IELTS – 3 Reading Strategies

Is the IELTS Reading section very challenging for you? Can't finish all the readings and questions before the time is up? In this lesson, you will learn three approaches to the IELTS Reading section and their pros and cons. The goal of this lesson is to help you finish the test on time without compromising your understanding of the readings. Learn how to read less while answering more questions correctly. After watching, make sure to do the quiz to test your understanding. Good luck on your test!TRANSCRIPT Hi again. Welcome back to I'm Adam. Today's lesson is about IELTS. As usual, with IELTS lessons, I will be speaking a little bit faster than normal. It's good for your listening practice. But if you're not taking the IELTS, you can still listen and try to follow us as we go through this section. So, let's begin. Today, I'm going to look at the IELTS reading section. I'm going to look at three different approaches to tackling the IELTS reading section. Students always ask me: "What should I do with the reading? How do I do it? How can I finish on time? How can I answer more questions?" Right? So I'm going to give you three approaches, three different ways to try to do the IELTS. Okay? We're going to look at three different ways. They're completely different from each other. The most important thing I want to tell you before we start: you have to know what works for you. Okay? One of these approaches will work for you; the others may not. Practice all three. If you're comfortable with one and it seems to work for you, and your score seems to be getting better, stick with that one and practice that one. Don't try to do all three each time. Figure out which one works, and just practice that one the most. Okay? The most obvious one and the first one we're going to talk about: read the entire passage, and then tackle the questions. Now, a few things to say, good and bad, about this approach. So, you have 20 minutes, let's say, that you're going to start from the first passage, you're going to do about 17 minutes; the second passage, you're going to spend 20 minutes; the last passage, you're going to spend 23, 24, 25 minutes. So, you have to do this very fast. So: can you read the entire passage and do the questions in that timeframe? Okay? That's the question you must ask yourself. Are you a fast reader? Can you comprehend everything you're reading? How is your vocabulary? Things like this. Some people, they must read everything, from beginning to end, and then go to the questions. But they can also keep; they can retain the information they've read, so when they go to the questions, they know where to go back and look for the answers. Now, the good part about this is that you have all the information in your head once you've read the entire passage. The bad part is that you're going to be reading the passage twice. Okay? Or not the whole passage, but you're going to read big chunks of the passage twice. You'll have read it the first time, you'll go to the questions, and then you'll be reading again to find the answers, because you're looking for specific words now. When you get to the questions, sometimes it's only one word difference from what you read in the passage. So, do I recommend this? Yes and no. If you're a fast reader and you can comprehend, then yes, do that. If you're not a fast reader, then no, don't do this. You'll be wasting too much time and reading more than you need to. What I'm going to do with these two approaches is show you how to read less. So you don't need to read the entire passage; you just need to read the areas that contain the answers to the questions. So, the second approach: go straight to the questions. You look at the question. First of all, understand the type of the question. Is it a multiple choice? Is it a fill-in-the-blank, like a summary? Are you looking for like headings for each paragraph? Are you looking for the title? Etc. Figure out what you're looking for, read the question carefully, pick out the keywords in the question or the key idea in the question, and then scan the passage. Don't read the passage. Just quickly look everywhere for where that information ought to be.

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Please provide some strategies for other sections of IELTS..
If u able then plzzz..give a full video of English grammar who covered all aspects of English languages & plzz explain with its day to day examples...pllzzz..ur thankful me...
I really want to improve my english. i need to practice. but i've no friends to share with. .. thank you adam for your video. u are really kindhearted man...
Best idea thank you
Nice details, thanks. I have a question, can I underline question paper with led pencil to highlight the text, so I could come back after seeing questions.
Pelase, Where do I find reading comprehension exams to practice?
Thank you Adam for all videoes
If u able then plzzz..give a full video of English grammar who covered all aspects of English languages & plzz explain with its day to day examples...pllzzz..ur thankful me...
Sir adam where you from????
The second approach is works for me. i always do that when i'm having a test.
In which website I can get the real exam samples of academic reading?
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Very valuable lesson Mr. Adam. Thank you very much
NEVER plan to read the whole passage! You will be wasting precious time. Try reading first and last sentence of each paragraph to establish content as you might not need all the paragraphs.Also, do NOT spend time writing a summary. The closest you can get to this is by recognising topic sentences and key words. You could also(quickly) think of paraphrases to the key words/ideas. IELTS is all about PARAPHRASING. You also need to practise 'guessing' the meaning of what you think is a key word. Read sentences before and after and use context to guess the meaning. I could go on...... (I am an IELTS teacher with many years experience)
I am going to practice the last tip to read, it sounds really useful
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I find third idea is very much effective for higher band score in reading section
I like 3rd approach
Men your video is superb liked your idea
Just saw this video today and gave my weekly mock test. My scores plummeted to 7 in reading compared to 5 in the last week. Love your strategy no. 3 ! Have to give credits to you. Thanks.
Every like to this comment, will give you a good luck in your exam =)
I have been go thew so many reading section.They made it more comolicated. It is really not always a central idea of whole paragraph. The statement flip over and over kind of unpredictable.
Hi sir! thanks for the tips, i always find tip #1 useful for me, it will be easy for me to locate the answers in the Text, i dont read it 2x as i just have to simply skim the text. sure reading the questions is better but most of the time, you wont find the key words or ideas because they either rephrase it or use synonyms, in the end one will end up reading the whole passage.....
Will we be given time to transfer our answer to the answer sheet or we have to manage in 60 minutes given time for the task
Thank you dude, it helped a lot
I am taking IELTS test 3 weeks later from now and I desperately need a speaking partner, pls help Skype ID is Suresh babu.jannu
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Great tips, thanks for sharing.
The third approach really worked for me, although it requires a lot of practice. Thanks Mr.Adam
Hi Adam: I am very impressed with your postings and advice. I tried to practice your technique on academic reading by summarizing the passages then answering the questions, however, I found 2 issues: The first is small space to write the summary as in exam paper the passage takes almost all the spacearound, so where to write my summary. The second in big passages( especially in passages 2 and 3) it takes long time to summarize the passage and this makes it difficult to finish on time, Can you advise how to overcome these issues? Thanks
Thank you so much adam!! Cleared ielts with bandwidth 7 :D
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Can we always start from third section of reading?
Sir from which book i will practice
I amvery thankful with you
That was very good! Thank you!
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Sir, I have attempted lots of reading passages, but I could not complete in time though. What should I do? I need help!!!
Omg you are damn good I like the 3rd approach Thank you
Hey Adam, my test is coming up soon, and i wanna know how the questions are viewed on the screen ? i'm afraid that i have to scroll up to read the passage,and down to answer the question ? or is the passagedisplayedright next to the question related ?
Reading is always the pain of the ass for me for I am a slow reader. I had been to some cram school for english 5 years ago, and after although I live abroad I still did not practice much about my english. I got 5.5 this year for not getting any preparation. I watched this video before I took another IELTS in one month again, and I got 6 on reading this time! It is very helpful!!
Thanks alot .. very helpful !
I need a help ,could you please to prepare for IElTS exam i have only one month which best way to get 7 !!
Can I move to the next section if If finish the reading early?
Second aproach is the best before this aproach before this aproach i had 4.5 bands but after using second aproach now um able to hunt 5.5/6.0 bands in every practice test.
I am scared. i think reading is very hard for me
Thanks Adam... your tips are very helpful😊
Thank you Mr. Adam It's a great lesson
Thank you so much Adam!
I think these strategies are based on hunches.... strategies are not clear
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Best of the best of the best , thank you
Hello sir, i have my test on 3rd june and still i suffer a lot in give HEADING type questions. can you please give me some tips for that. other all type questions are ok i score 28 without headings and 28 with headings...i got all my headings wrong please tell me some tips i want 30 in my reading test
I hope i am as intelligent as you are. i find reading is so difficult
I honestly think the best way here, is somewhere between Approach 1, and Approach 3. Let me explain further; in order to spend a proper time on reading and completely comprehending the passage, you should read as many as you could, the more the better, but at the same time, you should save some memory and time by UNDERLYING the important words in the text. That way, you would have read the entire scripture, and you would have answered almost all the questions in one read, so when you get to the questions you would be ready to answer by one look. Although, I gotta say, the first approach is a suicide mission if you don't highlight the important keywords! And, the third approach could surprisingly make you lost along the way, espcially because you wouldn't have much time to re-read more the once. Good luck for all the IELTS students.
Am from Kenya and most people here believe in going for tuition before sitting for IELTS test. Having these materials online, is there need for tuition really?
Firstly thank you for the video, obviously i will try out the 3rd approach as that seems to be little practical. i like the way you explained taking an example.
Dear sir, Thank you so much for your teaching. Truly  You are a exceptional teacher than even others because your teaching style different . Do you publish any books for IELTS students. I hope your books will be making a new record. please sir may you pray for us basically me. ok have a good day. And may Allah bless you and your family. Thanks again.
Reading module is a nightmare for me because I m scoring 29 in every test of reading and have very short time
Thank u so much for the lesson. I hope it'll be very valuable help for many people who are gonna take an IELTS :)
Thank you for your advises
I barely had a few days to prepare for my IELTS exam and the reading section did seem like a task. This channel was such a lifesaver during my time of preparation as I didn't opt for any classes. Today I received my result. Got an overall score of 8 out of 9. With 8.5 in reading. I used the 3rd strategy :) Thank you so much EngVid!!!!
The 3rd approach is really good if you are a super duper fast reader or you did a fast scan. Because how can you summarize something if you did not read it?
Thank you Adam for all your precious tips and encouragement. Just got my Ielts result yesterday with an overall band score of 8.0 including a 9.0 for Reading. Pls keep on with your good works. Cheerio
Great recommendation, I will used it
Good. if a learner has a rich vocab,no need for any tips
Thank you...that was really useful ! :)
Very Thank you Adam 🙂
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Sir..Your 3rd approach lend me great i would be able to climb-up my reading score..Thank you sir..That video helps me quite a lot..
Thanx alot adom helping me in speaking.buti need a practice in general reading kindly help me in this module im a house wife and im not connecting to at all i got 5.5 in reading. but i need 7 in each
I am happy to watch this video but my problem is:what I see is not what I read please help
Please guys, somebody help me to improve my english! I'm not good at speaking and would like to practice it via skype; here is my skype kenfack.cris
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You are so good teacher thank you
The 3d approach is the most powerful skill that I have developed before real exam. I took IELTS in August / 2016 and got 8.5 in Reading Section. There is no doubt that given method deserves HARD practice. If you are basic candidate in IELTS preparation , just start advancing your skill in this way.
Is ielts reading of academic the same of general
Wow, it was so helpful and impressive. thanks a lot
I am going to write the exam for the first time, so have this doubt, will we be provided with the question paper, reading paragraphs and the answering sheet at the same time after the listening test?
What if i read 30% of the whole passage and read out all questions So that i can answer every question related to this area (30%) And then do the same with remaining portion of that passage Will it worth??
I found this group as given in the link very helpful.. You can join this facebook group to learn more about IELTS all sections.
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How to do a matching in IELTS test in a very quick speed ?
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