How to Write a Strong Conclusion for IELTS / TOEFL

The conclusion paragraph of the task 2 essay is an opportunity to make a last impression on the graders. Do not make this a chance for them to deduct points. In this video, see how to write a simple, yet strong conclusion paragraph.

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Hello Adam..Your videos are precise and easy to understand..They help in preparing better for my IELTS exam..Can you do a video on the diiferent question types in IELTS writing task 2 and how to write the body of the essay...Please help me out..
You are the best English teacher. 😍
How excellentyou are!
You are Best English Teacher
So it is true that you learn more from YouTube than school
So many important points, appreciate you a lot.
Pls improve ur sound quality
Sir you have adequate teaching skills.
You're the best online teacher!
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Thanks so much Adam. You are so specific and organized.
So many important points, appreciate you a lot.
Fantastic! millions of thanks.
Question: you have recently moved to a new apartment Write a letter to your English speaking friend, in your letter Explain why you have to move Describe your new place Invite your friend to visit
Can i use idiom in conclusion ?
Adam hi! Could you please explain what we can use in a conclusion instead of a personal pronoun? This moment is not clear. I'll be waiting for our answer) Thank you in advance)
Loved you videos...(y)
I like the way you teach... it really helps ... thank you Adam
Thanku very much for this work,sir I have a question regarding how to b good essay I mean to say how to effective introduction after how to build this into main body I don't have proper idea please help sir u one of teacher where I can my self in comfort in learning zone i hope positive response thanku
Hello Adam, what a great video! Thank you !! I posted below the conclusion of the last essay I wrote. I would be pleased you`re able to give it a look. Request///Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taugh to co-operate rather than compete become more useful adults. My conclusion///To sum up, being a competitive person , who knows also how to cooperate well with people, would allow you to take advantage of the big opportunities offered by life.
Thank you very much! Your videos are awesome, however, it would be great if you could speak a little louder.
Great suggestions
Is it advisable to use according to me or any phrase like that in conclusion sir?
Mr Adam, I watched the introduction but the problem is: I can't find the argumentative paragraph
Thanks for the helpful video. Why did you use the word 'advantage' in the last sentence while 'people' is plural noun ? Can you recommend any grammatical lessons which I should follow in order to learn points like this ?
That is helpful thnx
Hey Adam! Thanks for this and all the other videos. They are awesome :). I'm about to participate in an English Language Competition next month. They say the outline plan of the essay needs to be included in the essay itself. How do you think it's possible to do so?
Thank you. It is excellent that with speak and words we can see the mean point.
NIce as always.
Sir, thanks for uploading this video. I got a perfect score in my exam because of this. Thank you very much!
Always bring to us the best content in youtube, thanks for do this very well.
Awesome, thanks sir.
Thanks adam ...
Excellent and value added presentation sir . I am from India . I love your teaching techniques .
Thank you for making it simple
All in all is just another brick in the wall . As I've read this expression: "all in all" , I just remember pink floyd's song. Thank you for this amazing class Adam.
Dear Adam Thank you so much for your help your time your dedication. tomorrow I have a CATW exam and your videos are very useful to me thank you
Is this correct? Thus it is fair to conclude that parents role is enormously important to lead their kids to adopt healthier dietary habits, as these children follow what adult do in the house. The role of government in another hand is to educate and promote healthy choice.
Good one
Hello Adam, please when writing any of the letters, do I starts from the same paragraph as dear....?
Hello Adam.. please I don't know if I can post my essay here for you to help me correct and also teach others
I will create a group on whatsapp to prepare for ielts . Don't be shy, i am looking for people who will not be passive in the group. If you want to be added send me a message through whatsapp. we can also talk one-to-one. :) by the way this is my number: +90 553 265 13 76
Thank you adam, this video was really helpful. I am having my exam tomorrow and thanks for your contribution!
Thank you Adam! I am writing my IELTS exam tomorrow. I am sure that all your videos will contribute to a desired score...I hope! haha Thanks again!!
Hi , Adam! I' ve been a fan of your utube lessons and WriteToTop site for a long time . I'm preparing for IELTS and concentraiting mostly on writting, particularly on essay , because it's the hardest part for me and last time I scored only 6,5.I practice writting essays and just take random topics. The last topic I chose was " It's better for the students to live without parents during their study, to what extend do you agree or disagree". I chose to disagree with this statement completely, so my two(or three) body paragraphs will support this opinion. So, There was no problem with an intro, and when I started a first body I realised, that I'm providing more drawbacks of living WITHOUT parents, rather then benefits of living WITH them, which , initially was my intention...Is it ok? I'm a little confused, because my body paragraph consists of , like , two parts: drawbacks -living WITHOUT parents is more stressful - examples benefits - living WITH parents provides........- examples Please advise.... Thanks!
Hi, Adam. Could I use "the bottom line is" to start closing an essay?
Amazing videos Adam! Extremely concise and understandable! One quick question - do we write using a pen or are we allowed to use a pencil?
Hi, Adam! I'm preparing for my TOEFL exam and your videos are very useful to me. Thank you so much for your work and your dedication! I would like to ask you if you think that "to put it in a nutshell" is a good and different way to start a conclusion or if it looks a little bit old-fashioned? :/ Thanks for your time! (I hope i didn't make any mistake :P)
Adam, I'm confused which test to take? which one is better IELTS or TOEFEL ? Can you give me you advice please ?
Dear Mr. Adem, I have a question regarding the bodies. You just introduce without any precedent...for example you didn't write "in this essay i will....?"Thank you.
Hi Adam, Is it formal and right to say, in a nutshell, or it is informal and should not be used in formal writing like IELTS? Sincerely, Ahmad Mahmud,
Hi Adam, what can I do to develop my coherence skills for writing task 2 in the toefl.?
Hey Adam, I am a university student. I must write a 5-paragraph essayin two hours. The problem I have is that i take much time to come up with an essay.

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How to Write a Strong Conclusion for IELTS / TOEFL