How to Write a Novel in 20 Steps

Writing a novel but not sure where to start? I'm taking you through the writing process step-by-step so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at how to tackle a novel. FREE CHECKLIST: FREE WRITING 101 EBOOK: Find more writing tips + resources at:

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Have you actually written a book? If you have, could I read it? I don't agree with everything you have said but I love the way you have organized it. Also, you sound so young and cornsyrupy and American.. well you are...but jeez you sound .......well, you could intone a bit more...look forward to more videos from you. Thank you. 😊
Waht if hitler was a weeaboo?
Thank you so much for your Guidance
Aww I was all excited to have discovered you and wanted more videos *sad eyes*
The video starts at 1:37
This is really an informative as well as an inspiring video. Thanks a lot!
I have my characters, the plot, the characters personality, everything. I just don't know to put it all together.
Yeah.........I know that can you
Very informative and explicit, great video that delivers exactly what it promises, thanks.
Already gave thumbs up but just for the future videos you may keep the volume of the video a bit higher.i cranked up the volume of the video and the computer, it's just enough to hear.
Amazing help! Exactly what I needed to get started plus the book is amazing thank u so much!
Best transcription service, worked well for me and my audio book
Do you have any published novels?
Thank you, I try to learn writing a novel
I like step 8 and 9
I'm about to begin NaNoWriMo so this is very helpful.
This is very helpful. the steps are well organized. and your voice is so warm. thank you very much
Love your vids. They really helped me about my first NOVEL!!!
Thank you for the information and the downloads.
Good stuff...very helpful.thanks Kaitlin

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How to Write a Novel in 20 Steps