How to write a literature review Part 1

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Oh wow, thank you so much I have listened to about twenty other videos that all refer about the APA style! Thank you for not and hopefully, I can be successful in writing my review.
Very helpful, GCU student here :)
Anyone from Heriot-Watt here? ^^
This is helpful but, honestly I would rather jab sharpened pencils in my face than ever have to write another one of these again. I'm in a second year college course and all the information I find is for graduate students. Additionally, we're doing placements at the same time as three other classes and trying to write this. We've never written one before and the time crunch is awful. I had thought to go on and do two more years in this area as my program links to another one at the university level. I might do that but, NOT in this field. I don't get the point of this, if you're going to do research, do research but, there are tons of literature reviews out there. The literature Review assumes one cannot read research and draw conclusions from their own reading and notes without having to do a preliminary "review" for others to see. My gpa is 3.9 but, it won't be after this class. I have never been as frustrated with an assignment in my entire life as this one. It's turned me off this field completely and I was very enthusiastic before this. It's navel gazing at it's finest.
Lovedd it
Thanks it is really useful...
Very helpful thanks

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How to write a literature review Part 1