier a good mentor to master life. Weamens naturally are better at nurturing than man. Being nurtured is very nice feeling. Relationships are crucial for one's well-being. Maintaining a good quality of relationship require effort from both sides.
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When I was an early adolescent, I had a close relationship with my siblings because we studied at the same school. Although we are living far away from each other now, I try to visit them as much as I can.
I've established a good relationship with my fellow by prestenting her a wallet.
Hi Thanks for this lesson. Improving vocabulary is an important step to get a great score. My examples: I had three siblings growing up, so we learned to share things. Of course, there will always be siblings rivalry. There are many relatives who I haven't seen in ages. I really would like to spend some time with them. During my adolescence, I lived one of the best times of my life. I enjoyed high school and made several friends who are still part of life. If you want to get on well with someone, both have to find a proper way to nurture the relationship and things will be easier. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)
I learnt a lot thanks for uploading
1. My family is big, I have many siblings. We have grown in an atmosphere of love and friendship. 2. I really miss my close relatives, who live far from me in another country. I try to visit my relatives every year. 3. An adolescence was the most wonderful period for me, because it were carefree times, but now I realise that it was hard time for my parents)). Because sometimes I wonder, when I watch a behavior of some adolescents)). 4. I'm sure that a nurture is the most important part of parenting. I proud to be nurtured by my parents. 5. For me a relationships between people have a profound importance in our life. We have to establish a relationships which are based on the honesty, equality and respect.
I was very fortunate to grow up with my three siblings who are enough mature to guide me for a better future.we have close relationships and sibling rivalries did not exist between us. I strongly believe that without their support, I could not able to achieve what I want. In my idea, working with adolescents is quite tough since they are very sensitive and unpredictable. I am working overseas, then I visit my relatives only once a year in our family gathering. I strongly believe that establishing a relationship is not quite hard when we can easily communicate with others, however, the most important point is how to maintain it for long term relationship. We can not ignore profound impacts of nurturing environment on our future life style and career.
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Allmy sibiling are living far from me thst why i feel lonly
Recently I visited my distant relatives house
Although I and my sibling always had rivalry during our adolescence, there are still a close relationship between us now.
Thank you very much for this helpful lesson! Finally I can learn English in a fun and productive way.
I will be glad if you will post something related to speaking part2, That how to start and what should i speak.
I used have sibling rivalry everyday with my brother when we were young. Is this correct?
During our adolecence stage with my siblings, our parents nutured us to support each other all the time and this developed our close relationship.
Nice video
I was quite lonely during my adolesence.
I haveno idea why I could use all of the words already but still I kept watching this video :D
As I don't have any brothers or sisters I have no idea how siblings share parents' love. My nuclear family is pretty small, but I wm happy to have a lot of distantrelatives.
Relationship between a mother and a child is better than other.
I build strong relationships with my relatives because I treat them as a bilings
Thanks a lot.
I've a beautiful relation with my siblings. Who nurturing me to the way of success
I always had rivalry with my siblings in sharing TV remote.
.i have a strong relationship with my siblings and my relatives, my parents nurtured mo to be close to them during my adolescence
- I have close relatives with my sister
Is it an academic ielts
Your video quite easy to understand, i will support for you. ❤️
Relationships between Erick and Emma have improved greatly thanks to their new cooperative hobby. We should care for relatives because they gave a life to us.
Love your video. It's realy exciting Sentences: Thuan has one sibling. Cousin and sibling are two diffirent concept. His relatives are all enegetic people.
It`s good idea to teach English easly
Thanks for these benifical videos. Plz consider making some more about goverment, technology, crime, culture,..
Establish a relationship with a hot girl is one of my dreams.
Although I have siblings growing up, I learned to be independent Sibling rivalry: There have so many sibling rivalries nowadays. U shouldn't spend time caring your relatives. My uncle - Lan is my distant relatives. He is my older relative. Adolescent is energetic and sympathy, Growing up in a nurturing family can prepare children for successful future. I don't have a good relationship with my parent
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I have close relationship with my siblings,though there is rivaory between us in each and every topic.We are nurtured by our mother during adolescence.Some of my distant relatives visit us once a year during special occasions.
We have a sibling rivalry for academic excellence in my home. nowadays, we rarely meet our distant relatives. we like to visit our relatives on holidays. children and adolescents are too immature to understand different matters of life. parents should try their best to nurture their kid's talent. we must establish close relationships with our neighbours
I have many relatives living in Hà Nội, but we don't live near each orthers.
I don't know most of our distant relatives
DuringAdolescence, Me with my siblings are nurturing by my mother and we establish a good relationship with close and distant relative.
I have a special relationship with my siblings.Moreover as most of my relatives they nurture my personality
1. Sibling: - I wish that I could have 2 children in the future because I do not want them to be sad when have no sibling like me. - In the nuclear families, parents often have to be a referee in siblings rivalry. 2. Relative: - Having no sibling, all of my childhood time was spent with relatives. - To Asian's customs and traditions, caring for elderly relative like grandparent when they are growing old is a must and very important. - My family live in the house with 2 other relatives because they are working for my parent's business. - Next summer, we intend to visit our distant relative in the UK. - My aunt is one of my favorite guys and the most closest relative. 3. Adolescence: - Adolescence time is defined when your children tend to be more emotional with everything and ready to against someone protecting their opinions. - Adolescents often act crazy things and then feel pity after that. 4. Nurture: - Putting a child in protecting nurturing environment will make he loosing his independence. - Peter was nurtured his piano talent since 10 years old after winning the competition for instrumental players hosted by the district. 5. Relationship: - Networking is considered as the first step of building up relationships with your customers. - The relationship between Jenny and Jessica is becoming worse. - He has not so good relationship with his father. - Establishing the close relationship with your mother-in-law is very important because you definitely will not want to be treated badly after the marriage.
I was growing in a nurture family. Adolescence more sensitive and creative rather than adults
Your lesson is useful, however, please speed it up a bit
Sibling rivalry often leads to weakening of relationships. In a country like India, distant relatives are also close ones. Adolescence decides the future of a student. Parents play a significant role nurturing their children. It is a prime requirement for a company to establish good relationship with it's customers.
I had a difficult adolescence, my sibling and my close relative helped me but it made no scene, i broke many important relationship. But now i know how to deal with it and sometime i think about my childhood, i want to say thank to my mom for nurturing me and give me a very strong motivation to go over it
1) i think sibling rivalry always happens with adolessences. 2) I want to visit my relatives next spring 3) Early Adolescence is the most important for everyone 4) Smart person can be nurture by smart parents 5) Personal relationship can be protect on Facebook
In the future, I don't want to have 2 kids because I think they will have sibling rivalry
Adolescence is an important period in people's life. In this zone, It creates teenager behavior and can meet a lot of relationship in society. Therefore, we need to concern each other relatives in a family and nurturing their talents which develop and present in this time significantly. Adults and siblings play an important role. Forexample, parents may care for sibling rivalry. P/S: Plz see my comment!
The practice: I have five brother and two sisters, so we are known as a crowded family, but my siblings feel lonely as they have not close relationships with each other. That is related to the way we have been nurtured. Our relatives always look our family as mocking case. Because they believe we behave stupidly.
Hi, I think you are doing wonderful job specially about vocabulary according to topics and collocation. please post more and more word which are very common in Ielts thanks.
Siblings are blessing of GOD. close relatives always helps us in bad conditions. the age of adolescence is not the mature age. My teachers nurture me get good grades in exams. Relationship between two people can be changed into good friends.
I need some one to make relation with him and being like my sibling to nurturing me in English because i am so bad i want to practice english via whatsap my NO 00249915248989
1. Sibling I grew up with my three siblings of boy, therefore I spent a lot of time to play games of boy, except football, with my sibling rivalries in my childhood. Nowadays, all my siblings usually play football in a team and watch football matches on TV together. 2. Relative My mother have cared for my distant relatives since my distant relatives was ill. Elder relative always encourages me try to study English hard in order to pass my examination in next two months. 3. Adolescence I was often angry and yelled at my siblings during my adolescence because i easily depressed in my study. My sibling rivalry always makes me calm down and smile when i stress. 4. Nurture My siblings and i were nurtured by only my mother because my father died early. During time, my siblings and i grew healthy and graduated from different Universities, then we became nurture talents in my mother's heart. 5. Relationship When my family live in a guest-house near to my elder relative's house, we have a lot of time to talk and help each other in many things, therefore relationship between my family and my elder relative become closer. I and my boyfriend are stepping by stepping to establish special relationship on our individual way.
My relationship with my sister has never been the best. There has always been certain sibling rivalry between us; our close relatives have tried to nurture our relationship since we were adolescents but they haven't got any improvements so far.
1. Siblings can help us in guiding/building our career. 2. When i am in a trouble i call my sibling with out a second thought. 3. I have a close relationship with my mother-in-law, where share so many personal issues. 4. The relationship between India & Israel could help to grow nations together. 5. Adolescents are very difficult to understand. 6. I used to play sports whole the day during my adolescence. 7. Nurturing a talented athlete could help in winning gold medal in Olympics. 8. I guess human behavior is mostly based on the way they are been nurtured.
1. Silbing: - I live in a nuclear family includes my parents and two silbings. - when i was young, sibling rivalry usually happens in the meal. 2. Relative: - My family live far away from relatives. - I always visit relatives on the weekend. 3. Adolescence: - Nowadays, the number of adolescents has decreased in Japan. - During adolescence, I was taught to be a good person. 4. Nurture: - An adopted cat was nurtured by kind girl. - Nurture talent helps Taylor become popular singer in the present. 5. Relationship: - I have a good relationship with my parents. - Establishing a relationship with bosses is extremely necessary.
I have a sibling andwe have so much sibling rivarly that we usually love to compete in every aspect of live.We sometimes used to go to my distant relative home in our childhood adolescense and we nurtured by our distant uncles. So , We have established a special relationship with my uncle.
Siblings and relatives have great importance in everyone's life .when a child nurture their mentality in adolescence,he/she understands the value and importance of personal and family relationships.
Having a close relationship with a distant relative is difficult. Because you don't get to see them very often. Especially when you reach your adolescent period.
This is very considerable.
I have 3 siblings, and the siblings rivalry is always gonna go between us, I think its a good thing to keep our relationship to nurture healthy.. I do care for my relatives by going to spend some time every weekend... adolescence is an age of very sensitive timings of someone's life, so parents should keep an eagle's eye to make sure their children adolescence keeps safe..
Thanks for helping. The video is excellent.. I also would like to help you by providing a little advice ... please Work on you (lips-ing) in future vedio .. I will be waiting for it Thanks again
(1) Sibling rivalry leaves an adverse effect on their parents. (2) I turned sad when I heard of my close relative permanently immigrating to Australia. (3) During adolescence you tend to make mistakes and learn from it. (4) After observing Jia's dance at home, her parents decided to nurture her talent by sending her to good dance academy. (5) The relationship between the child and the parents will never change wherever the child goes.
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I learned sharing and giving habit from my siblings
Thoughts of adolecents differ from that of people who areolder generation.
I have a sibling who is in early adolescence. We were both nurtured by our parents to establish a good relationship with our relatives.
Parent's nurtures abiding moral values to their children
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