I Teach Physical Education

In the face of increasing childhood obesity and other preventative illness we must think about putting more of an emphasis on physically educating our youth.Quality physical education programs are the key to preparing our children for healthy and active futures. This is a poem that gets to the heart of the matter.

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Support Physical Education in School | The Benefits of PE in Education

-dr. thom mckenzie explains why it's so important for children to have quality physical education in school and how caring adults can support it. designed espe

National P.E. Teacher of the Year Stops by TOL

Chad triolet, the national physical education teacher of the year, talks fitness with thinking out loud host mark cox.

Elementary School Physical Education - Fun Game for Kids

and artie kamiya present this program for elementary physical education teachers. to purchase this dvd or download the complete 56 minute video visit:

The importance of physical activity at school

The importance of physical activity at school quality physical activity in children and youth does more than improve health and well-being. it helps build con

Can a mean P.E. teacher have lasting negative effects on a person's ability to exercise?

A new study has identified a new reason why some adults don't exercise. it's a familiar scenario in the movies - the p.e. teacher who relentlessly punishes and

Why is physical education so important to our young people?

A look at the importance of physical education to young people in schools through physical activity and development, social skills and enjoyment levels.

I am a Physical Education Teacher

365 days a year, 24 hours a day

Physical Education, Teaching Balls Skills and Fitness

Physical education student teaches children ball skill and incorporates fitness activities into lesson.

Jump Rope - A Progression For Teaching Children

This video offers a progression for teaching young children how to jump rope.

Making the Most of Physical Education

Designed for school administrators, board members, teachers, parents, and others interested in quality physical education. abbreviated research findings inform

The Importance of Physical Education

A physical education digital story by natalie johnson.

Fun Tag Game for Elementary School Physical Education Class

and artie kamiya present this program for physical education teachers. to purchase this dvd or download the complete video visit:

Physical Education Games - Corner Ball

Pleaseplease visitfor more games! purchase a copy of our full-color quality hardcopy book: not only will you receive a great product and portable resource, b

Preschool Physical Education activities at ISM 2014

Here are some of the activities we do in pe and the benefits. play with a purpose!

Content is King: Heart Rate High School Circuits

High school students in caldwell, id working through a quality physical education lesson. #qpe the incredible teachers in this video are tonia burk and amber ca

I Teach Physical Education