How to Write a Great Short Story - The 8-Point Story Arc

Students: Has your teacher asked you to write a short story? This video will introduce you to the classic 8-Point Story Arc which will help you structure and develop a good short story. Great for creative writing class! Teachers: Do you want your students to write a thoughtful, well-developed story? Use this video to introduce students to the 8-Point Story Arc to help them better plan out and structure their stories. For more information on the 8-Point Story Arc, check out the links below: *Version*=1&*entries*=0

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My teacher made us learn us with this video in class!
Is it just me or is he recording inside a torture chamber? I can hear some poor souls screaming in the video
Great video! (but I wish you hadn´t recorded the audio in a haunted house)
Awesome video. This has helped me to rewrite my story in a more awesome way.
Was watching the video and for a second I paused and was like is someone being murdered outside my house or something?
Hearing kids screaming in the background makes this story a horror.
OMG this will help soooooooooooooooo much tysmmmEdit: i am the first one to like my comment 🤣
The audio in this video sounds like he's in a torture chamber and he's so sick of everything.
This video was made only as an excuse to hide away from his kid's birthday party.
I usually think really basic when writing"Who is my character? What do they want most in the world? How can I prevent them from getting it?"
Uhh why do i hear little kids getting murderd in the background EXPLAIN
I'm glad everyone else is hearing that too.. I thought I was losing my shit.
The Short Story mostly has an open ending. The points made here are for novels actually. The Short Story ends with the climax mostly.
Good video, but that background noise is REALLY annoying.
Great points. thank you
That screechy background is horrrrrrrriiiibbbbllllleeeee!Very good video, but just disturbing.Were you sacrificing children for views?
Understanding these kinds of story arcs, along with the Monomyth is important to story telling, narrative structure and characterization. Thanks for bringing amazing content to the masses.Keep up the great work.Fingers crossed that I'll be able to produce such high-quality videos.
Audacity has a feature that removes background noise. Just thought I would let you know seeing how much effort what put into the visual side of this. :0
Wait wouldn't the announcement of the ball be the trigger in Cinderella?
Every Time my teacher asked me to write a short story I just used my finalised chapter 1 of my book (In progress). The funny thing is that she never remembered the previous times I wrote the chapter so it was completely new to her.
I really like your video
I love this thank you it helped me write my creative story in class. it gave me great ideas.
Quick guide to story writing! Loved it! 😍
Does these things have to be in order
Basically, it is the Pixar story structure: Once upon a time... and every day... but one day...because of that...and because of that... and because of that... until finally... the end.
Tq fr the beautiful tips......
Wow great video
This is what the writers for Dr Who must use.....week in, week out. Still, gotta love The Doctor.
This is really helpful advice, so thank you. I'll keep these in mind when writing a short story.
Is someone dying?
I really wanted to watch this video, but the background audio is creeping me out
Why are children being tortured in the background?
Shhhhhhh, just ignore the screams of agony in the background....everything will be alright.
Who’s dying in the background
Epic video keep up the great work
Lol the screaming caught me off guard
>>>Doing your audio at the local kindergarten sucks dude!
Just to ask I'm writing a short story involving a battle between Wolves and humans but I don't want to patray the human characters the wrong way what should I do?
Very helpful although i know there is way more to it but for all the ideas that i have in my head its a good head start thanks :)
I had to read some short stories for English class in college and narrowly avoided allowing college English to totally kill my native love of reading forever. Every single one of the short stories we read was from the exact same heavily left-wing point of view and they were all about politics. They weren't all the same political issue: one was environment, another was race, another was homosexuality, another was economics, but they were all from the same Leftist orthodox perspective. That ought to be represented, because it's influential, but there was a complete lack of ideological diversity. Nothing that would make anyone question anything. And why were all the stories political? Some should be, but not the majority and certainly not all! So I can't seem to find good short stories to learn from. I don't read them much myself. I reach for more full length novels.
You should have more subs, this stuff is very good
The Hero's Journey
Helped me a lot! Thanks for such a nice video! Like + Subsribe done
I hope the reversal point could be more elaborated. Maybe you can do a new video using real film examples to illustrate each point.
Good video
A great beginning starts at the inciting incident with just a few sentences of stasis. Don't question your reader's intelligence. They can understand that things were normal before with inciting moment. They don't need a whole page of background before the actual story worthy problem is addressed/introduced.
It really helped me.thanks
Professional videos like these deserve more views
I love your video and tips. Especially your voice and the way you explain. .... but now that you know how annoying the background noise (laughter and screaming) is for many of the viewers, you may want to consider to re-do this video in a better environment.Thumbs up?
I'm stoned and the backround was freaking me out.....
I feel like this is similar to the 3-Act Structure for screenplays. The stasis is the first 10 pages - normal life. The trigger is the inciting incident (about page 10-15). The quest is the key incident or the plot point at the end of Act 1 (around page 30) The surprises are most of the second act (around pages 30-90) The critical choice is probably plot point at the end of Act 2 (around page 90) The climax is the climax (around page 100) The reversal and the resolution are the rest of Act 3 (around pages 100-120) This is just a simple comparison since I'm more interested in writing features than short stories, but this was still very helpful and informative. Good job.
Thank you sir!
Really Good! Thanks for this vid! It helped me a lot!
So... Who's being murdered in the background?
The music is too distracting and too loud.
Thank you for the video!
Thankyou for this video. You have helped me a lot.
Great video, thanks!
Was they are yourchildren in the background sound. 😉😉😉😀😀😀 Wow there voice are very cute and naughty
Thanks for this video, it helps me a lot with my writing habit. Awesome!
Someone tell that kid in the background to quit screaming
Heads up::::>>>>>I have a video on my channel that gives instruction on writing a short story!! It's called Talking Painting.
Thank you! Really helped me to make a rough plan of the story.
This is an interesting video, but why are there people yelling in the background? It makes it difficult to hear and focus on what is being said.
Learn how to write awesome children's stories for kindle!
Criança sendo exorcisada no fundo XD
How do trailers get written? trailers for don't see the whole storybut some how shows you like a summary but not in a characterize way
The fuck did you put in retards screaming randomly?
Why the mangled screams in the back? And thanks, your tips helped.
I have been asked to write a real story not haunted or magical one
Maybe it's not vital that all 8 points are present?
Thanks for the video. Real help to get me back to writing :)
Can I ask what program you use to make this video?
403rd SUBSCRIBER HERE! Great educational video. Really helped me for my HSC preparations.
Wow this video has helped me dearly in creating stories.
Really useful, thanks!
The Screams!
I still don't understand how could u plz xplain more deeply
Thank you for this😄 even though its still hard for me to think of a good plot😪 It helped me on organizing the ideas I have in mind🤗
This really helped!! Now I understand! Thanks! Keep it up!
Thank you so very much! This helped me with writing my story I'm currently working on: I've only just finished the first chapter, and I haven't proof-read yet, so sorry if any mistakes are shown. Anyhow, here it is so far (criticism please): The army stood firm on the grass of the rainforest, their boots trampling in the wet substance; It was raining heavy, and they were searching for a creature said to be mythical; but it was witnessed by dozen of bystanders, including proof surrounding the case. The monster, a giant tarantula, was referred to, by mythology and tourists: The Tydanga. Whoever dared to go into that forest, was guaranteed to never escape, but some lived to tell the tale. The soldiers continued walking, until a roar was heard from deeper within. With strength in numbers, they quickly ambled to the source of the noise. At they drew quicker, they hid behind bushes, peeking out. Much to their surprise, it was a grizzly bear. It was blood dripping from its lips, including a dead elk behind it. As disgusted as they were, they stayed calm. They didn't know whether it was more of a relief to catch a bear instead, or to have struck a chance the spider was just a fib made by meddling kids. But, just as they scared the bear away, a vicious squeal was heard from behind one of the groups. Only one heard the sound, and slowly turned his head round. Behind him, he noticed eight eerie eyes which were all a dark black, almost blending in with the shade of the tall and narrow trees. He was speechless, as much evidence they held, it was unbelievable to see it in their own point of view. He stood still, breathing heavily. He tapped the shoulder of one of the soldiers next to him, who felt it and turned around, confused. "What?" she groaned, the eyes camouflaged. He shakily pointed to the group of eyes, shivering. Her jaw dropped, but she felt more confident. She clenched her fists, holding the gun firmly. She steadily aimed at the creature, about to pull the trigger, until it backed off into the mist; they could hear the steps of the spider quietly walking off. She moaned and slowly brung it down. The man watched, stunned. "What do you think it was?" he asked her. "Beats me," she replied. "However, it did have eight eyes, maybe it was-" she started, before the sound of the moving stopped, and it began again, but this time becoming louder and faster. The group nearby looked in the specific direction, their reflexes insanely quick as they all pointed their guns at the source. Without warning, a gigantic spider jumped out, it was almost as tall as the trees, possibly the size of a double-decker buss. It alarmed the other group of them. "Ready? Fire!" one of them quickly called, the others shooting at it. It squealed loudly and ear-piercingly, pouncing on one, a young lady, in her twenties. It retreated in the trees, the army ready to aim again. As quick as a flash, the spider jumped on a full group of them, stabbing them with its venomous fangs, paralysing the body. It quickly ran and unintentionally stabbed the first one with its leg when ambushing and killed the rest. Once done, the tarantula sank its razor-like fangs into one of the bodies, dissolving it like the others in which it had infected with it's venom whilst biting. Since the tarantula, like other small ones, couldn't eat solids, sucked up the flesh. After it finished dining, it stored the other bodies into a cave through the woods, covered in large sticky webs.
Thanks for doing this, but is the background screaming really necessary? Very distracting.
This helped me a lot
Is THIS the best possible you can offer? Or is this the standard quality of Bad presentation that is hard to make worse
I like how easy that was spelled out. I've never heard it called 'The Trigger' though. I've always read the inciting incident but thats essentially the same thing.
This was amazing. my teacher often compliments my writing and I was thinking about writing an online book. can you do a video on what environment would benefit your writing when it comes to creativity? with tips and such?
I learned the "Whale" writing thing when I was in middle school.
Great video, but the background music and children are somewhat distractive!
What is happening to those children who are screaming in the background !!!
Would reallyhave liked to hear what you had to say but I found the soun distracting and confusing...why the children's music?And why the voices in the background?
This guy straight up ripped your video, just thought I'd let you know
This is fab, thank you :)
OMG im your biggest fan
Very helpful video !!!!
This is a amazing video!
Good information
DREADFUL annoying music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plzzz?? yeah?
This was so helpful but the background audio was so distracting and unpleasant. I am going to definitely check out more of your work and look forward to subscribing to you,r channel,and telling my writer's group about it. The only reason I wouldn't do so would be more that audio

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