How to write like an architect

Take the 'How to Write Like an Architect Course,' Plus get Doug's hand written architecture font. Hi Im Doug Patt and this is how to architect.Today well learn How to write like an architect. The basic drafting tool for an architect when working by hand is a parallel rule. You can also use a t-square.Ill be using an ames lettering guide to create the lines for the lettering. First were going to create our horizontal lines using the lettering guide.The guide has a variety of spacing options to create just about any combination your looking for. I will also be using a small triangle.Ive added tape to this one for ink letteringto avoid smearing.Ill also be using a .5mm pentel drafting pencil and a paper mate, flair pen for the letters.Ive created a small grid here to give me some guidance when I lay out the letters.Id say the most important thing to remember about hand lettering is that your letters need to seem animated while still appearing orderly and neat.I think this is achieved by using a few conventions.For example, youll notice the letters have some amount of incompleteness.The second diagonal on the A does not follow all the way to the guide line, the bottom of the B or D isnt complete, The bottom line on the E starts in front of the vertical.The second thing is that all the horizontals in the letters are drawn by hand, not using the parallel rule.They all sit at a slight angle making them dynamic and yet uniform.Youll also notice that I use the ruler for all vertical lines.Lastly, when making your Os, Qs, Cs, Gs, even 8s and 9s,the letters and numbers are simply combinations of semi circles.Even the letter S is made the same way.These are two images from my portfolio.They are good examples of how your strings of words will come together to form orderly yet animated paragraphs.This is a quote I found from Tyron Edwards Dictionary of thoughts I enjoy referring to from time to time.It seemed appropriate for a youtube video because giving people the most amount of knowledge in the least amount of time is really what drives the information age. So, remember hand lettering is about style and legibility.Mine is definitely stylized and probably a little tough to read sometimes. So thanks for checking out how to write like an architect.Im Doug

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There's a standard architects writing style? Why? Why not just write legibly? Not that this doesn't look nice or is particularly illegible. But why go to all that extra effort? Just don't make it look like a doctors chicken scratch and you should be good.
As a civil engineer that also happens to build residential and lead a team in the field, your lettering sucks ass. It is hard to read and I can just imagine the nightmare it would be to read the small details in the detail/reference page on a set of plans. Sometimes uniformity > than style for efficiency's sake. Think about the people who will be reading your plans in the hot summer in a construction site vs. how other architects and PM's will be critiquing your 'lettering' when doing a takeoff.
Dead I already write like that 😂😂
Nice great!!!
My dad's an architect and this is strangely accurate
More like how to confuse large ammounts of people...
Only the most insecure people would actually want their writing to look cool.
I already write this way without trying. Is that odd?
Which pen do u use
Lol the d is backwards
Are you the one from Alvin Drafting? Doug Patt?
Maybe now my plead letter will be accepted by the PUASOC
Well, if i really have to use this very stupid method, then fuck it, not gonna be architect for sure.
Hello keemstar
When I was in my early 20s, I got a job with a woodworking company. My boss was a hand drafting veteran and is the only person I ever saw write using a small triangle. Drafting wise, it was the most amazing thing I ever saw. This was in the late 90s, and Autocad was becoming the norm. I took hand drafting classes when I was younger, but it was a transitional time in drafting, and these classes were more about having a basis for reference. I was taught block lettering. No style, just symmetry and completeness. When I got that job in woodworking, and saw my boss writing with a triangle, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Not because of how unique it looked, or the quality of the lettering (which was amazing), but the speed. He could write with that triangle, faster than I could write without it. It made zero sense to me. Even to this day, I don't know how the hell he got that fast. Guy was an artist.
Next up , how to write like a doctor
Idk if I want to be a architect anymore seems kinda boring
To the commenters; the letters written are NOT standard. It depends on each individual but the general rule is that it should be consistent and legible.
For whatever it's worth: it's a beautiful thing.
Love your style. mine is still not "architecture" enough, but i'm still in my foundation and i hope my handwriting improves. Not sure if i will be able to make the more angled style of yours, seems like you spend lots of time in perfecting that handwriting.
Hard to read
My dad writes like that he doesnt need a ruler
"Hi I'm Doug Patt" I used to watch how to architect when I was in high school b/c I really wanted to be to be an architect. I loved this channel so much. I actually took architecture but failed after only one semester I didn't pass not just one, or two, or three, but all my subjects. I just stopped coming for an unspoken reason. But now, probably 5,6 yrs later, I was redirected and redirected until I don't know what I want to do in life anymore. But I like getting lost and figuring out. Anyway, I don't know if I would even want to pursue it in the future. But I love arc and this channel has a special role in my life. But I hope the best for everyone who reads this. Never stop dreaming and never lose the target! 😂😉
That looks totally harder to read than usual uppercase letters wtf
Wow! That looks like my handwriting! I guess I'm an architect at heart.
I should really be doing my homework right now,..
How did i get here
Chat command = how to bold = * (right here) * = *BIG* remove space in between star
What would you name your "font" style? I like a lot!
Do they really write like that ?
Really nice!
But, but what about left handers? *sulks in corner of room*
Really cool
What were your the tools of the trade here Doug?
That was the best quote youve wrote.. loved it !
I like that
Ur writing sucks dick
I'm trying to reassure a 10-year-old that good handwriting doesn't have to be perfect like his lessons at school, thank you so much for this video because I want him to see that practice and being methodical will work out and having a unique style is OK.
I prefer using mechanical pencils
I studied architecture but I can't write like this.
If i wright like this in my classes my teacher wound give me an F. my teach want me to wright like a computer would.
Thanks for your architect videos, I enjoyed them, tumbling into them through my Swan handle no 3 :)
And whats the sens of it?
Thanks for the comic sans one
I went to school to be architect And being able to read was the most important not personal style or maybe we should get a personal ruler with my own spacing But my strait edge is kinda wavy its very stylish and Kool (spelling is out for me as d alllsoo)
This is how i see my graffiti not just scribbling its an art when done correctly
Whats the main purpose of writing like this? Why does it need to look animated? Cant it be normal good hand writing?
Hi! Freshman architecture student here! I should be thankful. Doctors are taught awful handwriting. This is at least legible but my previous handwriting is more legible than this handwriting so when I write like this, I feel like I'm just making my handwriting ugly. It's too masculine for me since I'm used to using curvesto letters.
Very informative! Thx for posting. Cheers.
Ok, I've been on Youtube WAAAY too long
Thats my handwriting....
And why do you have to form your letters like this? I'm new to architecture, this is my first lesson, lol.
Yes this helps me a lot :D
That looks like shit. I read mainly prints from that are actually on blue print, and their hand writing is clear, complete and crisp. This may be the 'modern school' of thought. But it's rubbish. My engineering students are welcome to write as they see fit so long as those who will be reading the print can follow it. Our test is we send their prints to the high school fabrication shop and have them grade the hand writing. Time after time after time....the older style of brick lettering with non slanted lettering wins out.
Indeed, it is just different from engineering iso lettering.
I would like to know what is the name and the type of pen he used to write in this video
When i was little i used to wright like this but my teacher corrected it and said it was wrong........
What is the name of tool that u use for drawing lettering lines in this video
I was lookin on proper ways of printing. Letters. Should I start from the top or the bottom. I didn't really know architects had a certain text they use. Seems somewhat redundant like myself typing this out. Yeah its good to have clean handwriting but honestly who cares how stylized it looks.Is this for real? Is this actually a standardized print that architects use??
¡Hermoso video!, ¡Te felicito!, ¡Eh!, mira... una cosa que te quería decir: ¿Tú puedes escribir estas mismas letras, pero sin usar esa reglas sino a puro pulso de la mano?... ¿Puedes hacerlo?.
Please tell me the pen name properly like which type of flair pen is it
Hello there! I find your channel interesting and cool! This video help me a lot in my drafting course. I also planned to be an architect someday. I will stay tuned to your videos more :D Btw, I'm from the philippines. :)
So why exactly do architects write like that? ahh they must be on hourly wages.
Really hard to learn
How do you make the lines evenly spaced with the ruler?
My problem is to read my doctors writing. Can somebody explain how to read/write like a medicinician.
More info in 2:35m than an hour looking through other stuff. Cracking little vid. Thanks
InfiniteP4IN - "Doug Patt how do Architects get paid?" Weekly. Very weakly.
Why write like this? What is the point of having a specific architect style? Is it just one of those arbitrary things like work dress codes that force you to dress a certain way?
Which pen did you use for writing alphabet??
OMG! My writings is like an architect :> :D
Can i have that font 😂
How to write in lowercase?
When you write you dont have a ruler with you 24/7 but that writing is really pretty
All I can think of watching this video is how the ink would smudge all over the place.
WTF !! u writting so fast
That's cool
O this explains why my aunt and uncle architects write like this on birthday cards
Remember, Architecture is art and science.
Nobody uses an Ames guide anymore.  Most work is done on CAD but the little bit of hand work that is done is either via a template or block lettering via a simple Alvin/Rapidesign lettering guide. If your lettering is hard to read the craftsmen and builders cant read it and mistakes will be made. Have you ever heard of the KISS principle? Learn it and embrace it!    I graduated in 1989 and  not once did the prof ever mention an Ames guide. My father was an engineer and I have his Ames guide as well as his slide rules but those are museum pieces.  My daughter graduated in 2010 and she was never taught drafting on a board.  I had to teach her that myself because they learned CAD as a freshmen
They should teach this in grade school
Crazy, but good !
What is this
Lower case?
As m an architecture student....I enjoy writing in dis way...
That is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
By the way this video helped a lot
I'm trying to figure out whether this is only half stupin or just plain stupid
How abt small letters?
I just wanna write without it looking like a rollercoaster, but like it's written with a help line
I am taking my first class at school and my teacher tells us the reason architects write like this is so we all know what letters are because everyone writes differently
If you want learn to do this, fine. but architects have not hand-lettered for 25 years. even the smallest offices use the computer to do drawings.
WHat about left handers
Am an Architect and i do not write like that lol. neither my colleagues nor any Architect i ever met during my career. there are something called "CAD" *Revit" "3Dmax" Freehand" "sketches" so why to waste our time with such techniques. imagine yourself going to math exam with these tools and the excuse " i wana write my answers like an Architect" lmao

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