How to Write an Effective Essay

In this lesson, I give you a simple method for writing a good, effective essay in English. If you don't know where to start when you are given a writing assignment, start here and learn how to do it right!

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My English teacher told me to NEVER ask a question at the beginning of an essay
You make writing look easy now; at least, it has become easier to explain how to do it. Thank you, James!
Nice explanation😍😍😍
Excellent! Trying to sign it!
He will talk only about love, sex, and girls because he is B.................................. I forgot that word. oh yeah, brilliant;)
It's so hard to have3 supporting ideas for 1 main reason. My head hurts thinking about out final essay.
Tommorow is my essay writting competition so I'm here... Wish me a good luck 😊😊
Thanks, this helped a lot👍
He makes it come to life..he has me believing I (me) can actually pass the HISET...
Thank you so much. Ur video helped me loads. I past my accuplacer n got placed into college english.
If only Singaporean teachers are as good as you, I would have done extremely well. Great teaching, learnt something.
Your the best teacher ever
He's good, and i'll bet he got the girl's number :p
First rule: never loose your time writing an article about 2 false oppositions. Love and Money are not contradictory.
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As soon as I saw that role play I clicked like😂
Good Job, helped me with my English Exam, you should really do some more videos =)
Best teacher
Thank you for this video. I wish I'd been taught this stuff at school.
Thank you for you awesome teaching!
Does every essay have to have a thesis statement?
Good Job, helped me with my English Exam, you should really do some more videos =)
Straight out, This guy should start a dr love channel
Thankyou teacher
Part great teacher, part fuckboi-lite. Lol effective lesson, thank you
Like the way you put it out.
"Specific in our focus." um that's redundant.
Can some one tell that easy way how to write assey pleases for esl class
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Awesome sweater. You never see people wearing sweaters anymore.
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At 5:33, not sure if learning how to write an essay, or pick up women. Damn James has some smooth moves!
Press 5 xD
Liked i bro thank you
Thank you, why don't teachers in school tell you this :L
You're great!
Thank you James! I'm watching your video to learn how to write essays for my language degree (inc. English), because if I ever learnt it at school I had since forgotten and was struggling to get through my course! I wish I'd watched these earlier in my degree, I could have gotten so much higher marks. So clear and helpful, I cannot thank you enough!
I'm watching this because I start Eog tomorrow
You are the best james! i´m having my breakfast and listening to your lesson :)
Very effective lesson. I got involved very easily. Thank you so much Canadian teacher!)
Was hoping you would write the essay for me lol
When it comes to essays I'd rather hang myself or dropout rather than complete it. I just don't know where or how to start and what to talk about .
I need to pass my GED that's why I'm here...but actually I like to watch this guy. He's really funny and oh course, good at teaching. Good vibes froma hot Mexican lady. 😉✌
That looks like a comfy sweater!
Very good
I love your lessons, they're not only effective but also super funny
I wonder why all the good teachers exists in YouTube, from which planet are they from? And from which planet are my teachers from????? geezez. You summed up everything in 10min AND I understood it, and you made it seem easier, or well effectivier, which feels so motivating o__o thank you
Lol this guy guy can talk his way into your house and steal your girl while your standing still listening to whatever he'd being saying
Glad to watch your videos.
I'm sorry but isn't it only 6 sentences of reasons and supporting ideas in the body part ? (3 reasons + 3 ideas not 3 reasons and 2 supporting ideas for each one)
This helped me so much! You made it very clear to understand =) Thank you!
I don't know what the hell you're saying but please sit on my face...
Your lessons is to people with intermediate level.
He looks like the player who always encourages Alex Hunter from Fifa 17 Th Journey
Thank you
Welp, I have 2 hours for that 10 page research paper. I think my procrastinating skills have reached mastery levels. ( > . < )
This man just taught us how to pick up ladies and how to write an essay all in the same video
Very good
BOOOO This video gave a C minus in class, Quit youtube man
Wow! you are an effective teacher. JAMES
Some people really are just naturally born teachers
Good job
Thank you, sir!!
Are these tips good for 8th grade sols
What happened to you? You should do a how to research paper. You are great.
Writing staar tomorrow
Thank you james it has helped me on my fsa
I have a test next week so I want kill myself. I'm 12 grade, I sure that graduation is possible xD. Just a little bit points for get it GODDD, wish me luck guys.
Awesome great helpful video
StaaR test sucks
Thank you
Thanks very much! <3
Best teacher ever!
I Have a WPE exam at 8am tomorrow morning. It's 3am already :/
This feels like an episode from Dora the Explorer
I don't fucken get it !!!
Thanks .you are great teacher
This helped so much!
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Thank you. I am planning going back to school after 20 years., so this tips are refreshing my mind. Thank you so much.
James was not only funny but also very helpful. He breaks everything down to where anyone can understand it. I'm currently taking English Comp II.
"You need the thesis to be strong. You can't say 'Maybe, maybe not'. You know what you call that? You call that WEAK."s-savage
Thank You! But according to my English writing packet it sates we shall put the attention greater at the beginning of the essay.
My freshman year in college and I have a narrative essay due. And I still have no idea how to write my supporting ideas.
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How to Write an Effective Essay