How to Write an Effective Essay: The Introduction

Learn the method for writing the perfect essay introduction. A good introduction makes writing an essay easy and reading it fun. AND YOU'LL GET A BETTER GRADE, TOO! Afterwards, test yourself with the quiz at .

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I despise writing.However, I appreciate your insight on the subject matter. I wish half my professors had your enthusiasm when teaching. Although, I would be distracted, by how attractive you are! Aye.
I like you man :)
Will you make sentences on the topic?
Thank you for making my night significantly better. You teach very well!!! I feel a little more confident now
This video must be the only one that I go to for clarifying my essay assignments. Thank you so much.
AWESOME!!! This is awesome!!! You are awesome!!!
I've been told you usually use the thesis as the title, but can we use the grabber as well?
I like how he explains simple words and expressions. Like, I don't need to look up what you just said. Thank you for giving it to me.
In my school we just got a test on essay right after the computer test middle school 😢😡😭
Thank you so much James
I love this video it helped a lot but my favorite part is at 1:21
Wow you are incredible
Thank you s much it really helped with my essay about gentrification.
Can you make more videoabout essay parts
He swole
Rest your class is interesting!!
Why didnt i find this video 8 years ago omg @@ attractive way of teaching and reaally helpful <3 big thanks for this amazing teacher :)
I love the way you explain the material. Very funny. Great job :'D
This video makes me wanna kill my history teacher. She just gives us an essay and expects us to shit out A+ results.
Which is the next video you mentioned? The body for the essay!! thanks
Omg your sooo wonderful. if you were my teacher i think i would have been a writer. i would like to thank you so much for taking the time to make this video for us students who cant seem to start a darn essay.thank you thank you thank you.
This is good.Are there any videos that use real essays or articles that highlight these principles.
I learn more things about your English thank you so much
Your video was amazing man. Thanks.
Man this is a great video. Thanks. For posting it. 👍👍
This is helpful thank you so much. Can u do one for discursive essay
This dude didnt make any money with this damn video, what a life waster
Great.sweet foryou...canyousendurwhats upnumberplzto additatmy list....thanks
4:08 You snapped! Captin underpants is off!
This guy had inspired me. He is a great teacher.
Thank you so much!
I am from Canada
I always put of writing, but this lesson has really inspired . that you so much.
I can't find the second part of this video where it teaches me about the body of composition Can someone give me the link?
Love your video I real thought it was awesome and it helped a lot thank you for making this video.
It's a good lesson but your jokes are boring!
I am taking online courses for the first time ever; and I was as nervous as could be, and of course, my first class was College Composition I. But, thanks to you and this video; I think I have a lot better understanding as to how to write an effective article to my professor's assignments. Thank you very much! I am going to utilize your knowledge on these topics, to further advance my practices in College Composition I; as well as the rest of my career. Again, thank you sincerely. Jennifer Lynn
Dude, thanks for this. bless up
This is very good elavoration. very helpful for me....thank u sir
Who can help me with my paper? I wrote an English paper, who can revise it for me.I really need help. Thank you so much!
Great teacher
6:59 R.I.P. Earphone users
RIP earphones @7:00
Can you do a video in con conclusion for gp essay
Thank you. This was very helpful.
FYI=I wish I were*
Does the grabber needs to be related or close related to the topic?
Need to make an effective body and conclusion
"Don't take a girl and grab her" Obviously Trump didn't get the memo.
Funny Teacher 😉
Best intro i have seen ever.............tnx bro#
Thanks for the video I really like the video now this will help me in writing an assignment in an effective manner but I also know a place which provide assignment helps services in UK and the platform is
I love your teaching style. Thank you for this lesson with humor. I don't like english lessons but this one was fun. Thanks again. Have an amazing day.
Hi James! Can you help me , how to write a good CV ( including keywords like native English speakers) ? thx
Hundreds of thousands of thanks!
Wish i can have him as my english teacher . he is so awesome
I love your sense of humor,well-explained.
Grabber by the pusyy
I don't have any clue why the heck high schools and colleges hire dumb teachers!? I have learned nothing from my English teachers during my entire time at school, but learned too many things from this guy Thank you sir!
I am french. I learn essay for my exam at university.
When your english teacher is trash and desperate times call for desperate measures
You are not a polite teacher and your lesson is borring
Thank you bro for helping me pass my starr test 💯
Mast h yrrr
Wow thank you so much !!!!!!!!!
Live swole, teach swole
I recently went back to school after being out for over15 years. I struggle with writing essay papers, but your video gives me hope. I was considering dropping out and just working two jobs the rest of my life (no joke). Now I believe I can do this. I was never good at papers, but with these steps, I can do it. Thank you.
Would please help methesis is the same a conclusion
Lmao 1:20 There are Four reasons *Puts up 3 fingers* me: 😑😑😑 lmao 😂😂😂
7:43 *7 minutes
This is the best thank you so much
"there are 4 reasons" Sticks up 3 fingers lmao
My teacher Mr. Hall is an ass he is so strict and confusingwhen it comes to writing an essay
You are not only smart! But have fantastic humor, energy, drawing skills and optimism really make the teaching more fun and easier!!!
Awesome! Thankyou Very Much
Thank you so much I'm a Spanish speaker and writing is my weakness area. I learned so much with this video. You are an excellent teacher. In addition to that you used a lot of ESL strategies in your video.
Is this only the introduction or the whole essay
Thank you so much teacher. I really like your way that makes me excited to learn more .? By the way can I ask you about your religion
I wouldn't hesitate attending English class with this guy on the job.
When will be available the ultimate body James? When! I really want to see what is the next part please make it possible :)
Btw all my english teacher told us to do for the intro is just to fucking hook the reader (somehow) and no questions... i was like: "bitch, go a bit more indepth"
YouTube is nothing without you bro.. i love you bro! of all the things in youtube, this one here is the most best part i have every seen and heard.. thanks for this!
Great lecture!
Thank you!!
Grab her
Awesome video. Loved the use of examples and i didnt feel bombarded with so much information. I also enjoyed the presentation. Thank you very much for this video as writing an intro for an essay can seem somewhat overwhelming. :)
Pardon me, I forgot to thank you sir. I am beginning my 4th year in college now, I had passed my proficiency exam thanks to you :))
Love your video!
This was so very help in me writing my essay to go back to college after 20 + years. Thank you 💜😍💜
Thank you soooo sooooosooooosososososos muuuuuuuch. I got 18 out of 20 from my geo essay and in the comment section my teacher said great introduction!!!1

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